Democratic lawmakers tell illegal immigrants how to evade ICE

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening, and welcome to a Special Edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” this Friday. The thing about climate change is, it is serious stuff. Very serious. It's not like the frivolous concerns that fill your days, like paying your bills or keeping your marriage together or putting your kids through school or fighting cancer.

Climate change is bigger than that, way bigger. It's about saving the Earth. It's about taking out what we're going to call an existential threat to humanity. It's a big deal, man.

Nobody understands the gravity of climate change with quite the soul- searing intensity of freshman Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When Ocasio-Cortez talks about climate change and the Green New Deal as she promises will save us from climate change, she often looks like she's going to start to cry or start to yell or both. And why wouldn't she? It's scary as hell. Time is running out.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-N.Y.: The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. Like this is the war -- this is our World War II.


CARLSON: Now you can disagree with the details of the Green New Deal she is proposing. Banning cars and airplanes for example, shutting down the entire American energy sector, rebuilding every dwelling in the United States. You can disagree with that. But what you can't question is Ocasio-Cortez's sincerity. When she talks about climate change, clearly, she really means it or does she?

This is a man called Saikat Chakrabarti. He is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Chief of Staff over in the Congress. He personally led the writing of the Green New Deal. "The Washington Post" just profiled Chakrabarti.

In the interview, Chakrabarti made a stunning admission, all that stuff about the world ending 12 years to save the planet, it was all a lie. Chakrabarti is not worried about humanity's demise. The Green New Deal has nothing to do with that. Here's what he told the paper, quote, "The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn't originally a climate thing at all. Do you guys think it was a climate thing? Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy-thing?" End quote. That's about as direct as it could be.

The Green New Deal is not designed to save the world. It's not about the environment at all. It's about power. Chakrabarti and Ocasio-Cortez want control of the American economy. They went looking for an issue that would justify a hostile takeover of the economy. Climate change seems scary. So they went with that. It's remarkable they're admitting this, but we shouldn't be surprised, it is happening. This kind of thing happens all the time.

Manufacturing crises is the last preferred way to exert control over the country. A decades ago, for example, only wackos in bed sheets were called racists. Then, during the last election, Donald Trump was denounced as a racist. Now Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are being written off as racists. What's going on here? It's not like there's more racism in the country. In fact, there's much less than there used to be.

What changed is that the left realized they could gain power by creating boogeymen, by scaring you, stupefy the masses with fear mongering. By the time they've recovered, you're the one in charge. That's their program.

Robert Hockett advised Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal. He is also a Law and Finance Professor at Cornell University, and he joins us tonight Professor, thanks for coming on.

ROBERT HOCKETT, LAW AND FINANCE PROFESSOR, CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Oh, hey, Tucker. Thanks for having me out here.

CARLSON: So you can imagine how some of us feel betrayed, surprised, scammed. I mean, they're admitting -- Ocasio-Cortez's office -- Chakrabarti is admitting that the Green New Deal isn't really about climate change or the environment. It's about control of the economy. Why shouldn't we be shocked and offended to learn this?

HOCKETT: Well, two things really, Tucker. From the very beginning, it's actually combined, right? Environmental cleanup and abatement on the one hand, and modernization of the economy on the other hand. It's not meant to be a takeover the economy, it's meant to be a continuation of what historically has always been a great partnership between our Federal government, on the one hand, and the private sector that makes up our economy on the other hand.

CARLSON: The most vibrant sector in the American economy is the energy sector and the Green New Deal would eliminate it. It would -- it would literally eliminate it. It would also presume to control --

HOCKETT: No, actually not.

CARLSON: Well, that's what it says, and I believe we've debated this before. It says that we would transition --

HOCKETT: No, it would upgrade it. It would upgrade it. Yes, it would upgrade it. I mean, it's not going to -- I mean, the idea is to go neutrality, but --

CARLSON: Well, I mean, it would upgrade it meaning, it would --

HOCKETT: Yes, I mean, if you look at the other advanced economies --

CARLSON: It would end it.

HOCKETT: But Tucker, you know, all the other advanced economies in the world are gradually transitioning away from carbon based energy, right? All of them are. We're simply going to join with the rest of doing that, right? We're kind of lagging behind.

CARLSON: But wait a second, wait a second. Now, I'm doubly confused. So you're saying it is about climate, but Chakrabarti who is apparently the guy who oversaw the writing of it says it really isn't. That's just a pretext for grabbing control.

HOCKETT: Yes, I think you're fixating on -- yes, I think you're fixating on one sentence. I mean --

CARLSON: I am definitely fixating, yes.

HOCKETT: Yes, it's a shortcut all along. I mean, all of us involved in the Green New Deal project all along have thought of this as a massive upgrade of American infrastructure to bring us into the 21st Century, that in turn is going to be a greenification because there just isn't new -- I'm sorry, there isn't any kind of new infrastructure that isn't green, right?

