Democrats and Republicans battle over 'hearsay' during impeachment hearings

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. This is a FOX News alert. Tonight, the president holding a massive rally in Louisiana. November 16th, that state will hold an important race for governor.

Right now, the president is talking just about that. We're going to continue to monitor his remarks throughout the night. We will be dipping in when the president addresses the circus on Capitol Hill. He already has once.

We have a ton of breaking news and big developments. We will be covering throughout this night.

Now, first up, the massive breaking news, only moments ago "Reuters" is now reporting, according to a brand new report, Ukraine's foreign minister has just confirmed that the U.S. ambassador, Gordon Sondland, did not link, absolutely did not link any investigation to U.S. aid. There was no linkage, quote: Ambassador Sondland did not tell us and certainly did not tell me about a connection between the assistance and the investigations.

This is a major development, further confirming what has been said not only by the foreign minister, but by President Zelensky.

And yesterday's bogus hearsay, whatever you want to call this, if this now is true, again, they are saying that never happened. They are saying it. We now have, again, firsthand evidence, no quid or pro-or quo like Joe.

This should, in all reality and truth, end this madness. You have Schiff's bogus sham hearing. It needs to stop immediately, enough is enough.

And I've got to tell you something tonight, if you love this country, you care about your country, you care about this Constitution that we have, that it's fundamentally our foundation for our rule of law, if you believe in due process, if you believe in fundamental fairness, if you believe in equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws, the rule of law, you have every right tonight to feel extremely angry, pissed off and you should be disgusted about what is going on in this country tonight and what has now been going on for three straight years -- a never ending witch-hunt, lies, conspiracy theories, one hopes hoax after another after another after another.

This has gone on for three complete years. Total B.S., slander, smearing, besmirchment, never-ending left wing psychotic temper tantrum that is led by the modern Democratic, extreme, socialist party and, of course, their allies and the abusively corrupt, abusively biased media mob.

We had four separate investigations into so-called Trump-Russia conclusion. We had two and a half years of lie after lie, bogus conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. And for what? Another Russia hoax. Totally implodes in their face. Blows up.

The country was told -- a promise by people like the compromised, congenital liar Schiff, oh, Mueller's testimony is going to do it. The report didn't do that. As a matter of fact, his testimony was a pathetic disgrace.

And, by the way, I didn't think it could get worse it. It got worse yesterday. These are the very same people who have lied to your face, lied to the people of this country now for years. They are just back with another lie, another outrageous fraud, another hoax and more conspiracy theories.

You got a corrupt show trial that is run by the single most compromised, corrupt, congenital liar. And that is Schiff. And so far, we've heard from, what, two holier-than-thou, self-important witnesses? Their two main witnesses, career bureaucrats? People that never ever, ever, ever, ever had any direct evidence whatsoever. They never have spoken to the president of the United States. Or even his closest advisors.

Their testimony was filled with nothing but never-ending hearsay, conjecture, stupid gossip and seeing and interpreting phantom quid pro quos that we now know because we have the transcript, didn't exist. And yesterday's sham hearing frankly was a repulsive national embarrassment.

Now, the radical extreme socialists on Capitol Hill, their allies in the media mob, they are now dragging our country through hell, ripping all of us apart. They have now done the same thing for three straight years and, for what? Why? Really, because they lost an election and they can't get over it.

One Democratic aide telling "The Washington Post" today, quote: we're screwed. This week's hearings, no bombshells, no revelations. That was the best they got.

A total disaster for us, another House Democratic aide telling Breitbart News. Another saying that the testimony was, quote, oh, too complicated. A different staffer claiming that the hearings won't make sense to regular people -- no, because they read that there's nothing wrong with the phone call and that the president has an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land. They know that.

And the president looking into election interference that we know Ukraine participated in -- collusion with a DNC operative that went to the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington, D.C. Yes, that all happened. No one in the media reports it.

None of this makes sense to anybody with a functioning brain. You've got a bunch of lazy, stupid, hypocritical socialists in Congress that are once again now trying to undo the will of you, we, the American people because this self-important ambassador who has never talked to the president, heard some gossip. That's where we are with this.

This is all hurting this country in very deep and very dramatic ways. There was no direct evidence. There's no due process. By the way, that's a big deal in America.

But, we have a fake hearsay non-whistleblower whistleblower who kicked the whole thing off, the whole charade off who now won't testify.

Well, why won't he testimony?

Because the compromised Schiff, oh, his office, he lied about that, too. They had contact with the guy. To what extent? We need to find out.

Now, we are supposed to be the United States of America. We're not supposed to be a banana republic. But why? You might ask. Why is all of this happening?

Because, really, they have never gotten over. You have sore losers. They lost an election they didn't think they would lose, that they kind of rigged as best they could to win. They don't have any confidence that they can win the next election in 354 days.

