David Limbaugh's New Book Outlines Obama's 'Crimes Against Liberty'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: My next guest says that President Obama is running this nation into the ground leading the most destructive administration in our nation's history.

Author and columnist David Limbaugh is exposing what he says are the lies, narcissism and bullying at the heart of this administration, and it's all chronicled in a brand new book, "Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama."

Joining me now is the one and only, my friend, attorney, David Limbaugh.

How are you?


HANNITY: I -- first of all this -- and I -- it's not just because we've been friends a long time. This is the defining book for the election.

LIMBAUGH: Thank you.

HANNITY: This is -- this is an indictment against Obama. You say early in the book this book is about a young presidency -- meaning Obama's presidency -- but already the most destructive in American history.


HANNITY: Explain.

LIMBAUGH: I hate to be melodramatic or hyperbolic but I really believe that the nation is at a turning point. We either go full blown toward socialism, Marxism, Statism or we turn back and restore our founding principles.

This upcoming election in November will tell the tale. And I wanted to write this book to do my part to explore Obama's agenda, how destructive it has been for America, and to analyze his personality traits and how those two things coincide to create a combustible, devastating combination that has -- will turn America upside down, bankrupt us, make us vulnerable to enemies.

And I really think we've got to do something and I believe this book gives ammunition for people who want to go out and convince their neighbors not to vote for this guy.

HANNITY: You know, you do a lot of things. And you do analyze the psychology behind the president a lot. I've always felt that he was rooted in radical ideology. But you also point out something and you say things that I know you'd know you're going to get hammered on.


HANNITY: But I think are true. I do believe the president has been purposefully misleading the American people. Look at how he argued immigration law, look at how he argued health care.

And you chronicle all of this.


HANNITY: When you look at the big picture, why is the media missing -- not putting this all together?

LIMBAUGH: Well, the media is -- as Rush talks about, they're a state-run media. They are ideological now and they're not news reporters. And they are in favor of Obama's agenda and so they are going to disregard the kind of things he does.

But, Sean, this is not the America I grew up in. This is a guy who's taken over private companies. This is a guy who -- contravening the rule of law -- allocates and pledges $140 billion to the IMF when Congress specifically said you cannot do that without our authority.

And he said -- with an Orwellian argument, I can -- this is foreign policy, I can divert $140 billion to the IMF for wealth redistribution in third world countries. Nothing to do with what the IMF was originally been set up for.

He can go after Gerald Walpin who is an IG for AmeriCorps because he uncovered fraud on the part of Obama's friends and so he fires him without notice in total contravention of the rule of law there.

HANNITY: You know, but what's interesting to me is this is really chapter and verse about Obama the man.


HANNITY: About the administration. About corruption. About cronyism. You know, you say that he's not only hyper partisan but he's narcissistic and he lies repeatedly.


HANNITY: Now whenever somebody -- my years in a media, when you say that about the president, people get all worked up.


HANNITY: You know? How can you analyze him that way? I have found it to be true. What is it in the research that you did, which is exhaustive here, that proved it to you?

LIMBAUGH: Well, I always felt and I think you felt it ahead of time, we knew who he was, who he hung around with. He was extremely liberal. He had the record. He masqueraded as someone who was bipartisan, who is post partisan, who is post racial, post grievance.

And he was defrauding us when he said -- when he was telling us who he is. He got in office and he quickly proved exactly who he is. The hyper extremist liberal that we thought he was.

And he's proceeded to implement the most radical agenda. And I think part of it, and we talked about this on radio, he's a narcissist but he's a different kind of narcissist than Bill Clinton.

HANNITY: Well, explain -- this is an interesting distinction that you make.


HANNITY: Because we all know that Clinton was. But you -- what's the distinction?

LIMBAUGH: Well, I think Clinton was the kind of guy that wanted adulation. He was king of a garden variety narcissist, low level narcissist, where he wants to be loved.

Now I'm no psychologist. Rob (INAUDIBLE) who writes a column and talks about -- I borrowed some of the stuff she gives. But this isn't actually -- this part is not from her. I think Obama is a serious, sophisticated narcissist in the sense that he's got these grandiose ideas. He's messianic. He thinks that he's really going to fundamentally change America and he's committed to doing it even if he is a one-term president. That's different than Clinton who ran by the polls.

HANNITY: The way you wrote this in the book -- because it did capture my attention. You said candidate Obama overtly cultivated a messianic image.


HANNITY: And his advisors fully bought into the facade of this.

LIMBAUGH: Yes. And by the way, he wasn't defrauding us there. He truly believes he is a god with a small "g." I mean I actually think --

HANNITY: Is that why he's taking all these vacations? Is that why he can circumvent the will of the American people on health care, on immigration, on the mosque issue at Ground Zero?

LIMBAUGH: Yes, I actually think that he thinks he knows better. And so -- that he can cram it down our throats and do what is better and achieve this ideal society as liberals think they can through the auspices of government.

But there's also the fact that he's tone-deaf. In addition to not caring what we think, he's also tone-deaf because he has no clue after he passed - - he crammed Obamacare through he says, I'm going to continue to fight for the American people.

Oh, you are? So 24 percent of the people support what you're doing and you're fighting for us? How oblivious. And he says I haven't spoken enough after the Massachusetts Senate race, he got trounced and he said I got to talk more and all he did was give speeches in a counterproductive --


HANNITY: I want to go back to the title because I love the title of the book. And it's --


HANNITY: It's "Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Obama." And you break it into three separate sections. Section one is offenses against Americans. And then it's offenses against American institutions which I found interesting, and then the third part is offenses against America's general welfare and national security.

What did you mean specifically by offenses against America's institutions?

LIMBAUGH: Well, I'm saying he has no respect for the Constitution. It's a means to an end for him. He appoints judges who will rewrite the law. He will circumvent Congress when it comes to environmental policy by having his EPA declare carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant.

He will go out and thwart the secured creditors' legal rights under the law -- their rights under the law and favor the unions who are unsecured creditors, give them 50 percent on the dollar. Give the secured creditors 20 percent and then slam and slander the lawyer and slander them as speculators when they're just trying to enforce their own rights under the law.

HANNITY: I got to --

LIMBAUGH: He has no respect for the law.

HANNITY: Well -- and we were just touching the surface.

LIMBAUGH: Bully. This is bully.

HANNITY: This is a comprehensive. This is "Crimes Against Liberty". David Limbaugh is with us. And it's also -- the subtitle is, "An Indictment of President Barack Obama".

Now the top non-fiction already. Just came out today on Amazon and it's in bookstores everywhere.

David, we love having you. Thanks, thanks.

LIMBAUGH: Thanks for having me.

HANNITY: This is -- in my mind, this is America's election guide.

LIMBAUGH: Thank you.

HANNITY: Read this book.

LIMBAUGH: Folks, don't underestimate his capacity for mischief because you think he's a nice guy. He's harming America affirmatively.

HANNITY: All right. David Limbaugh, good to see you.

LIMBAUGH: Thank you.

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