So if you're going to be state of the art, you are by definition becoming green. We don't make old kind of carbon based infrastructure anymore, anymore than we make you know whale oil lamps any longer or kerosene lamps.

CARLSON: No, but okay, but what this is -- okay, so the effect of this is to allow people like you and Chakrabarti, neither of who are elected. Ocasio-Cortez, who was just selected 20 minutes ago, and -- to have an amazing amount of control over the way the rest of us live.

HOCKETT: No, no. There would be no control at all.

CARLSON: Now, how do you get that control? You get that control by scaring the hell out of us with all of this nonsense that the world is ending.

HOCKETT: No, but there's no desire -- there's no desire -- there's no really desire for control, Tucker. It's really about facilitation. It's about bringing finance and making finance available. Well, you can chuckle you like, but when it's just really the case, it really is the case.

CARLSON: Because of course, it's all about content. It's all about control. It's a law.

HOCKETT: No, no. This is --

CARLSON: This is a proposed law. It is telling people what to do.

HOCKETT: No, it's not a law, it's a resolution. It's a resolution calling for a set of programs to transition the economy into a state of the art, green infrastructure economy, right? This is what other countries have done already. This is why China is eating our lunch, right?

CARLSON: You can use all the euphemisms you want.

HOCKETT: Think about -- no, this is not a euphuism.

CARLSON: This is about force at some point.

HOCKETT: This is -- the point though -- no, Tucker, this is plain language.

CARLSON: It's just a suggestion.

HOCKETT: Look -- no -- look at what China is doing. Okay. China now produces and consumes by far the greater part of solar energy panels, right? All of those photovoltaic panels. We invented that stuff. We used to be the principal manufacturer of it and the principal --

CARLSON: China is building coal plants.

HOCKETT: And we were the principal exporter of it, and we've just given that to China. We've also given high speed rail to China. We have given every state of the art infrastructure to China. Why don't we take that back? We could have it.

CARLSON: You're right. You're right that China has ripped off our intellectual property, there is no doubt --

HOCKETT: We gave it to them. We gave it to them. It was a gift.

CARLSON: Let me just end on this observation. Hold on.

HOCKETT: Okay, go ahead.

CARLSON: My last point, you say it's not about control. It's purely voluntary. These are just suggestions.

HOCKETT: No, no, no. It's not voluntary, it's facilitation. It's facilitation. The idea is to help to --

CARLSON: Oh okay, and then you point to China -- to the fascist government of China as an example of a program that you admire.

HOCKETT: What you don't understand -- I'm not saying I admire China, but I'm saying that the Chinese government actually aids Chinese industry. Our government does not aid American industry. Now as you know, Calvin Coolidge used to say to the --

CARLSON: Now, I'm with you on that.

HOCKETT: Well, good. That's the thing because I had been thinking all along that you and I and the rest of us are actually on the same team. There's just a lot of misunderstanding as to what we're actually trying to advocate. We, actually admire -- we admire many of your reasons --

CARLSON: Because I'll tell you why. Because you all use -- okay. Because you use --

HOCKETT: Many of recent expressed concerns, right --

CARLSON: You use the climate change as a way to terrify the public into obeying.

HOCKETT: No, we are not trying to terrify. No, it is an urgent --

CARLSON: Yes, you are.

HOCKETT: Look, it's actually -- it is very urgent, Tucker. It is urgent. But we're not trying to terrify anybody. We're trying to convince people that what we really have to do is restore the old American system of collaboration between the government and industry in order to facilitate better financing of again, a state of the art, green infrastructure.

We want to be the principal manufacturer in the world. We want to be the principal -- the most modern infrastructure in the world. We want to be the fastest growing economy in the world. We want all of that. We used to be able to do that. And the way we did it was by having the government collaborate with business but it's hard to do that now.

CARLSON: Part of this is right. Part of it is dishonest, but --

HOCKETT: No, it's not. It's not dishonest, Tucker.

CARLSON: But unfortunately, we are out of time to separate the two.

HOCKETT: It really is the case. Marco Rubio I think agrees, too.

CARLSON: Professor, I appreciate it.

HOCKETT: You've seen his recent white papers.

CARLSON: Thank you for making your case tonight.

HOCKETT: Okay, thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Good to see. Well, AOC's team say they saw global warming as a pretext particular of the economy. That doesn't mean their plan was based on evidence of an actual problem. Because despite what they tell you, the science is not settled.

We can all agree that the climate is warming. Temperatures are going up. But we are not sure why. Researchers in Finland have released new work, arguing there is little to no evidence at all that the increase in temperature is being driven by the actions of people.