It's all about a temper tantrum by sore losers that also don't really think much of us, you know, we are dumb, Walmart shoppers, irredeemable, deplorables that cling to God above, our creator, our bibles, we believe in the Second Amendment.

OK. I will say, guilty as charged. I shop at Walmart, Costco, Target.

Yes, I believe in God. He's created all men and women on this earth. Yes, we need to give thanks.

They don't like us very much. They think they know better than us.

And what, we got this whole thing led by a compromised, fact witness, corrupt, three-year congenital liar, Adam Schiff. He lied for three straight years. He is lying again.

And not only is the fake whistleblower hearsay whistleblower a Trump-hating deep state operative, with admitted political bias, apparently ties to Joe Biden. But this person also apparently close to Schiff's office. He has been in communication with Schiff's office, apparently from the very beginning. And Schiff lied about that.

Now, why else would Schiff lie about his connection to the non- whistleblower hearsay whistleblower? Because, obviously, they were working hand in hand. That's how sick and corrupt all of this is.

And this hearsay whistleblower had no firsthand information, just like these idiots yesterday. None of them had any information. It wasn't even on the president's phone call with Ukraine.

Now, you would think that they would even be smart enough to at least find a corrupt bureaucrat with less baggage to spread the same baseless rumors and lies. Now, this illegitimate witch-hunt, this for the sake of our kids and our grand kids and our country needs to end. And lo and behold, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate, they will have the power to immediately dismiss any charge against the president if 51 Republicans in the Senate could actually agree on something.

Now, let's be honest, realistic, and truthful. Unfortunately, we do have a number of weak Republicans in the U.S. Senate who likely won't do that. Others, look, maybe we just have an honest disagreement. They might argue that it would appear political and would actually hurt the president if we just dismissed it without having a trial. OK. We'll agree to disagree on that point.

But one thing that every Republican, especially in the Senate, because the House, there is no hope. It's run by a bunch of crazy lunatics that don't believe in the Constitution, due process, rule of law at all. But this Republican senators better agree on a few basic points here, and that is basic fundamental constitutional rights and due process for all, because that can never be compromised or we will not have a country.

Now, me, my radio team, my television team, we have reached out to all 53 Senate Republicans. We are asking them to answer some pretty simple questions.

One, senators, will you allow the Schiff show sham to continue with hearsay evidence and conjecture that would be admissible evidence? That's a good question.

Two, is the United States Senate going to allow an impeachment trial to continue where the accuser is not by definition -- Andy McCarthy, Gregg Jarrett, many smart lawyers -- doesn't meet the definition of a real whistleblower.

Number three, are we not setting a precedent where the president of the United States would not have what is a clear constitutional right to confront their accuser? Now, so far, I have got to say I have good news to report, because a bunch of these Republican senators have already responded very quickly.

Senator Graham, Hawley, Wicker, Tillis, Ben Sasse who I have been fighting with a lot. Yes, he had the right position. Senator Braun there are others.

Also, we heard from the Majority Leader Michigan McConnell's office almost immediately. Thank you, Senator Mitch McConnell.

I can report he was -- his office was crystal clear, the federal rules of evidence and our Constitution should apply to any impeachment proceeding. Great line. Do you know why?

Look at the federal rules of evidence. Rule 802 to be specific. Hearsay is not admissible with limited specific exceptions that we can tell you do not apply to this case.

And, we could also tell you pursuant to the constitutional side of the House -- the Senate majority leader's statement, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution, the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him.

Now, the first accuser was the fake hearsay whistleblower. That means that person will not be allowed to remain in the shadows, should not be allowed to remain in the shadows. And, remember, as many great lawyers have all been saying, this whistleblower does not meet the whistleblower standard anyway.

Now, we must keep in mind another fact here. If this does, if they are nuts enough in the House to send this over to the Senate, this garbage, the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, that guy, John Roberts, right there, will preside over the case.

But I can't really imagine any Supreme Court chief justice not following the federal rules of evidence and following the U.S. Constitution because that would mean if the Republican senators agree on that -- those basic points, then every bit of that B.S. circus, all of that hearsay crap and garbage nonsense that we got in yesterday's testimony would not cut it in the U.S. Senate.

So, tonight, it is time to tell your senator what you think about the Schiff show and what needs to happen, and how important the rule of law, due process, our Constitution is and constitutional order at the very least is needed in this whole process.

This is not a joke. Democrats are trying to remove a president over nothing, as they have for three years. They are corrupt.

This process is corrupt. This is all based on hearsay, on innuendo, on conspiracy theories. A hoax, lies, none of it is constitutional. All of it is hurting this country for our kids and grand kids.

