Did 'Amazing Race' disrespect Vietnam vets?

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: It was Ho Chi Minh for the win.

Well, the "Amazing Race," the show, not the Albanians, had the contestants travel to Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a pit stop for commie prop.

Teams in the show were made to memorize a communist song, done by kids in front of a large portrait of the North Vietnamese murderous dictator Ho Chi Minh.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This requires them to watch the performance of the patriotic Vietnamese. At the end, they will reveal the words of a celebrated quote.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's like One Direction.


GUTFELD: During that song, one of the contestants actually said it's like One Direction. Yes, if it that direction was the inevitable massacre of millions of Vietnamese. Competitors then had to match the lyrics to propaganda posters and then they were forced to visit a B-52 memorial, which was wreckage of shot-down American bomber.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Teams must now make their way to the B-52 memorial, site of the wreckage of a B-52 bomber shot down during the Vietnam War and with (INAUDIBLE).


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a double U-Turn.


GUTFELD: All in all a great tribute to the troops. Nicely done, CBS.

You can't blame the players, they're pawns. But how did it not cross the producers' minds that this might offend the men the men who fought in Vietnam and the families of those who died there?

What's next, "Amazing Race," a jump through the Killing Fields? Note to producer, the Khmer Rouge is not cosmetic.

But you know it wasn't done on purpose. Most stupidity is. And maybe the producers are young and think Vietnam is where spring rolls come from. The fact is, Vietnam is a beautiful country with great people, waking up from a gruesome past.

And they probably find the remnants of communist every bit as repugnant. Maybe CBS should, too.

Eric, do you think they knew what they were doing?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I think you nailed it. In your monologue, you summed it up. Tied it up nicely.

I think you are right. My experience with the producers is when they are young, they look for what's best shot? Look for a camera lens and go wow! There's a B-52 wreckage right there. Let's use that as part of the story, without thinking what does that symbolize?

It symbolizes thousands, tens of thousands of American troops who died fighting for their freedom so that they could have a TV show there, CBS fail.

GUTFELD: Bob, you are shaking your head.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I am so outraged by this. I can't believe it. CBS is idiotic. They're stupid.

The idea that they would put something like that on TV, don't blame it on young producers. It had to go through somebody at the executive branch at CBS. If they can't do better than that, to have people go to memorial where Americans died, then you ought to get off the network. Take the show and shove it.

GUTFELD: Jeez. I didn't except that.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: How do I follow that? Everything I say will look like I'm not outraged at all.

GUTFELD: How about this -- should they address this on the next show?

TANTAROS: I think Bob is right. I think the executives should address this at least with a minimum with a statement, maybe on the next show. It is a highly rated show. They could do themselves a good service admitting this.

I think they are not mutually exclusive, though. I think you need the nail on the head. Producers not the ones in the control room or any producer in this building, by the way, that is a disclaimer. I think they can be young at times. And younger generations haven't studied it, the schools don't teach it and they are not asking the grandparents to go through it.

And then you have the executives who know the difference from right and wrong -- wrong --

BECKEL: Well, the idiot who know it, director knew about it. He wasn't 18.

TANTAROS: To your point, the executives probably don't see anything wrong with it.

BECKEL: Well, that makes them idiots.

TANTAROS: The producer goes I have an idea, and they go, you know what? This isn't so bad. We believe what Jane Fonda believe.

BECKEL: They stop talking about Jane Fonda. That is un-American piece you put on TV as I have seen.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I have the question about stupidity of a double u-turn. Isn't that a circle?


PERINO: U-turn, U-turn, that's a circle. I don't get it.


PERINO: I probably wouldn't do very well on "The Amazing Race."

GUTFELD: Yes, you wouldn't.

We should do "The Amazing Race." The little people.

Are you as angry as Bob? Bob is exploding over there.

PERINO: I don't do outrage that well. He does it very well. Inside, I was sick. I can't imagine, too, the Vietnamese they are trying to do reforms. But there's still a lot, like the press freedoms, or the lack of the press freedoms there, the lack of availability to free speech is really, really bad.

In addition, you have a major problem of -- well, they are competent.

I'm sure. The tourism bureau probably raised their hand and said any reality show in America want to come here? "The Bachelor" went to Thailand. We'd love to have someone come to Vietnam.

They were selling it. Imagine what the press is like in Vietnam today? They control the press, about how wonderful it is. That Americans finally know the truth.

BECKEL: Those people wanted Americans to go and look at that, want to hear those patriotic songs which are anti-American song. It was a communist show put on by a network that should know better.

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