Marc Morano is the publisher of "ClimateDepot" and the author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change." He joins us tonight. So Marc, summarize for us these findings. This is a Japanese and Finnish study. What did they uncover?

MARC MORANO, AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER: This new study basically is saying that humankind does not have any kind of control on the climate, that man's influence has essentially been undetectable in the climate record.

And they're kind of -- and the study is finding that clouds are a much more important control knob, if you will, of the climate. Now, it's just one study. The key here is a climate-skeptics jump on one study, but we say there are hundreds of factors that influence the climate: tilt of the Earth's axis, water vapor, methane volcanoes, and all kinds of ocean cycles.

The idea that carbon dioxide is a control knob is not valid. And I actually point out there's over 500 peer-reviewed studies within the last year debunking the idea that CO2 is a control knob. This latest study on clouds is very important.

CARLSON: So there are three parts when people say climate change, there are really three questions that are addressed. Is the climate changing? Why is it changing? And what can we do about it? So there seems to be a consensus on one, there is not a consensus on two and three, the questions that matter or am I misstating that?

MORANO: No, in fact, it's all about timelines. One of the tricks they'll do -- you know, Soros' group does these TV weatherman. They'll go, "Since 1970, temperature has warmed." Why are they use in 1970 as a baseline? That was the global cooling era.

If you go back to the medieval warm period, we're probably the same temperature, we may have cooled. If you go back to the Roman warming period about zero A.D., we're probably cool. If you go to the geologic history of the Earth, we're in a 10 percent coldest period of Earth's history. In other words, 90 percent of the Earth's history was quoted in today and didn't support ice on either pole.

So yes, we have warm since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850. That's indisputable. Has man contributed? The United Nations claims man is responsible for the majority of the warming, and they came up with a 95 percent confidence interval, which literally is a show of hands of selected activists, authors, some of them like Michael Oppenheimer --

CARLSON: And they're making they're making it up.

MORANO: Yes, funded by Barbra Streisand and working for activist environmental groups, and this is how they get it. And then the next question you ask is how do we control it? We cannot control the climate any more than they believe witches could control the climate. And don't forget, the witches were actually condemned by judges who were educated at Harvard.

So this was the best and brightest who thought that witches influence the climate, causes crop failure, and that's where we are now with the Green New Deal. The UN zone models, the EPA models show, the UN -- it wouldn't even impact climate.

CARLSON: I've got to stop.


CARLSON: I've got to stop there.

MORANO: It's maddening.

CARLSON: But I'm going to rush to Google in the commercial break to verify that Harvard educated judges sent witches to their deaths. But I think you're right. Marc, thank you for that.


CARLSON: And the rest.

MORANO: Thank you.

CARLSON: Great to see you tonight. In just a matter of days, a bad storm in the Gulf of Mexico will probably be blamed on climate change. The truth is, it's hurricane season. Those always happens this time of year. And tonight Tropical Storm Barry is approaching Louisiana and could become a hurricane. It looks ominous. Fox meteorologist Adam Klotz is tracking it tonight -- Adam.

ADAM KLOTZ, METEOROLOGIST: Hey there, Tucker. Yes, this is a big storm, maybe not going to get up to that hurricane status. It's going to be right there. Winds at 70 miles an hour. It takes 74 mile an hour winds for that to happen. But when this is all said and done, we aren't going to be talking about the wind, so it doesn't really make a big difference. This is really a big rainmaker.

Now, we do see these winds beginning to pick up, as well as some of this initial rain. Winds up to 50 miles an hour. Right now, we're seeing the early stages of some of this heavy rain, and all of that wind, all of that rain is going to be pushing up the storm surge.

We're looking at spots getting from three to six feet of storm surge. That is going to put places right along the coast underwater. So that's a major concern, as well as just the rainfall totals in general. Big area here from Louisiana up in to Mississippi as this makes landfall early tomorrow morning. It is going to bring all that moisture.

These are flood watches and warnings across this entire region. The Mississippi is already running up to near record heights, not quite there yet, but with all this rain, we may end up seeing it.

This is where we're looking as far as rainfall goes. It's going to make a difference. There's still time, Tucker, for this to shift to a little bit off to the west and a little bit off to the east. But definitely we're going to be seeing rainfall rates getting up to about 20 inches here in the next 24 hours.

It's going to be a big rainmaker. It's going to be slow moving. There's going to be some people underwater tomorrow.

CARLSON: Tough. Adam, thank you for that. Democrats have done everything they can as you know to turn the U.S.-Mexico border into a disaster. Now, lawmakers in our country are openly promoting defiance of American laws. The people who make the laws are telling the public to ignore the laws. Remarkable. Details ahead.


CARLSON: After several weeks of delay, this weekend, starting tomorrow, the Trump administration is planning to do something that it ran on back in 2016, enforcing the immigration laws of this country.

