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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: A TV show promotional tour turns into a very public battle of the exes.

Actress Denise Richards is out promoting her new reality show, which features Denise and her two daughters, 4-year-old Sam and 2-year-old Lola, whose father is ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Now, during Denise's publicity tour, a little battle — well, actually, not a little battle, a big battle has exploded between Richards and Sheen, with allegations that Richards asked Sheen for — hold onto your seat for this one — donation for a — of a sperm donation. She even says Richards sent his new fiancee an e-mail about the sperm donation, and she gave that e- mail to the media.

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Lawyer Gloria Allred and former Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro joins us. Jeanine, never dull, is it, in divorces.


JEANINE PIRRO, FORMER WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY, DA: You know what? And these two are particularly interesting, I mean, but at some point, you get fed up. She's accused him of everything from being a druggie to a batterer to visiting porn sites of kids, gay people. I mean, the guy's a bookie. He's a gambler. I mean, there isn't anything she hasn't accused him of. She talks of him as though he's the husband from hell. And now the two of them are battling over whether or not she asked for his sperm. The whole thing is ridiculous. They ought to both grow up, get a confidentiality agreement and just get divorced.

VAN SUSTEREN: Gloria, it is so wild, but at least this round, it seems like she's the one who fired the first shot, that she's sort of the one that — she's the one who went out and said that — she started this. Or didn't she?

GLORIA ALLRED, VICTIMS' RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Well, I don't know who started it, but obviously, she's out there to hype her new reality show featuring herself, and her children are going to be on it. Obviously, Charlie Sheen apparently opposed having the children on the realty show. And somehow, now this e-mail has surfaced in which he alleges she wanted his sperm so that she could have a third child. She denies it.

We don't know who's telling the truth. You know, the e-mail would appear to indicate, if it were a true e-mail, that she wanted him to be a sperm donor because she already has two children by him — this would be a third child — but she didn't want him to have anything to do with the child, or at least she wouldn't ask him for any money. He wouldn't ask her for anything. But again, she denies having sent the e-mail. We don't know what's true.

These two are like the couple from hell, and I have a feeling we're going to continue to hear a lot about them, maybe more than we want to know.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, let me be real sarcastic, Jeanine. If she's looking for a sperm donation, maybe she — and she wants to use her two children in this reality show, maybe she's seeking to enlarge the cast.


VAN SUSTEREN: You know, and so that brings me to the other topic, is there was this battle between the two of them. She wants to use these two young children in her reality show. He's opposed to it. Apparently, they went to court. She won. Why is she putting these children in this reality show?

PIRRO: Well, you know, Greta, when I first heard about this, I thought that — you know, I think that he's got an argument there. You know, she is promoting herself, her show, her kids. You don't want them exploited. And as a judge in deciding custody and visitation, one of the things that I would do is find out exactly what the home is like and if the home is going to...

VAN SUSTEREN: We're going to find out in this reality show.

PIRRO: Yes, but...

VAN SUSTEREN: We're going to find out.

PIRRO: Clearly. And if the home is basically a TV set, and you know, with nothing but producers and camera guys and everything being created for public consumption, I would consider, you know, giving more or giving custody to the husband in this case. I would limit the number of hours that these children would be around the cameras and the camera people, and I would make sure that this is a home that is worthy of these children.

VAN SUSTEREN: We only have 30 seconds left, Gloria. Gloria, why did the judge let the children be part of this reality show over the objection of the father?

ALLRED: I don't know. But obviously, the judge must have found, Greta, that it would not be harmful to the best interests of the children. I mean, Charlie Sheen opposed it. Apparently, there was a hearing. The judge decided in her favor. In her defense, I've heard her say that she is not going to be exploiting them, that they're not really going to be on there that often. I guess the argument could be made that, obviously, if cameras are on, she's not going to be doing anything to harm them in the presence of a camera. And I don't know that there's any evidence that she ever has done anything to harm them not in the presence of a camera.

VAN SUSTEREN: So the legal standard is whether — likely whether there's harm and not whether it's in good taste. Anyway...


ALLRED: She's got the custody of the children. She can decide what's in their best interests.

VAN SUSTEREN: I was being...


VAN SUSTEREN: I was being sarcastic.

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