It is repulsive. It is disgusting what they are doing and now have been doing for three straight years, every second, every hour, every 24-hour day, every week, every year.

Time to pay attention. It's time that they all be held accountable because for three years, the self-absorbed, pompous losers in the Democratic Party, they have not lifted a single finger to improve this country. They have done nothing for you, we, the people. Nothing for safety, security of the country, nothing for our prosperity, nothing to create jobs.

The president, in spite of these crappy, well, Schiff show conditions, he has been going on and doing his job in spite of all of this, and actually governing the country and, more importantly, I would even argue, keeping the promises he made. Biggest tax cuts in history, biggest deregulation in history, trade deals, Japan, Mexico, Canada, European allies, have to deal with China.

Do-nothing Democrats have focused on only one thing, the destruction of the Trump administration and putting on blinders to any and all wrongdoing in the Democratic Party.

What we are witnessing as a country is a breath-taking, frankly psychotic level of rage and hypocrisy propped up by a very supportive deep state, hopefully will be exposed soon.

You got Hillary Clinton, obstructed justice. We know what she did with the subpoenaed emails. We know all about it.

We -- if did you that, you would go to jail. If an investigator determined you, me, if I lack candor in an interview, I'd go to jail. So would you.

If I committed premeditated fraud on a FISA court, I assure you I would go to jail. If I illegally surveilled, unmask leaked intelligence, I would go to jail and so would everybody in this audience. If I abused the powerful tools of intelligence and used them against my political adversaries, I would go to jail and so would you.

If I bribed a foreign country, let's say, a billion U.S. tax dollars to fire a prosecutor, who is investigating my zero experience, 49-year-old son, yeah, I would go to jail and so would all of you.

And that's why President Trump, frankly, got elected in the first place because the American people are sick and tired of all of this crap and B.S. And Democrats, liberals, bureaucrats, the media mob, they got away scot- free with everything and anything under the sun.

President Trump is forced to endure what no other president has had to endure -- endless investigations, hearings, subpoenas, lawsuits because of a lie, a hoax? Hearsay?

Now, the best news that I can report to you tonight about the state of this country is this: in 354 days, you, we, the people, you get to send the Washington swamp a clear message. You will have the last word in all of this. You get the chance to shock the world again and show them how a real Democratic Republican is supposed to operate.

Imagine the mob and the media just for a second. Just imagine. The congenital liar Schiff, the corrupt Nancy Pelosi, who else? Chucky Schumer, when the networks have to say these words: we can now project that Donald J. Trump has been reelected, the 45th president of the United States of America. In the end, that power will be in your hands.

Joining us now with a full report is senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram is with us.

Chad, what's the latest?


Well, tomorrow's sole witness is Maria Yovanovitch. She was fired by President Trump as ambassador to Ukraine. Now, Democrats say that Yovanovitch was the first victim of what they argue was an effort to peddle influence in Ukraine.

Yovanovitch previously told House investigators that Rudolph Giuliani campaigned to oust her and she felt, quote, threatened. The parade of witnesses continues but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted it was not a done deal, that the House would, in fact, impeach the president.


PERGRAM: Why would the public not think that the House is dead set on a course to impeach the president when all of this is going on right now?

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: Well, all of this milieu is it seeking of the truth. It's called an inquiry. And if the president has something that is exculpatory -- Mr. President, that means, do you have anything that shows your innocence, then he should make that known.


PERGRAM: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says one Democrat confided in him they were embarrassed at the impeachment probe. Democratic New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted to impose the inquiry. Van Drew remains skeptical of impeachment. And he told me today there was proof with President Nixon, and President Trump, quote: I have not seen absolute proof.

Now, just like legislation, impeachment is about the math, it's about the math, it's about the math. With 431 members of the House, Democrats need 216 yeas to impeach. With 233 Democrats, they can only suffer 16 defections -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Chad, in Washington tonight. Thank you.

Moments ago, by the way, the president -- we're monitoring his rally. Those are all local politicians in Louisiana. When he has more to say, we'll go to him, I promise.

Now, the president did have a few choice words for the corrupt, compromised, congenital liar Adam Schiff and he said this earlier tonight.


TRUMP: You know, we did nothing wrong and they are doing nothing. True. They haven't done a thing since Nancy Pelosi is speaker. They haven't done a thing.


And Adam Shifty Schiff went up and he made up -- think of it. He made up my statement and it was horrible what he said. And he finished it by saying, you don't call me, I will call you.

I said, where did this come from? He's sick. He's sick.

But then one thing happened. Here's what happened. You know what happened. I said, I better release the real call.

So they had transcribers -- the call is perfect. And we released it. And that was the beginning of the end for them. They are a disgrace.