I.C.E. is expected to launch raids in several American sanctuary cities. It'll be seeking people who've received final orders of removal from this country, from a court.

According to the President, most of these people have already been convicted of other more serious crimes.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: It's not something I like doing, but people have come into our country illegally. We're focused on criminals. We are focused on -- if you look at MS-13. But when people come into our country, we take those people out and we take them out very legally. They all have papers, and it's a process and I have an obligation to do it.


CARLSON: Now, the Democratic Party has been committed to keeping the borders open for -- well, really all of Donald Trump's presidency so far -- but they usually hide their intentions at least a little bit. They'll say that people deserve their day in court first or they will argue that only criminals ought to be deported.

But this case is unambiguous. Every person being targeted by I.C.E. starting this weekend has already received a final order for removal. In other words, they've had their day in court. They're not being held in I.C.E. facilities at the border. Many of them have criminal convictions.

At this point, it's a simple matter of enforcing America's laws. Bill Clinton did it. Barack Obama did it. But that was before. So these Democrats have made their decision. American laws do not matter. Nobody should be deported ever.


BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: These massive raids and internal enforcement operations, they are going to separate potentially thousands of families, many of whom have committed no crime against this country, pose no threat to the United States of America.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: I'd hope that we can come together as a party and stand up against what should be seen, I think universally as a cruel regime.

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, D-CONN.: Innocent people who may be swept up and arrested in massive raids across the country.

PETE BUTTIGIEG, D-IND., MAYOR, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If rumors start going on about raids, let alone if it starts actually happening, it immediately makes the community less safe.

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We could be using these law enforcement resources to really go after the folks that are a real threat to our communities. This is all kinds of wrong, and we're better country than this.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: Families belong together. Every person in America has rights.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And so he is going to create, as he often does, this distraction. I agree with you -- and do these raids, which is -- it is a crime against humanity.


CARLSON: Telling people who've been told by a court, by a judge, they must legally leave the country, enforcing that is a crime against humanity, says Kamala Harris.

Hillary Clinton meanwhile, piped up from retirement or whatever she's doing these days. The same woman who claims that Russian Facebook trolls are a threat to democracy, decided to actively assist smuggling people into this country.

She posted a guide to evading I.C.E. on Twitter, and added "Por pavor comparte," that's "Please share" in Spanish.

In the State of California meanwhile, Governor Gavin Newsom has released an instructional video informing his States' criminals on how they can avoid law enforcement. Watch.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM, D-CALIF.: I just want to say to folks that are anxious about a knock on the door, when we talk about knowing your rights, no abras la puerta. Without a warrant, you don't have to open the door. Without a warrant, you do not have to open the door.


CARLSON: So picture a Republican Governor making a video used with taxpayer money telling voters how to -- I don't know -- cheat on their taxes or how to buy illegal guns. What would the reaction be? Well, CNN of course, will call for them to be imprisoned. But it wouldn't, because they care about the law, obviously, Republicans do.

On the left, a new reality is now explicit. Our laws and our Constitution are only valid if they're in accord with current Democratic Party talking points. Otherwise, you can ignore them.

Buck Sexton is the host of "The Buck Sexton Show" and he joins us tonight. So Buck, you know, you hate to be continuously outraged over the same story. But every week, it seems to get crazier and crazier. And now we have lawmakers calling enforcement of the law a crime against humanity. Where does this end?

BUCK SEXTON, HOST, THE BUCK SEXTON SHOW: There's a momentum to the insanity at this point, Tucker.


SEXTON: It's quite clear that they are engaged in mass nullification of immigration law, that that is what is happening now. At any stage of the process, whether it's in sanctuary cities, we're talking about enforcement for people with final deportation orders. And this is all part of the con.

Initially, there were no caravans, and there was not going to be any problem, no crisis to the border. And then it was okay, there's a lot of people at the border, but we just have to let people go through their process. And if they don't get to stay after that, we promise we'll be okay with them being sent home. And now we know that that was a lie all along, too.

They keep telling lies about this. And they're honestly running out of room at this point. And that's what -- we're facing nullification. And by the way, when you put up those lists, they're getting very close to violating another statute over immigration -- I'm sure they wouldn't care - - which is aiding and abetting.

You can't actually harbor illegal immigrants. You can't actually employ illegal immigrants. There are all kinds of laws out there and some of these Democrats seem to think that they should do whatever they can to obstruct law enforcement efforts. They want to talk about danger to the public? This is dangerous.

CARLSON: It's crazy. But it's also unfair on one level, I mean, so they're telling foreign nationals they don't have to abide by American law. They can ignore our laws, but they're telling me that I have to follow every American law. And if I step outside the bounds of those laws, I go to jail. It's like, why am I paying my taxes? Sincerely? Why can't I buy a silencer? Why am I paying attention to all these laws, when they're telling residents of Guatemala and Honduras like they don't have to follow the law? I'm not kidding.

