'Draft Mitt' movement for 2016

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, Mitt can't quit, a group of Republicans nationwide pushing for Romney to make another run for the White House in 2016.

James Evans is the Utah Republican Party chair, the man behind this movement.

Does it have the governor's blessings?

JAMES EVANS, UTAH REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIRMAN: Well, it doesn't have the government -- the governor's blessings because it's a draft movement, and we know the definition of draft. That means we don't need the permission of the draftee.

We will put together enough momentum where the draftee then feels compelled to then step forward, so that's our motivation.

CAVUTO: All right, but draft also means a chill to a lot of people, like a chill.

And are you encountering any chilly reaction from folks who said, been there, done that, as much as we personally like the governor, we're over that?

EVANS: Well, I think we need to look at this from a different perspective, and that is that we don't need permission from the opinion makers or those who put themselves out as telling the rest of the Republicans what we should or shouldn't do.

We are grassroots. We're moving forward with something that we fundamentally believe America needs.


CAVUTO: All right, I understand that.

And you're quite right. There's a lot that Mitt Romney got right, was very prescient, and he was way ahead of the curve, warned about Russia, warned about dealing with Putin. The mainstream media dismissed him. The president dismissed him. He's come back to look eerily accurate.

Having said that, though, I know the analogy is made that Ronald Reagan, the third time was the charm. In '68, he toyed with the presidency. In '76, he darn near wrested the nomination from Gerald Ford for the presidency. In '80, he closed the deal.

But a lot of Reaganites tell me Mitt Romney is no Reagan. What do you say?

EVANS: Well, once again, they're entitled to their opinion.

I think that Mitt Romney is Mitt Romney. And this is 2014. We're going into 2016. And, frankly, it's the decision of the voters, in our case, conservative Republicans that we're reaching out to, to ask one simple question: Have you suffered enough? If you have, it's time for us to be pragmatic and move forward someone who checks all the boxes, and it's what America needs at this time.

CAVUTO: Do you think, James, that besides Romney proved prescient on a lot of these issues, and that documentary, I think the Netflix documentary that I think really humanized him -- I always wonder, if the American people had seen that documentary while he was running in 2012, he might be in the White House now.

That's neither here nor there. Do you think now, given the potentially crowded field, that it actually helps someone like a Mitt Romney, that of everyone's hat in the ring, sometimes just being a recognized name and brand and one who is still genuinely liked by the American people might have an edge?

EVANS: Well, absolutely.

And I will reiterate your point that I think if America saw the Mitt Romney that was in his documentary, he would be President Romney. And I think if President -- if Governor Romney chooses to run, I think he will do it on his terms, meaning that you will see the complete Mitt. And I guess some may say this will be Mitt 3.0.

But the bottom line of this is, is that you will see Mitt in his own words, in his own skin. And I think these consultants will have to find another job.

CAVUTO: Well, these consultants are habitually wrong, so you're right about that.

But let me ask you about the Jeb Bush factor. Many have argued that, if Jeb Bush were to enter the race, Mitt Romney would see no reason to enter the race, maybe to a lesser extent Chris Christie in New Jersey.

Do you buy that, or do you just think, Mitt Romney, given his track record, given what he did, given his obvious financial prowess and the fact he could raise a heck of a lot of money is a force unto his own?

EVANS: Well, our focus is simply this.

We are confident that America has buyer's remorse. And so it's our job to bring the data to Governor Romney and simply make one case. And that is, enough Republicans who didn't vote for you last time are ready to vote for you now. I believe, if we can present enough of that data, then we know that Governor Romney loves America more than just about anyone else, and that he can then put two and two together.

And I feel that he will come to the conclusion.

CAVUTO: Did you run this by him? I know you don't have to, but did you run this by him?

OK. The White House just took control of our feed.


CAVUTO: I'm kidding. It's a joke.

Anyway, we will see. It's an interesting argument. And it's not unprecedented. Remember Ronald Reagan. All right.

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