HANNITY: By the way, the corrupt, the coward, the congenital liar, the compromised Adam Schiff is set to call his third witness to testify in this sham hearing, this circus.

Now, tomorrow is going to be very interesting, especially to me. We're going to hear from the former ambassador to Ukraine, an Obama holdover. Now, if you remember, when they were doing the auditions, the hearings to see who would best go first, that they think would convince the American people -- well, you remember she's the one that suggested that yours truly somehow played a role in her dismissal.

I will remind her that is a lie and a complete fabrication. To be very honest, until recently in that hearing when that happened, I didn't really know anything about this woman. I never talked to anybody in Ukraine, ever. Nobody at the State Department ever called me ever -- Pompeo, nobody, about this or anything else.

That was a slanderous, libelous lie to say I ever was conducting a smear campaign against her. Now, we actually went back in the archive, and like, who is this lady? Had we had her on? Did we talk about her a lot?

Yes, we had one report on her and her name was mentioned in passing. We could only find about four times. That's it. I know a lot more about her now.

And I'll say it again, people better stop lying about me because I'm not going to take it. And I do promise you, I will hire the absolute best lawyers in the country and I'll spend the money, whatever it takes. Stop spreading bogus rumors and smears about me. Just tell the truth.

For the love of God and country, stop the hearsay. Stop the conjecture.

And, by the way, one other point on this. I would say -- apparently, she cried and the Democrats are apparently hoping that she'll cry again tomorrow. OK. Does that mean like on cue?

Joining us now with a preview, Intel Committee member, Congressman Brad Wenstrup, is with us.

Sir, how are you?

REP. BRAD WENSTRUP, R-OH: I'm doing great, Sean. Good to be with you. Great monologue tonight. You summed it up very well.

HANNITY: All right. Well, tell us what this is about tomorrow.

WENSTRUP: Well, I think, you know, we're going to have another person that's going to bring in some hearsay.

She's very interesting because this whole thing was supposedly about the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky. And she had already been recalled before the phone call. So, she wasn't even in place anymore. So, that part will be interesting.

You know, I'm sure that somebody who was recalled, it probably is a stroke to the ego. But the president has that full authority and it happens all the time. So that shouldn't even be in question.

And she is working. She did land a job, still. So it wasn't like she was completely taken away.

She was an ambassador that was recalled that wasn't fitting in to where the president wanted to go. And I think that that's perfectly natural and perfectly normal. And we're going to going to talk about that tomorrow.

HANNITY: Well, I -- also, from what I understand, I'm doing a little bit of understanding -- I guess she was upset with our own John Solomon.

Now, John Solomon has a videotape interview of I guess the Ukrainian equivalent of, what the attorney general, prosecutor general they call them. That guy said to John Solomon -- you can see it, can report on it -- that she gave him a list. And on the list were names of people not to prosecute.

That would be a big deal. John's column today links to a speech where she actually involved herself in Ukraine elections if I'm not mistaken.

Is that all true, sir?

WENSTRUP: Well, we're going to talk about that and we're going to find out more because John Solomon, by the way, has done a phenomenal job with digging into things. There are certainly some behaviors that are in question.

And while she was ambassador, while we have reports, obviously, that the Ukrainians were trying to alter our election to work against candidate Trump, she did nothing as the ambassador to the United States. She allowed them, without saying a word, to just go full bore into trying and interfere with our elections.

You know, this -- this is unbelievable. You cannot believe how far this goes. We have people in authority that think that since they have been there a while, they get to run the show. Not the American people.


WENSTRUP: Well, you know, the news is it's the American people that get to decide.

HANNITY: And, by the way, doesn't the Geneva Convention suggest something about ambassadors should not -- will not involve themselves in the country's election? Something like that.

All right. Thank you, Congressman.


HANNITY: We'll watch tomorrow. Let's see what she says.

All right. You see the president is allowing the local politicians to speak. That gives us a chance to take a break. We will go back to the rally in Louisiana when the president is back talking about the things that matter. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and so much more as we continue. They're next.


HANNITY: All right. Joining us now are Republican congressmen, these are Freedom Caucus guys. Honestly, I don't care if it's a Russian witch hunt, I don't care if it's a Ukraine witch hunt -- honestly, these two guys have led the way and have been amazing in terms of diligence, hard work, behind the scenes, in front of the cameras.

Jim, you're fantastic on the committee yesterday.

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OH: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: Mark Meadows, I watched you beat the crap out of the media with your North Carolina temper showing a little bit. It was pretty cool.


HANNITY: Yes, I didn't expect it. You know, you had a little Hannity in there. I was pretty happy about it.


HANNITY: Look, Jim, let me just throw it to you. This is a Schiff show.