SEXTON: There's so much illegality that actually gets piled up when you look at the real statutes. It's a lie. Rather it's against the law to lie to Federal officers at the border about what you're fleeing. It's against the law to lie about your age. It's against the law to have a fake Social Security card. It's against -- you go down the list. It's against the law to engage in document fraud.

There is an entire subset of U.S. Federal Law that is being violated all the time with impunity, and people seem to think on the Democratic side they can just ignore all of this.

CARLSON: At some point, somebody is going to make a defense in court along those lines. Like these people don't have to follow the law. Why should I? That's when things really will start to fall apart.

SEXTON: I wish the Democrats would just be honest about what they want. If no one should get deported, if nobody should have immigration law enforced against them. The people like AOC, the legislative body in charge of these laws, they should just say, "We want to be open borders." Stop pretending that's not what they want. It is so clearly is.

CARLSON: Right. It so clearly is. Buck Sexton, thank you for that clarity. Appreciate it.

SEXTON: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Congress held a hearing today about the treatment of migrants at the southern border. During one particularly heated moment, former I.C.E. Acting Director, Tom Homan was accused of deliberately letting children die, because naturally, he is a racist.


REP. JESUS GARCIA, D-TX: Mr. Homan, I'm a father. Do you have children? How can you possibly allow this to happen under your watch? Do you not care? Is it because these children don't look like children that are around you? I don't get it. Have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?

THOMAS HOMAN, FORMER ACTING DIRECTOR OF U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT: First of all, your comments are disgusting. I've served my country --

GARCIA: I find your conduct disgusting. I find your comments disgusting as well.

HOMAN: I served my country 34 years. This is just out of control. I've served my country for 34 years, and yes, I held a five-year-old boy in my arms in the back of that tractor trailer. I knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him. Because I knew what his last 30 minutes his life was like, and I had a five-year-old son at the time.

What I've been trying to do in my 34 years serving my nation is to save lives. So if you just sit there and insult my integrity and my love for my country and for the children. That's why this whole thing needs to be fixed. And you're the Member of Congress. Fix it.

GARCIA: I agree on that.


CARLSON: Good for Homan. That almost never happens in congressional hearings. We're glad it happened, though. A child murderer. It's absurd.

When deaths do occur at the border, the people who deserve the blame are Congress. If they'd actually secured the border, as they promised to for decades, nobody would be risking their lives to sneak across it.

But instead they've done nothing. Instead, they've lured people here. And so tragedy becomes inevitable. And no one knows that better than Don McLaughlin. He's the mayor of Uvalde, Texas.

In recent months, Uvalde has been overrun by migrants from as far away as Africa. The mayor joins us tonight. Mr. Mayor, thanks a lot for coming on tonight.

DON MCLAUGHLIN, R-TX, MAYOR: Thank you for having me. How are you?

CARLSON: We just caught that exchange. Well, I mean, it's remarkable when you hear Members of Congress accuse law enforcement of murder or crimes against humanity for enforcing the laws that they passed.

MCLAUGHLIN: Well, it's a shame that they do that, Tucker because we have an immigration center for unaccompanied minors in Uvalde. It can hold a hundred people. Those Border Patrol agents are there in Uvalde do everything in their power to make sure those kids are well taken care for, they are well-provided and do everything they can for them.

I mean, Congress needs to get -- they've become elitists. The laws that apply to everybody else, they seem -- they don't think apply to them. And that's what's wrong with our Congress today. What they feel like they can do what they want when they want to do it and they've become elitist.

I mean, we have -- they're sitting there championing all these deals. This child that they're talking about. If they let their parents in the United States right now, they're not allowed to work. How are those parents supposed to care for that child? They're not talking about that. That immigrant family is not allowed to work in the United States until they have a hearing and because it's so backlogged now, because what Congress has done, it's two to three years before they may have that hearing. It's ridiculous.

And they want to sit there and claim like they are championing these kids? They're setting these families up to fail and they're not doing them any favor, because what we'll be doing is the same, I.C.E. rounds up six years from now, five years from now, because they didn't have the hearing or they didn't show up for the hearing. They're just -- they're trying to pull the wool over the American people's eyes.

CARLSON: That's an excellent point, an excellent point that I think most people may not even have been aware of. Mr. Mayor, thank you for that.

We've got a Fox News Alert for you. Robert Mueller's highly anticipated testimony on Capitol Hill has been pushed back by exactly one week. The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler of New York and the Intel committee chairman, Adam Schiff, both say they've reached a deal with Mueller to have him testify on Wednesday, July 24th, for quote, "an extended period of time." Of course, we'll be covering that testimony that evening. Not that we're likely to learn anything.

