Dennis Miller on Arizona vs. U.N. Human Rights Council, Sharpton's Criticism of Beck's Rally

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Miller Time" segment tonight: Let's go right to the sage of Southern California, who joins us from Los Angeles.

OK, you know, I'm really -- I'm really upset about this Arizona-U.N.- State Department deal. I just think it's so insulting to this country, and the Obama administration needs to wise up fast. How do you see it?

DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first off, I want to congratulate our friend, Geraldo. I had forgotten when he used to be Tony Orlando in those clips.

O'REILLY: You did? You forgot? And Dawn, I believe, will be on the special on Saturday night.

MILLER: And they had the sound down; I couldn't quite make it out. But why did he have the Prince Charles ear on? Was he -- was he in England for a story or something?

O'REILLY: No, it was a "Star Trek" thing. Not Prince Charles.

MILLER: Oh, I had no idea. Billy, can everybody at Arizona hit the border? Can the State Department cool out and not see traffic stops as Kristallnacht? For God's sakes, this is some sort of Jayson Blair fantabulous scenario, where somewhere down the road, a rogue cop on the Phoenix P.D. is going to pull somebody over hypothetically who might be illegal, might be here legal, write him a ticket, ask him for a driver's license. If they don't produce it, tell them they have to produce it eventually. And all of a sudden, we're the Tonton Macoute with machetes coming in?

You know, America's new guilty pleasure is guilt. And give the nut bags in the Mideast this: When they self-pillory themselves, at least they use a chain and draw blood. We're a little more mincing about it over here.

O'REILLY: Now, do you agree with Geraldo that the reason the Obama administration does this is to curry favor with people overseas?

MILLER: It's either that or the Obama administration has a wire laid over in his head that makes it do the exact opposite of what it really wants to do. So I'll go with the former thing, I guess, but all I know is this: Somewhere along the line, the United Nations rotated out their, you know, human rights commission, and Libya chaired it for a while.

O'REILLY: Libya.

MILLER: That's like giving a Nobel Peace Prize to Arafat. At some point, they just lost all serious nature back there. I'm not even sure the United Nations is going to read this. They're too busy with legislators trying to ascribe emeritus status to Pol Pot, Torquemada and Il Duce.

For God's sakes, apologizing to the United Nations for human rights violations in this country, the only country like one of five that's still playing by any set of rules in the universe? It's embarrassing what America has come to. It's embarrassing.

O'REILLY: I really think this is awful.

All right. Now, you know about the Glenn Beck big rally on last Saturday. And then Al Sharpton comes on "The Factor" yesterday -- no, yes, Monday, Monday, and says this. Go.


O'REILLY: What was disgraceful about that?

REV. AL SHARPTON, CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER: The blacks, the whites, the Latinos and Asians that were marching with us, I did not want them to get into any kind of back and forward.

O'REILLY: But you said they are trying to disgrace our day. What does that mean?

SHARPTON: They -- they -- they that I said, that would try to provoke a confrontation. Look at the speech.

O'REILLY: But nobody did. You had 300,000, 400,000 people out there. Nobody provoked anything.

SHARPTON: I'm glad they didn't. No one from our side provoked anything.

O'REILLY: Why would you say that?

SHARPTON: Because I was afraid that if I didn't say that, with a lot of our students there, and someone said something that was in any way against what we were marching for, that they would respond.

O'REILLY: You wanted to pre-empt any hostility? That's what you said.

SHARPTON: That's exactly it.

O'REILLY: And I'm supposed to buy that?


O'REILLY: Are you buying that, Miller?

MILLER: That was my favorite moment in the interview, Billy, when you let him play out all that line, and you said, "Am I supposed to buy that?" You know, he doesn't even need a snow shovel there to scoop that up. He needs a Zamboni machine because he is really shoveling it, the reverend.

And by the way, somebody remind me, what am I revering Al Sharpton about again?

The simple fact is that you have to play Sharpton's answers before he answers the next question. Now, forget his last appearance. Everybody changes it up between appearances. You now have to play his previous answer to him before he answers the next thing. He can't even remember how many balls he's got juggling up in the air.

You know something? Beck should throw them all a curve right now, all these haters, and convert to Islam. Nobody could go after him. It would be absolutely beautiful.

O'REILLY: All right. Now, you -- you're an NFL fan, as am I, and football starts pretty soon, pro football. And I am very worried, and I'm not being facetious here. These guys are going down at a record rate. Injuries, I mean, they're 800 pounds now. They do the 100-yard dash in 12 flat, and they're 730 pounds. They can't survive. At the end of the season, these guys are like the Polish army after the Soviets invaded. You know, I mean, they're just done. And I'm just thinking it's way, way out of control. Am I wrong?

MILLER: Well, the physics of the game aren't quite adding up, are they, Billy? It's funny. When you watch baseball, 60.6 from the mound, the home seems to work, 90 feet. You don't see guys getting freakish singles, you know, where it's hit right at the shortstop and they still beat it. The physics still work. The NFL, the physics might not be working. It's like too much adhesion now between the shoe and the athlete and the bulk and the speed. It's like a high-speed snooker table. There's a lot of concussive stuff going on out there.

That being said, I'd rather go down on my shield in a game that mattered if I was one of these guys and I got paid for than one of these pre-season games where it doesn't matter. And I would say this. If the league does go to an 18th game, they ought to take heavy profits off for those two extra games and invest it into all dirt and grass fields so we can break down some of this concussive force and at least put them on natural surfaces where they're meant to be, where if it rains it turns into a slippery mess.


MILLER: And I think that they -- they at least owe it to the players to do that, to get off these surfaces that are from "The Jetsons."

O'REILLY: All right. But it's getting really brutal out there. It's a great game.

MILLER: Yes, and that's why you and I don't play it. That's why you and I don't play it.

O'REILLY: I used to. Look at my fingers here. I used to play it. My fingers are all over the place. I was a quarterback and all that. But I'm really worried about the level of injury, the head injuries and all that. Dennis Miller, everybody.

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