HANNITY: This is hurting our country. Look at -- look at the foreign ambassador, the foreign whatever person tonight, President Zelensky saying it before. No, that we never felt any of this. This never happened.

JORDAN: Yes, the psycho (ph). Yes, the --


HANNITY: It should end this nonsense.

JORDAN: Yes. Now, look, their third witness tomorrow in their -- in their second hearing is another person that had no contact with the president, no contact with Chief of Staff Mulvaney. I don't think she ever talked to Mayor Giuliani.

And yet, now, this is their third star witness in the first week of these - - of these hearings.

Here's another thing that I think is a real problem. Adam Schiff hasn't released some of the transcripts. Technically, we're not allowed to use that material in hearings tomorrow, particularly Mr. Morrison, a witness that we think was very -- was very helpful to the president and to the facts.

So, there's all kinds of problems with this, what they're doing. And, of course, their two star witnesses yesterday, again, no knowl -- no relationship, no meeting ever. Never talking to the president, never talking with chief of staff Mulvaney, never talked with Mayor Giuliani.

And yet, those are their star witnesses that they roll out the very first day.

HANNITY: I don't know what (ph) this lady was saying about me, Jim Jordan. We went back in the transcripts. You know, one report on her, she mentioned four times. I didn't even know who the hell she was, to be very honest. You know --

JORDAN: Yes. Yes. Look, we'll find out tomorrow.

HANNITY: Yes, I don't like being lied about. I know a lot of -- don't lie about me. I don't like it. That's what they did the last time.

And Secretary Pompeo never called me.

JORDAN: Well, that's because you're -- that's because you're effective, Sean. You know why they come after you, why the left comes after you, because you're effective. You're focused on the truth.

And here's the good news: the American people see through this. They know the facts are on the president's side. And they know that this is unfair process.

And one of the reasons they know it so well is because you've been telling them every night. And they appreciate that.

But it is such a sham. Such a sham.

HANNITY: Mark Meadows, you look, you've been phenomenal in every way too and I know you work hard behind the scenes on everything that's been happening. How does this continue based on hearsay and what do you think of my challenge to the Senate that the federal rules should apply as it relates to hearsay evidence? It should not be admissible and I think anybody should have their sixth amendment constitutional right to confront their accusers.

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: Well, you are exactly right. And Jim was right. Here we have got the third witness now that's coming in, Sean. And what I have found is none of those witnesses have ever met Donald Trump. And so when you have a real conversation with them, you start to say well, golly, you know, why are they actually the star witnesses?

Now, tomorrow, it's even better than that the Ambassador who is coming in wasn't there during the phone call, wasn't there when the aid was suspended. Do you know where she was? She was at Georgetown. And so we got Nancy Pelosi talking about bribery. Well, the only bribery that's going to take place is where she has to bribe the American people to believe the story that they're spinning.

HANNITY: By the way, we are watching the President. Right now he is talking about taxes. Anything important we will go right back to him. I promise all of you. This is important, too. Well then what the hell was she crying about, Jim Jordan? I mean, you can't blame John Solomon for what the prosecutor general had to say about her. You can't blame Solomon. Apparently she was involved in politics and was even given a chance to support the President and then she passed on it?

JORDON: Yes. The President had the absolute right to name who he wants to as Ambassadors representing our interest around the world. This idea though, there is a fundamental concern here. This idea that somehow the unelected people tell the elected person how it works. That is not how this great nation operates. That is not how it works.

Donald trump put his name on the ballot, went to an entire campaign was elected by 63 million people in this great country. And he's the one who determines the policies in this nation. Not this interagency consensus that we heard so much about in these depositions. It's not the unelected people that tell the elected how to do it. It's the other way around. Thank the good lord for that fact. That's what makes our country such a special place. For the bureaucracy to say it's different is just flat out wrong.

MEADOWS: And, Sean, Jim is exactly right. You know, if they want to start directing policy for the hard-working American taxpayer, they need to put their name on a ballot instead of putting their name on a witness list. That's what they need to do.

HANNITY: You know the only thing is I'm trying to understand, you know, if I ever hurt anybody, I would ask and beg their forgiveness. I didn't know anything about them. But, if the prosecutor general is saying that about you, now, apparently there was a Ukrainian newspaper that contradicted that.

Now, that should be brought into the evidence. But John Solomon, again, talked to the prosecutor general in October, and reiterated the same thing. Is that normal behavior, Mark Meadows, of an Ambassador or to give political speeches about the country of which you are representing - the Ambassador to?

MEADOWS: No. I mean, when you really look at our diplomacy, generally what you see are people who need to stay out of politics and when - here's the interesting thing. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States puts an op-ed in, really calling out the President and saying a lot of derogatory things.