Well, the left says that quote, "Assault weapons don't work for self- defense." They are weapons of war. They can never protect families. That's of course, a lie. We have an inspiring story for you from Florida where one man with an AR-15 saved his life after four home invaders showed up. We'll tell you what happened, next.


CARLSON: On the campaign trail, Democratic presidential candidates have made it very clear over the past couple of months, you do not deserve the right to defend yourself. They have bodyguards, you're paying for them. But when they get power, they're going to take your guns away.


REP. ERIC SWALWELL, D-CALIF.: Every candidate should pledge that they would support a ban and buyback of the 15 million assault weapons in our country.

JULIAN CASTRO, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We need a renewed assault weapons ban.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.

BIDEN: I'm also the only guy that got assault weapons banned -- banned and the number of clips in a gun banned.

HARRIS: A universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapons ban.


CARLSON: Assault weapons -- that's a category they simply made up. By the way it's a category of rifles that are used in a very small percentage of crimes and murders. But Democrats are telling you that these rifles have no value whatsoever for self-defense. One man knows differently.

On Wednesday night, in Marion County, Florida, four armed home invaders broke into the home of a 61-year-old man. One invader was wearing a mask from a horror film. In Eric Swalwell's world that homeowner would have been helpless while four criminals robbed him and possibly murdered him.

But thankfully that man lived in America instead and he was able to defend himself. Using an AR-15, he killed two of the intruders. The other two were arrested. The homeowner was shot, but he is alive tonight, thanks to his AR-15.

Ryan Cleckner is a former Army Ranger sniper and a contributor at "The Federalist." He joins us tonight. So, Ryan, I was confused by the story because I've been listening to Eric Swalwell, clearly an expert on firearms, who said that the AR-15 is useless as a home defense weapon. But here, it was used for home defense. How did that happen?

RYAN CLECKNER, FORMER ARMY RANGER SNIPER: Well, look, the AR-15 is so popular because it's low recoil. It's ergonomic. It's easy to use, and even some of the features that some of these anti-gunners want to attack like the adjustable stock that makes it safer and easier to use, that allows someone with a smaller frame to adjust it to fit them. It is a popular firearm for a reason.

CARLSON: Well, that's kind of the point. Maybe that's why they want to ban it. So I mean, AR-15s just to be totally clear are not used in the overwhelming majority of murders and armed robberies in this country. Handguns are.

CLECKNER: Look at F.B.I. stats, Tucker. The FBI statistics show us that hammers are used more in violent crimes than all rifles, not just a subset of rifles that are AR-15s. You know, and even these things that we try to tackle like --

CARLSON: Hammers? You mean like hammer and nail?

CLECKNER: High capacity magazines --


CLECKNER: Thank God, he had a high capacity magazine. He had four armed attackers coming after him in his home. That's what he needed to be able to stay alive. You mentioned in Eric Swalwell's world, I'm glad we don't live in Joe Biden's world because if Joe Biden had his way, this man may not be alive.

I don't know if you remember, but Joe Biden once said that all you need is a double-barrel shotgun and fire two blast out the door and that's all you need to do. Well, I may not be very good at math, but my friend is and he said that two barrels and two shotgun shells with two blasts outside of a window leaves you with zero chance to protect yourself.

Not only is it reckless and dangerous to be firing outside a window like Joe Biden would suggest but if AR-15s were banned, this man may not be alive.

CARLSON: Is it a little weird to hear a guy who is surrounded by taxpayer- funded bodyguards telling you what you need to defend yourself?

CLECKNER: Of course it is. I actually see this same argument with walls and guns and everything. It's good enough, you know, for them, but not for us. It's downright scary.

CARLSON: Exactly. No, that's exactly right. So is there do you think any momentum for a ban on rifles like this? I mean considering --

CLECKNER: I hope not. There seems to be in the Democratic candidates, but when they talk about removing the assault weapons ban, they're hinting at the previous one we had. Remember, during the Clinton era, we had the assault weapons ban.

CARLSON: Very well.

CLECKNER: I'd love to back and show them the stats. That's when violent crime actually went up. In the middle of the assault weapons ban, violent crime was at its worst. Violent crime has steadily decreased ever since we stopped that ban. Why in the world would we go back to that? All we're going to do is remove people like this man's ability to defend themselves.

CARLSON: So last question. I know I've asked you this before, but it's something that gnaws at me. There's no evidence that what they're proposing will make the country safer. None. And they know that.


CARLSON: So why are they proposing it? What's the motive here?

CLECKNER: I don't want to get conspiracy theorist on you, but we mentioned last time I was on here with you that whenever a politician tells you that you don't need guns is when you need guns. It makes me a little nervous.

If this is clearly an ability for the man to protect himself, this is clearly an ability for what the Second Amendment was for, by the way, the AR-15, in my opinion, this might not be popular. It's the modern musket.

