Does Trump Have Tea Party Appeal?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

His Cup of Tea?

Donald Trump, who is mulling a Republican run for president, says he may be the Tea Party's candidate.


DONALD TRUMP: I think the people in the Tea Party like me because I represent a lot of the ingredients of the Tea Party. What I represent very much I think represents the Tea Party.


Back in 2007, Trump sent a handwritten note to Nancy Pelosi congratulating her on becoming House speaker, calling her the best.

Trump told Politico he wrote the note because -- quote -- "I want her to do great, and I want this country to be great, and I [didn't] want her to fail as speaker. And I like her."

Pelosi is generally not particularly well-liked by Tea Party conservatives. Trump wrapped up the interview by repeating to the female questioner that he wanted Pelosi -- quote -- "to do a great job for the country, not for her party. OK, honey?"

All a Twitter

The German press corps is crying foul because the chancellor's office used Twitter to announce Angela Merkel's upcoming state visit to the U.S.

Reporters are said to have peppered the press secretary with questions about it for 20 minutes -- quote -- "One journalist after another asked if we all have to sign up on Twitter, if this was the official way the government communicates [now]... They kept asking, 'Why don't you send press releases as a fax?'"

Clean Bill of Health

And finally, one of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi's former nurses says he is in great shape and lives a healthy lifestyle.

Media reports say Oksana Balinskaya returned to her native Ukraine when fighting broke out in Tripoli. She told a Russian newspaper Qaddafi is called "Papa" by his loyal servants and that he gives annual gifts of gold watches with his face on them.

She denied reports that another Ukrainian nurse, who was referred to as a "voluptuous blonde" in a leaked U.S. State Department cable, was romantically involved with her boss.