Dennis Miller on Muslim Profiling

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Miller Time" segment tonight, our intrepid analyst is back from vacation abroad and has some thoughts about profiling Muslims at airports and why many celebrities hate President Bush. The latest on that front is actress Charlize Theron joining Tim Robbins on the Iraq situation.


CHARLIZE THERON, ACTRESS: And I think the thing that upset me most was the manipulation that our government did towards our people and manipulating them to believe that if they weren't for the war, there weren't patriotic. I think that was the biggest crime.

TIM ROBBINS, ACTOR: We have invaded a country. We have created chaos and disorder. We've killed over 400,000 of their citizens. We've privatized their industry, and we've plundered their oil resources.

Do you really think they're going to be welcoming us there for the next five years?


O'REILLY: All right. Joining us now from L.A. is Dennis Miller.

You know, Charlize Theron, I don't — I'm not offended by that statement. I mean, if she wants to feel the government manipulated and that people who opposed the war in the beginning were deemed unpatriotic, that's OK. I don't care whether she feels that way.

Robbins is another matter. How do you see it?

DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first off, I've never met him. I like him. I just couldn't disagree with him more. I live in a world where those two things can't exist.

I like him. I think he and Susan Sarandon are heartfelt. I think he's misinformed. I don't think it is 400,000 people. The worst-case scenario I've read in a place that I trust more, quite frankly, The Weekly Standard, might be upwards of 80,000 civilians killed there. I don't think we're going around strafing them and putting them into mass graves. I think war is an ugly, ugly beast, and stuff like this happens.

But I would remind Robbins, Tom Friedman, one of the more measured heads on this subject said in the Times, 10 minutes after we're out the Iraqi door, slaughter house.

And everybody should keep in mind that when we split Vietnam and the killing fields happened, you're talking about 2.3 out of 7 million people in that population were cut down like with a scythe. And that's what's going to happen here, too.

Now, if that's humanistic, blowing this pop stand and leaving this sort of chaos in our wake, well, I'm not for humanism.

O'REILLY: But it doesn't come from a logical point-of-view. I mean, Robbins knows that the United Stats hasn't killed 400,000 people. He knows we haven't plundered their oil in Iraq. We don't get a scent from their oil. Anybody would know that.

He just does — he hates Bush. And anything that's going to run down Bush, he's going to say. I believe the same thing with Ms. Theron. I don't think Ms. Theron understands — and I may be wrong — but I don't think she understands geopolitics. I don't think she understands what Iran will do if America cuts and runs. I don't think she understands what Saudi Arabia, the danger to that nation, if we cut and run.

But these people are all emotion. But they're also haters of Bush. They hate him.

MILLER: Well, I have to tell you, Bill, I'll go along with Charlize and say the first person who misinformed me was Clinton. I wish he'd never led us down this path.

This is the first time I heard all this WMD stuff. The first time I heard all this "we're probably going to have to go in and take care of this guy in Iraq" was Clinton. All right? Bush just actually did it.

And you know, people always say there were no WMDs, they felt misinformed. I didn't. I never thought there were WMDs. I thought we had to go in and cuff this guy around to reassert our place in the world. I think it was a reinvigoration of our brand, and I'm glad we did it.

O'REILLY: All right. Now, you're over in Greece, right, on vacation?


O'REILLY: Are you big there? Is everybody mobbing you in Greece?

MILLER: I'm about the same size as I am here.

O'REILLY: Did you say anything incomprehensible in Greek that nobody could understand, use large words that the Spartans and Athenians wouldn't get?

MILLER: Well, about 200 of the Spartans out of the 300 didn't get it. That's my batting average.

O'REILLY: All right. Now, you were on a lot of planes getting to Greece. And you have some comments on the Muslim profiling at the airports, right?

MILLER: Well, excuse me. I guess I can live in this pretend world now where to be politically incorrect, like some people in this culture, I'm going to say that I scope out the Norwegians on airliners when I get on. But I don't. If there's a shaky looking Islamic cat near me, I keep an eye on him.

And it's just like watching the in-house movie. I have all these scenarios running through my head where I'm James bond and I come upside their right temple with a sugar block as they go up the aisle way.

And I'm sorry. I'm a human being. You know, I do Islam a disservice when I don't point out its failings to it. And the simple fact is, they've been blowing a lot of things up lately. I have nothing against Islamic people, but I must say, due to the recent track record, when I'm on a plane and there 's a guy anywhere between 20-30 who looks vaguely shaky, yes, I'm clocking him for most of the flight.

O'REILLY: And you're watching. Well, you know, we have three more arrested in Germany, Muslim jihadists who were going to grow one of the U.S. installations there, according to German authorities.

But put yourself in a position of being an American Muslim, a law-abiding citizen, trying to earn a living, raising a family, and they hear Miller say, yes, every time I get on a plane everybody should be watching me. And how would you react if you were in that situation?

MILLER: First off, Bill, if it's the scenario you just painted, if it's a young family with a kid, no, you know. I'm just talking about human instincts. I'm sorry, at some point, everybody else can move on and be more evolved than me.

But it's still the Serengeti Plain to me in some ways. And if a guy fits the profile, I'd keep an eye on him. You know, I don't even do the thing any more where I say I don't mean all Muslims, because I think that does them a disservice.

Of course I don't mean all Muslims. There's over a billion of them. I know most of them are right-minded. I also know most of them aren't stepping forward right now. And I, quite frankly, would like to see some of them staggering forward.

O'REILLY: I'm with you. I think that the...

MILLER: Just let me finish. Let me finish, because I'm out here in - - where we're talking about profiling.

I would like to see somebody in the Muslim community write a letter to your mail bag, via e-mail, tomorrow and say, "You know something? I'm a Muslim, and Miller is right. We have been screwing it up lately. And he's not wrong to say that."

Listen, they have to join in our reindeer games. They're not Faberge eggs. I do this to help the Islamic community. It's part of my no Muslim left behind program.

O'REILLY: So you're really their friend?

MILLER: Bill, I want to be friends with everybody, but people who blow people up a lot start to bug me.

O'REILLY: What I was going to say, and you did — you put it very well, was that I'd like to see the Muslim nations help the United States, maybe in Iraq. You know? They know if we leave Iraq, it's to be chaos and more Muslims are going to die.

So let's — why don't they step up a little and help us there? You know? That would show the world that we're against the killer jihadists. I'm giving Miller the last word, in Greek if you can, please.

MILLER (singing): Ebony and ivory.

O'REILLY: That is not a — that's not Greek, Miller. That's a bad song by — who, Steve Wonder or McCartney? One of the two. Right?

MILLER: McCartney and Eddie Murphy, if I'm not mistaken.

O'REILLY: Dennis Miller, everybody. Don't get on a plane with him, you know what's good for you.

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