The musket at the time when we had on the Second Amendment was written that was a military grade firearm, it's what was common, it is what was used. It's what people knew how to use and have in their homes. That's what the AR-15 is today and trying to take it away, it flies in the face of the statistics that actually keep us safer. They're not being used in the majority of these crimes. And here's just one more example of a defensive gun use using an AR-15 that I'm glad he had.

CARLSON: Yes, it's too much power. It's too much autonomy for them. They don't want citizens to make their own decisions, obviously. Ryan Cleckner, great to see you tonight.

CLECKNER: Thanks for having me on.

CARLSON: Well, the left would like to change the Constitution to change America's voters and to take over the American economy. But do they want more? Do they want to change America's soul?

A new book argues that yes, the left would like to destroy Christianity in America. The author joins us with his case, next.


CARLSON: It's easy to forget that Maxine Waters has a day job. She's not just a folk hero to the left and a joke to everyone else. She's an actual Member of Congress. In fact, she chairs the House Financial Services Committee, which is a big deal.

You think she'd be spending her time making sure the financial sector didn't collapse again like it did 11 years ago? But no, that's too complicated. So instead, Waters spends her time creating something called the Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion.

Listen to Democratic Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia explain why we need this subcommittee.


REP. SYLVIA GARCIA, D-TX: One of the most disheartening things for me was dealing with the financial world, not because it couldn't handle the work, but because who I face sometimes it seems like any meeting that I went to whether it was to negotiate a depository contract for banking contract or select investment bankers firm bond deal or anything that I did, it really was still a man's world and it was also very white.


CARLSON: "Still really white." That's the cruelest slur she could think of. It was deeply upsetting, she says. If you've been away for a while, you might be shocked to hear a sitting Member of Congress make aggressively racist remarks like that in public. You should know though that's normal now on the left. Nobody even noticed when she said it.

Democrats instead continued working on what they're calling the Diverse Asset Managers Act. If passed, this law would require every single firm engaged in the $70 trillion asset management business to implement affirmative action based on sex and skin color. Companies would be required to file reports with the government describing the race of their employees because according to Democrats, your race is the single most important thing about you.

You're not an individual created uniquely by God. No, you're a faceless member of a herd whose entire significance can be summed up by the color of your skin. It's incredibly creepy and wrong.

If there's one reason to vote Republican, it is to push back against insanity like this. And yet the Republicans in Congress aren't. In fact, several Republicans have taken turns extolling how important this committee is and how critical it is to foster diversity and finance as opposed to fostering competence or fairness or something that actually matters.

Ann Wagner of Missouri is the Republican Ranking Member on that committee. She said that she is quote, "honored" to be working on what she calls a very important subcommittee. She might be rewarded for that groveling. Another committee member has proposed requiring financial companies to interview people of specific skin colors when jobs come open. He suggested naming that rule after Ann Wagner. Remarkably, she didn't object.

David Horowitz is not a Christian, he is Jewish, but he knows that people of all religions owe a great deal to America's Christian heritage. He also knows that if America loses that heritage, it will not be the same country and the country will be worse off. Unfortunately, the left aims to do just that. So Horowitz is sending America a warning.

He's just written a new book. It's called "Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America." David Horowitz joins us tonight. David, thanks so much for coming on tonight. Why did you write this book?

DAVID HOROWITZ, AUTHOR: Thank you, Tucker. It's an honor to be on the best news show on television where you get a dose of reality every night. Thank you.

CARLSON: Well, thanks. So why did you write -- why did you write this book?

HOROWITZ: Well, every freedom that we hold dear as Americans, every principle -- equality, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; inclusion, tolerance, freedom of speech -- every one of these originated as a Christian idea and a Protestant Christian idea at that, and that's because 98 percent of the people who created this country were Protestant Christians.

Before the Protestant Reformation, you had to go through the Catholic Church in its priesthood to get into heaven. But the reformers understood that churches and governments are institutions created by human beings and therefore is subject to the corruption of human beings. And they came up with this brilliant and revolutionary idea of the priesthood of all believers.

The idea of being that each of us faces our Maker one-on-one, without the intermediary of a church or a priesthood. When you think about that for a moment, that not only makes everybody equal, but it included black slaves. And that's why, from the moment of America's birth, there was a new dawn of freedom.

We wrote into the declaration -- Thomas Jefferson wrote it into the Declaration of Independence, and within 25 years, there were hundreds of thousands of freed slaves in the north. And, you know, I'm thinking of this ignorant attack by Colin Kaepernick and Nike on the Betsy Ross flag, which just really goes with the creation of America.

The creation of America was probably the greatest gift given to black people in 3,000 years because slavery was considered a normal institution for all those years. Unfortunately, the people who hate America on the left, and this embraces so much at the Democratic Party these days have conducted at 50-year or 60-year attack on Christianity in this country. They've driven prayer and religion out of the schools.