Really at that particular point, we knew that Poroshenko was there, had to have said that it was okay and what did we get from our U.S. Embassy in Ukraine? Crickets. It is time that we have to stand up. It's America first not Ukraine first.

HANNITY: Well, it's funny, that's what the President is talking about right now. We are going to go to that in a second. Jim Jordan. I want you to reiterate. So these witness tomorrow no contact with the President of the United States, any contact with anybody close to the President of the United States?

JORDON: I don't believe so. No. I mean, look, as Mark indicated she left the Ukraine in May, came back here. She is now teaching at Georgetown University. She has no direct relevance on the situation that - the focus of the Democrats' impeachment effort, namely the phone call which we all know was fine. She has no direct relevance to that but again, she is the third witness they call in hearing number two.

HANNITY: I have got to thank you both again, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. What you are doing for our country, our constitution, the rule of law, I don't know if we didn't have people like you we would be in deep trouble we would be in deep Schiff if you know what I mean. Thank you both. Let's now go back to the President apparently now talking about America First policies which we were just discussing.


TRUMP: And I want to thank our border patrol. I want to thank ICE and I want to thank law enforcement. They are incredible.


TRUMP: We have launched historic and unprecedented action to secure our southern border. We have just released brand new border numbers today showing that we have successfully reduced illegal crossings by more than 70 percent since May.


TRUMP: And I can proudly announce that we have ended catch and release and we are building the wall faster than anyone thought possible.


TRUMP: Thank you. It's being built going upwards. And it's a big deal. And I will tell you what. We had to fight for every inch. We have the help of our military because it is its national security. Let's face it. It turned out its national security.

Our message to those seeking to break our laws is very simple. Don't try it. You will fail. You will be sent back home, that's the way it works. And if you want a Governor who supports that theory, if you want a Governor who supports what we're doing on the border, and supports the heroes of ICE and border patrol, you have only one choice and that is to get out on Saturday and vote for Eddie Rispone. You have to.



HANNITY: That is the President and he is in Louisiana. Joining us now Author David Limbaugh, Gregg Jarrett and Pam Bondi are with us and oh and Congressman Jason Chaffetz. We're going to go back to the rally as the President breaks more news here.

Let's start on the legal side, Gregg Jarrett and, you know, I want answers from the Senate. The federal rules, regarding hearsay are clear. I would imagine they should apply in the Senate if it ever gets over there. That's number one. Number two, I would say that the constitution is pretty clear about facing your accuser, isn't it?

GREGG JARRETT, "WITCH HUNT" AUTHOR: It absolutely is sixth amendment. You are absolutely right. The sixth amendment protects against hearsay. If you have a witness who gets up on the stand and is simply repeating what he heard from somebody else, you are depriving the accused of the ability to confront, under the sixth amendment, the original source.

So, it's unconstitutional, which is why we have the hearsay rule. So if Mitch McConnell actually invokes the federal rules of evidence, this chattering class of diplomats won't even be allowed to testify because all they have is rank hearsay and conjecture.

HANNITY: Now, with that said because that's all we have got is rank hearsay and conjecture, Pam Bondi. I have got to imagine the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court would insist that those federal rules regarding hearsay are adhered to. And I kind of would want to believe that the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court also believes in the sixth amendment, right?

PAM BONDI, FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Sean, absolutely. We will not let Adam Schiff hijack a presidential election. And that's what he is attempting to do using hearsay using witnesses who have never met the President, never talked to the President. It's absolutely ridiculous. We're not going to let this happen.

Hearsay would not be admissible. If you got a speeding ticket and took it to court to challenge it. You would have more rights than they are affording the President of the United States. It's unbelievable. Hearsay would not be admissible. You would be able to call your own witnesses. You couldn't lead witnesses the way they are doing. These two witnesses after everything, after Congressman Ratcliffe cross-examined them, they could not say anything the President did that was impeachable.

HANNITY: And David Limbaugh, we will lean on your legal experience. I would think that the federal rules regarding hearsay and the constitution, the right and the ability although Gregg makes a great point. Gregg Jarrett, Andy McCarthy and many people. This is not a real whistleblower according to the statute, they tell me. But you have you got to imagine the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court would follow these rules regarding hearsay and the right to confront and accuser, wouldn't you?

DAVID LIMBAUGH, "GUILT BY REASON OF INSANITY" AUTHOR: Well, the Senate will control the procedure and the Chief Justice, of course, will follow and they will certainly set up the federal rules of civil procedure. But there is not just problems with hearsay and lack of firsthand knowledge these witnesses and the secrecy that this has been conducted and the fact that there has been no due process.

Another thing people are forgetting is that the main thing they are going on is the alleged bribery, which is a specific intent crime. And that requires "Mens Rea". That requires the intent and they have to know what Trump's state of mind was and his motive. All they know is that he suggested that Biden and Ukraine be investigated.

