Did Jane Fonda Really Apologize for Vietnam? Oliver North Weighs In

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Jane Fonda says she is sorry for some of her actions during the Vietnam War. But newly discovered tapes tell a very, very different story. Listen closely.


FONDA: I'm charging the government with genocide, with genocide. And exocide (ph) and biocide. We have no right to bomb military targets in Vietnam. We have no right to attack that country.


HANNITY: Is Jane Fonda really sorry or just trying to sell her brand new book?

Joining us now is the host of "War Stories," who fought in Vietnam, Colonel Oliver North is with us.

Colonel, Michelle Malkin actually discovered other quotes that she had said. For example, she went on Radio Hanoi a number of times, while our troops, your friends, were being shot at by an enemy in Vietnam, saying our POWs were in good health. She called our president, according to this report, "a new type of Hitler," pilots —"war criminals."

This is — and now she's apologizing on a book tour.

OLIVER NORTH, HOST, "WAR STORIES": Actually, she's not really apologizing. She has said that she regrets doing this. I mean, that's like the bank robber saying, "I'm sorry I got caught."

The reality of it is an apology is saying, "I am sorry, I really do apologize for what I did over there, and I'm asking for your forgiveness." I mean, that's what you and I do with our wives when we say something that we shouldn't have said.

HANNITY: That's quite often in my case, by the way.

NORTH: And mine too, brother, even after 37 years. I mean, the reality of it is that's not an apology.

Here's what she's got. Here's the record, number one: you've got the photo on the anti-aircraft gun that you add on during the transition.

Number two: You've got the POW meeting, where she sits down and holds a press conference for propaganda purposes with these prisoners of war.

And number three: you've got the propaganda broadcasts themselves, where she substitutes for Hanoi Hannah, who broadcasts to the American troops all the time. Of course, she was a Vietnamese.

But now, very quickly, treason is the only crime defined in our Constitution. Article 3, section three of the Constitution defines treason as "levying war against the United States or adhering to their enemies or giving them aid and comfort."

Now, aid and comfort can be measured a lot of ways. It's not just handing out, you know, blankets. It is giving them the advantage of the propaganda visibility that this woman lent to them.

COLMES: So Ollie...

NORTH: Go ahead.

COLMES: So Jane Fonda is a traitor?

NORTH: Well, all I did was present the facts.

COLMES: Is she a traitor?

NORTH: Irrefutable for the three things she did, and I defined for you the rule, the actual constitutional language defining treason. Now, I leave it...

COLMES: In your view is she a traitor?

NORTH: Well, yes, as a matter of fact I think she is. And I don't...

COLMES: So should she be in jail?

NORTH: Well, that's not going to happen. I mean, the fact is, there's no statute on treason, by the way. There's no statute of limitations on it.

But the reality of it is, Alan, this is a woman,who I quite frankly feel sorry for. I feel sorry for...

COLMES: She did apologize.

NORTH: She didn't apologize, Alan. —I want you to go home and say, "I'm sorry I got caught doing the wrong thing."

COLMES: She didn't say the words she wanted her to say. She apologized for being on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun site.

And by the way, did our government lie to us during Vietnam?

NORTH: In fact refused to apologize for the POW meeting, which was tantamount to, basically torture.

COLMES: Right.

NORTH: These are the things that this woman did, and she has not apologized. I mean again, I'm not trying to be pedantic about it, but an apology is, "I'm sorry for what I said. I'm sorry I hurt you, Alan, and I hope you can forgive me." That's an apology.

COLMES: She did say that she was sorry. She said that she regretted it. Did our government lie to us during Vietnam?

NORTH: As a matter of fact, no. I mean, it depends on what you want to know. Look it, there were clandestine operations conducted in every war. Did we lie about the body that we planted on Omaha Beach, trying to convince the Germans that we were going to land somewhere else?

I mean Alan, this woman was totally caught up in the age of the '60s, the rhetoric of the '60s, and quite frankly I feel sorry for her, because she's not out of it.

In her book, she says she's a Christian. But also admits to consulting with psychics. Now, I can't judge her heart but it's a different manifestation of Christianity than John Paul II.

COLMES: Many of us forgive — many of us forgive George W. Bush for being young and irresponsible, and maybe we can also forgive Jane Fonda.

But look, you have more to talk to us about something you're going to show us. You have "War Stories" coming up.

NORTH: The real story about Vietnam. How did we get into this war? This weekend's special — I mean, this is very moving. "Flashpoint Vietnam," the real story about the road to the war. Here it is.


NORTH (voice-over): Thirty-five hundred Marines came ashore. Thousands more were on the way, including Ernie Wallace (ph) and Ed Grummett. They landed two months later on 7 May with the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines.


ED GRUMMETT, USMC: The night before we made the landing at Chu Yuan (ph) we were listening to Hanoi Hannah and how they were going to annihilate us on the beach. They knew we were coming.

NORTH (on camera): What did the guys in your squad say about this?

GRUMMETT: Don't worry about it, you know? We're trained. We're going to take them out.


HANNITY: All right. "War Stories," Colonel, we'll be watching this Sunday, 8 p.m. as usual. Thank you, sir. You're a great American.

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