You can't teach a public school child that the pilgrims were Christians fleeing persecution. So Americans no longer know where their freedoms come from, and that's why when the Democratic Party now is, you know, in a full scale march to eliminate a lot of the institutions that were there from the beginning, like the Electoral College, they want to do away with the Senate, and so forth. That's because they don't understand where our freedoms come from or what their nature is.

CARLSON: That was a remarkable summation. So that has led you as a non- Christian to want to defend America, at least acknowledge and explain America's Christian heritage, what kind of response have you gotten?

HOROWITZ: I'm also an agnostic, but look, you can have inalienable rights to liberty if there's no God, which is problematic for an agnostic. I am not an atheist, that's another kind of faith. I just don't know. But what I realized is that you have to have respect for the idea of God and respect for people who believe in God in order to preserve these freedoms.

Because if they come from government, you know, people like Maxine Waters, they're going to be taken away. So the framework of our freedom is dependent on the Christian nature of this country, as is the fact that we're a secular Republic. Why are we a secular Republic? Because all of these different Protestant sects understood that there would be a threat because they were fleeing established churches, in England.

They don't want any particular religion to be dominant or any particular interpretation of religion. It's a radical idea that makes America the unique country in the world that it is. And when I see these attacks --

CARLSON: David Horowitz, I hope you'll come --

HOROWITZ: I will be glad to come back.

CARLSON: I am sorry, we're out of time. But let me just say, I hope this -- I hope this will not be the last time you're on our show, because that was wonderful, and I appreciate it. Thank you.

HOROWITZ: Thank you.

CARLSON: Well, you'd think everyone would be excited for Disney's upcoming "Lion King" remake. No. Jeff Bezos's "Washington Post" says it's a Nazi movie. Not kidding. We will tell you what they said after the break.



CARLSON: Want to feel old? It turns out "The Lion King" came out 25 years ago, so long ago that Disney is remaking it. The new version comes out next week. It's practically guaranteed to make a billion dollars or whatever, but not everybody is excited about it.

A few weeks ago, you'll remember some critics called "Toy Story 4" -- hard to pronounce movie -- they called it racist and anti-gay for how it portrayed children's toys. Now, hoping to make an even crazier point, a "Washington Post" piece says "The Lion King" remake is fascist, sexist and racist, even though it contains no human beings at all.

Joe Concha thinks and writes about the American media for "The Hill" newspaper and he joins us tonight. So Joe, is this -- do you think this is a sophisticated parody that we've been taken in by?

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA WRITER, THE HILL: Are we being trolled in other words? Yes, I think so.

CARLSON: We are being trolled, exactly.

CONCHA: No, I think that people that write this stuff, Tucker, they're being serious. You know, this was in "The Washington Post," this review that you talked about where this is being compared to a film that's about white supremacy, that it's about fascism.

It's a story about a son and a baby lion. That's what it is about. And the slogan for "The Washington Post" is democracy dies in darkness. In this case, it's democracy dies in derangement, as in derangement syndrome around this President, because then of course, it's brought back to Trump as well in this review.

And look, I love numbers, because they're great to make an argument on, they tend to behave. The first version that you talked about in 1994 and yes, I do feel old, 35 percent of the actors in the film doing the voiceovers -- 35 percent were doing the voiceover, so sort of black actors that were in the film, okay.

In this version 80 percent of the actors -- eight in 10 are the cast members. Beyonce is the main cast member. I believe she was a very active supporter of the previous President. Would she really have signed on to a film that promotes fascism and white supremacy? Yes, I'm not thinking that's going to be the case.

CARLSON: The guy who wrote this piece, you will not be surprised to learn is it an assistant professor of Media Studies at some third rate college. They really are assistant professors in Media Studies really are the problem with this country, aren't they?

CONCHA: They're the problem. Yes, certainly. And I'm glad I didn't go to that particular college to do my media studies in this case. Can you imagine how many kids are being indoctrinated to be the next media reporters and columnist in the world?

But look, we've lost our ability to have escapism, Tucker, at this point, right? I mean, you watch the Women's World Cup, and right after they win, you would think you'd hear "USA." No, you hear "Equal pay," and "F Trump." You watch the Super Bowl, or at least you watch the NFL and it's all about kneeling.

You watch the Oscars, the Emmys, the Golden Globes, all the same thing. They all become political, and they're all anti-conservative, all in one direction. We've lost our ability just to get away from it sometimes even with a Disney movie.

CARLSON: It's unbelievable. Joe Concha, have a great weekend.

CONCHA: You too, sir.

CARLSON: That's it for us tonight. We will be back Monday, 8:00 p.m., the show that is sincere and sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.

"Hannity" is next.

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