I think, as others have speculated that he was looking backward to the 2016 election which makes much more sense. He is so agitated over them trying to steal an election while accusing him of interfering that he wants to get to the bottom of this coup. So he is wanting to investigate, have Ukraine and Biden investigated after the 2016 election not the 2020.

Even if I'm wrong, there is no way they can divine his intent. Impeachment is a gravely serious matter it's an extraordinary remedy. It's not a political football. They need to require strict proof and I am confident the Republicans in the Senate will do it and show what a sham this is.

HANNITY: You know, Jason, you have presided in the House, can you believe that every consideration that was given Bill Clinton, the Democrats the Ranking Members by Newt Gingrich has not been given to this President, these Republicans in this case and that at the end of the day you have a corrupt compromise congenital liar fact witness that is judge, jury and executioner and we have to beg permission for everything because, there are no rights given to minority party or the President or the President's Counsel?

JASON CHAFFETZ, CONTRIBUTOR: No, with the way Adam Schiff is conducting this is absolutely wrong. I was the Chairman of the Oversight Committee for two and a half years. We brought the minority in. They would get to see what the - what anybody who was coming forward as a witness was saying. The idea that Adam Schiff.

HANNITY: Jason, hang on one second. Apparently we have to go back. The President is making some news. Let's listen in on the rally in Louisiana.

HANNITY: What has become a classic Kresendo closing the President we will make America great, keep America strong, wealthy, prosperous, with your help, in Louisiana tonight, back to Jason Chaffetz, Pam Bondi, David Limbaugh, Gregg Jarrett. I didn't mean to interrupt you, Congressman Chaffetz, but, this is a Schiff show. Every consideration that was given Bill Clinton by Newt Gingrich and the Republican none of this has been given to this President. All decisions rest with one corrupt compromised cognitive liar Adam Schiff. How does this happen?

CHAFFETZ: Look, Sean, I have been traveling across this country. I have been in Michigan. I haven in Arizona. Last night I was in New Hampshire. Donald Trump is stronger politically than he has ever been. It's in part because they see Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi the whole predicate of why they started this mess that is impeachment was based on this whistleblower. They said Donald Trump would suppress him. You wouldn't be able to know who they are. Now they are hiding him. They don't anybody to hear him. They don't want to see what the documents are they won't release the information that the American people should see.

The fact that Jim Jordan just now on the show is telling you that the transcribed interviews that were done behind closed doors have not yet been released. And they are interviewing witnesses is a sham. I was the Chairman of the Oversight Committee that would never ever happen but it does under Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

That's what America sees. That's why Donald Trump can go to any town in this country, get 100,000 plus people out and people like Elizabeth Warren, others, are going to get tons of people to show up. And Joe Biden doesn't stand a chance if he actually makes it to the finish line.

HANNITY: You know that's a powerful statement that Congressman Chaffetz made, Gregg Jarrett. He was in that position. Nothing that was afforded the Democrats when they were in the minority, are they affording to Republicans. This is an injustice, a sham, a despicable disgusting repulsive, you know, Schiff show.

JARRETT: And it was all started by a foe whistleblower who was actually just an undercover informant spying on the President and then colluding with Adam Schiff and his staff to invent a pretext to impeach the President. It's nothing more than a hit and run. This guy who is in hiding is not courageous as Schiff called him yesterday. He is a coward and Schiff is aiding and abetting his hit and run which makes Schiff a coward.

HANNITY: Pam and David Limbaugh, we have got 30 seconds each. We will start with you, pam.

BONDI: Sean, I have tried plenty of cases involving real whistleblowers who are courageous people who are involved within a corporation. This guy does not even come close to meeting the definition of whistleblower. And look at his attorney Zaid, what did he say? We're going to have a coup. We're going to overthrow the government. And that's exactly what they are trying to do.

They are not going to get away with it because of all of these great Republican Congressmen and women and Senators. It's not going to happen. They are not going to undo everything our great President has done and is going to continue to do for the next four years because as the President said it's making him stronger.

HANNITY: David, we have got about 20 seconds for you.

LIMBAUGH: For three years they have been in hot pursuit of appear impeachable offense. This - what is this fourth try from collusion to object destruction to Ukraine. Now, they - Schiff has lied the entire time and he is not only not been held accountable for lying about his evidence. He has been rewarded. But I'm going to tell you this is going to backfire on them. The public already is. Have you got a bunch of Democrats coming to these Trump rallies?

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

LIMBAUGH: What the Democrats are showing is contempt for the process, contempt for Trump and the American people. As I say, it's going to backfire.

