Disrespecting John Bolton

What they're doing to John Bolton isn't right, isn't fair and isn't even decent.

This man, who even critics would agree has done a pretty remarkable job as our United Nations ambassador, is now all but certain to be leaving as our United Nations ambassador.

In the middle of a delicate global debate on what to do about North Korea, what to do about Iran and what to do about Venezuela?

But it's not those countries that are putting him in this tenuous position. It's our country, our leaders and a newly emboldened Democratic Congress that wants him out just to make a political point.

Never mind Bolton has navigated these delicate global crises, all the while successfully navigating Guatemala as a compromise candidate to Venezuela on the U.N. Security Council.

And for that, not a thank you — more like a screw you — not from Hugo Chavez, but yesterday, Joe Biden. Without even the dignity of an up or down vote. I think he'd win that vote, but he won't be given the chance.

So the very Congress that talks up hearing from all sides, won't even give this man the decency of their vote... yea or nay.

It's embarrassing. It's humiliating. It's politics.

Play these games with nefarious leaders from rogue nations who deserve them. Not with a guy who's been going 24/7 trying to keep us safe and who does not.

They once said that John Bolton would be like a bull in a china shop. Pity that no one mentioned the even bigger bull, in our own Capitol.

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