Cuban on running mate rumors: I could never be second fiddle

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, the scene inside the Milwaukee theater here, getting ready for candidates, two debates, of course.

And all of this begins now less than three hours from now, but it will be a chance for the candidates, most of whom have had a chance to sort of size up the theater; 3,400 very strong supporters and just Republican enthusiasts, we're told, will be crowding that theater as well.

We will be there as well, because I have just found out that that debate is indeed tonight. So, in just case there was any confusion, you might have heard once or twice on this network that there's a debate, and it's FOX Business' chance to show you what we are all about as well, money issues that matter to you.

Mark Cuban gets a good deal of interest, not only because he's a fairly successful investor, but he's been a frequent FOX Business guest long before we became the sort of a big deal that we are now.


CAVUTO: And he always has reminded me from the beginning, stay humble, because, in your case, Neil, that will come in handy, I think a variation of my father's advice.


CAVUTO: But, Mark, I mean, you know what's at stake tonight, and as a successful investor in your own right, a lot of attention on Donald Trump.


CAVUTO: He's center stage. he's the guy who is still tops in the polls. You guys have had sort of a tempestuous relationship, but obviously he thinks the world of you now. Your name has even come up as a possible running mate.

Let me ask you about that first off. Is it just silly conjecture?


CAVUTO: Would you ever entertain it if he ever approached you and said, we would make a great one-two billionaire team?

CUBAN: Neil, there's no way he would ask me. And I just don't see that it as a reality at all.

I don't think -- he knows I could never be a second fiddle. So, I don't think it could happen.


CAVUTO: You know, you're only a heartbeat away from the presidency.  I might remind you of that.



CAVUTO: But having said that, what do you think has kept him so high in the polls? A lot of people thought it would be a fleeting fancy, people would get over it, they would move on to the next big thing. They're not.

If anything, if you look at his numbers and Ben Carson's numbers, that represents over half of the Republican sentiment right now, people who want someone who is not from the typical petri dish.

What do you think?

CUBAN: Well, I think you're exactly right.

I think, one, he's assertive. Two, he's not afraid to say exactly what's on his mind. Three, to your point, I think the American people are definitely interested in somebody that will tell them the truth. We're so used to getting sugarcoating.

And, four, that's the challenge of the remainder of the field, with the exception maybe of Dr. Carson. They are true politicians. I would even put Carly Fiorina in the true politician category, because she's a boardroom politician. And so I think the combination of all those elements is what propelled Donald to the top.

CAVUTO: A lot of people, though, fall out of favor with their sort of summer flirtations or their early fall flirtations and then they say, well, we do need someone who has dealt with other political bodies and knows how to negotiate with those bodies to get laws through, to get legislation through.

And that's something that Donald Trump is not schooled at, a lot of other things, but not that, and that would hurt him and ultimately hurt his appeal.

CUBAN: Right.

CAVUTO: How do you answer that?

CUBAN: Yes, I think -- I think that's true.

But, really, what it's going to come down to is, one, leadership. Can you show that you're a leader, right? Because even though you may have run a state or you may have been a senator, that doesn't necessarily mean you have leadership qualities. So, can you demonstrate leadership qualities?

Two, the vision that you have for the country, can you support what you're saying? I think right now, because we're essentially a year away from voting, they all can talk in generalities, and they really don't have to substantiate their numbers, and they can come out with tax policies that everybody says can't work, won't work, the numbers don't add up, but it doesn't matter at this point.

But at some point, they will have to get into actual policy and stand behind it. I think Donald has got a chance to stand strong from a business perspective that the others just don't -- they don't have that opportunity.  Jeb Bush can talk about being Dr. No and cutting budgets in a state environment, but that doesn't mean he's really come forward with a plan or any of them have come forward with a plan that will improve the economy.

At least, Donald, you give him the benefit of the doubt, that if he can come out with something and the numbers make sense, and they can be validated by people outside those who support him, then there is that outside chance that people would rally behind him for that reason. And I think that gives him a significant advantage over the others.

CAVUTO: All right.

Always good talking to you. Thank you very much, Mark Cuban. And also thank you very much for having known you through all these years, and when FBN was in like about three homes, you have been with us for a long, long time. And we do appreciate that .

CUBAN: Well, you know I love you, Neil. You know I will always support you.

CAVUTO: All right. Back at you.

Mark Cuban, thank you very, very much.

Talk about a guy who was with us from the very beginning, when we were on in like no homes. That's a remarkable testament right there. Then again, he's a billionaire. We just told him at the time we're in like 100 million homes, and he was none the wiser.

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