HANNITY: Thank you all for being with us. Pam, Jason, David, Gregg Jarrett. Thank you. By the way David's book, yes, "Guilty by reason of insanity". Joining us now author of the best seller "Exonerated" Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino joined by Fox News Correspondent At-Large Geraldo Rivera. You know, Geraldo, they always like about, you want the country to succeed regardless of who is leading the country. I love that but you.


HANNITY: You are a fair guy. You see what's happening here. You know better than anybody. We were on opposite sides on the Clinton thing. Newt Gingrich afforded every right consideration to Bill Clinton, his lawyers and the minority party. Look at this Schiff show, your reaction to the lack of fairness here?

RIVERA: I think that the only danger and the only place where I would caution is by concentrating on Schiff, you are missing the role being played by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

HANNITY: It's corrupt. The whole thing--

RIVERA: --what she did today was to try to rewrite history. She said that the President - all roads lead to Russia. She said all roads lead to Russia. Putin. Putin. Putin. Putin. She is re-litigating the last three years of the Russia collusion hoax. She is trying to put in people's minds that the President of the United States is indeed a Russian spy, a Russian asset, a Russian ally.

And then, of course, that same sloppiness would leap over to the bordering country of Ukraine. This is very dangerous. She, by repeating that big lie over and over again, remembers the Mueller report said not a single American colluded with any Russian. And here she is saying all roads lead to Putin. Putin benefits by. Putin benefits by - what she is implying in blunt force terms, is that the President is a traitor. It is so deeply upsetting.

It is - you see where this impeachment incentive comes from. It comes from a crusade. They have wanted from the first minute to get him out by all means necessary. You are arguing and rightly so how unfair the process is now. They will do anything they can for as long as they can.

HANNITY: And my point is, Dan Bongino, the Senate has got to say here and the Chief Justice I have got to believe, is going to give the right to confront your accuser and hearsay is not admissible is it, Dan Bongino?

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: No. But that's all they have. As I said on my show today, hearsay is only better when the person who saw the thing is dead. It's kind of hard to get a confession out of a dead guy. So if you have heard hearsay you are better than the dead guy. That's about it. But in this case, thankfully, all of the witnesses who allegedly heard things are still around.

But magically none of them heard anything and are willing to testify. Everybody has heard everything for them but Sean, there is a reason by that, Geraldo kind of hinted at some. I don't know where exactly may have been going. He may not there is a reason Pelosi and Schiff are engaged in this third hoax now. He had the collusion hoax, the Mueller hoax and now this new hoax, the whistleblower hoax.

The reason is the same player, Sean. Pay attention, this is important. The same players involved in the whole spy gate candle are involved in this as well. The do not prosecute list some of the witnesses against Trump in the whistleblower hoax, George Kent has already that I'm the do not prosecute list, the Ukrainian authorities was one of the exact same guys who Fusion GPS is Nellie Ohr admitted was a source for them in Ukraine.

That's not a conspiracy theory. Kent has already admitted there was a do not prosecute list. Solomon has already reported that this Ukrainian parliamentarian was a source of Fusion GPS was on the list of people that Yovanovitch intend did not want prosecuted because drill that into your melons, folks. Listen, this is all one big continuous hoax spy gate, Mueller, now we have whistleblower, fake whistleblower hoax. It's the same set of players.

HANNITY: It really is a corruption that I honestly, Geraldo, never thought we would see in this great country of ours. This is not what we signed - this is not what our constitution calls for. This is not about due process. This is not about fairness. This has been three years - three years of never ending lies, smears, besmirchment, bludgeoning attacks, impeach, impeach, impeach. Three years. They have done nothing for the American people, zip, nothing.

REVERA: They are a country mile away from what is required by Article 2 Section 4 the impeachment clause, treason, bribery high crimes our misdemeanors, they're nowhere close to that. You asked me about a week or two ago whether I thought that this very difficult process in the end would hurt or benefit the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

I hesitated and then I answered that it would benefit. I still stand by that but there's going to be a lot of pain between now and his exoneration is going to be a lot of pain between now and when this does benefit him. What about John Bolton? What about Mick Mulvaney? There's going to be - you are going to be called on, Sean, in the ways that you have not been tested yet. You will stand up. You will be strong. You will be a pillar of strength for the President, they'll need you.

HANNITY: It's over for me. I love my country. That's the answer. By the way, Dan will be interviewing the President tomorrow. We will have some of that on this show tomorrow night. All right, when we come back, more Hannity straight ahead.


HANNITY: Unfortunately, we went long. Thank you for being with us. We will be back tomorrow. We will have a full, complete coverage of the Schiff show, this madness, this insanity, that has now gone on three long solid years that needs to end. We will never be the corrupt hate Trump psychotic rage media mob. We will always pursue the truth. Let not your heart be troubled. The news on this network doesn't stop because Laura Ingraham is standing by.

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