Demanding Justice For Jessica

The state of Florida has released a bunch of documents relating to the murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford (search). And among the papers is a letter that accused killer John Couey apparently wrote to me, but never sent.

Here's what the letter looks like. And here's the important part of it. "Dear Bill O'Reilly, I have heard a lot about you, so I am thinking about telling you a little about my case. But there is one thing I want before I go on with this. I will say one thing for sure that there were more than three people in the house at the time. I know one of them knows more than what he is saying."

Again, that letter never reached me, but the authorities in Florida did get hold of it. To be fair, whatever Couey says would have to be verified. But for the get go, I knew that the three people living with Couey in the trailer, Dorothy Dixon (search), Maddie Secord (search) and Matthew Dittrich (search) knew a lot more about the little girl's abduction and murder than they told authorities, and that the authorities are telling us.

Jessica was not drugged, the autopsy showed that. And before she was buried alive by Couey, she spent a considerable amount of time in his room being sexually abused by him. Anyone in the trailer should have heard something. And I personally don't believe that Couey is physically strong enough to drag the little girl into the trailer and incapacitate her.

Now Couey implies more people may have been involved. The fact that prosecutor Brad King (search) has not charged Couey's housemates is one of the worst examples of incompetence I have ever seen. The feds are looking into the case. We haven't heard anything from them.

Now "The Factor's" investigation indicates that the Citrus County Sheriff's Department botched the investigation from the beginning. And it's possible Couey's confession may even be thrown out.

Now remember, Dixon and Secord actually helped Couey flee to Georgia. Again, Brad King's failure to act is disgraceful.

Now it is possible that King is covering for the sheriff's department's sloppy work. And we know The St. Petersburg Times (search) is covering for King.

That newspaper has consistently attacked me for looking into the matter. And it did the same thing to Congresswoman Jinny Brown Waite (search).

But now Couey himself is on record as saying there's more to the murder of Jessica Lunsford than the authorities want to tell us. "Talking Points" is demanding action against those who helped Couey and any others who may be involved. All Americans, every one of you watching me right now, should pick up the phone and call Governor Jeb Bush's (search) office in Tallahassee, Florida and demand that as well.

Jessica Lunsford was an American citizen and a sweet, little girl. Her death must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent. And that's “The Memo.”

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

An outfit called is posting odds on the 2008 presidential race already. Front-runners to be the next leader of the free world, Hillary Clinton (search) 7-2, Rudy Giuliani (search) 10-1, John McCain (search) 12-1, Dick Cheney (search) 20-1. Also Some long shots, Barack Obama (search), 70-1, Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) 250-1, and me, your humble correspondent, I'm on the book, 750-1. Ridiculous? Of course, but not as ridiculous as Michael Moore (search). The odds against him becoming the next president are 7,500-1. Wow, at least I kicked his butt.