Cruz says support for Iran deal is 'disappointing decision'

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right. We have been telling you a lot today about how the president secured his 34th yea vote on this Iran deal coming from Barbara Mikulski of the fine state of Maryland, but she -- earlier, the administration had bragged about how it got Delaware Senator Coons and Pennsylvania Senator Casey to go along with this as well.

But in a discussion I had, actually a back and forth I had with Senator Casey on Fox Business earlier today, "Coast to Coast" -- if you don't get the network, you really should demand it, but I digress -- we got into what were some of the reasons that got him voting for this, when he first had serious doubts about it.

He said he got assurances that we would put the pedal to the metal and go heavy on Iran if it looked like it was not only cheating, but violating the agreement, down to a military role. Look at this.


SEN. BOB CASEY, D-PA.: I'm convinced that this president would take action if they were to break out and to try to construct a nuclear weapon.


CAVUTO: You think he would take military -- Senator, you think he would take military action if they cheated?

CASEY: No, I didn't say cheat. There's a whole range of things they could do.


CAVUTO: If they didn't honor this. If they didn't honor this.


CAVUTO: I'm sorry, sir. If they didn't honor this, that he would put the military option out there?

CASEY: I believe this president, if they try to break out and get a nuclear weapon, would take military action.


CAVUTO: All right. So that was the assurance that it seemed to me Senator Casey, a good and honorable man, was working under, and maybe from the administration, that if the Iranians play fast and loose with this and violate the agreement, we have a military option.

If so, that was certainly news to me, apparently news to other senators and congressmen, who called me after the show, to say that there is no such military option that they knew of or know of, whatever verbal assurances or other assurances the good senator had.

Joining me now, Republican Senator, presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz, I know you're on the phone joining us from Miami. Good to have you, sir. Do you know of this...

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Neil, it's always good to join you.

CAVUTO: Do you know of -- of this military option that's on the table if Iran violates this?

CRUZ: Sadly, no.

And every observer knows this president is not willing to use force, military or otherwise, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The term of this deal make that abundantly clear, because on the face of this deal, it accelerates Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons.

And I found it interesting listening to that interview, because under the terms of this deal, we won't know until after the fact that Iran has acquired a nuclear weapon. The inspection regime we had been promised, so- called any time/anywhere inspections, the inspection regime is on its face laughable and a farce.

We give Iran 24 days' notice before any inspection. And even more ludicrous, we don't inspect it, the U.N. doesn't inspect it. We're trusting Iran to inspect themselves. It is a regime that is designed to facilitate cheating, and I think it is a profound national security threat to our nation.

CAVUTO: Well, Senator Casey must have a different take on that or different assurances from the White House on that, because he seems to be working under the notion that, you know, Iran really goes fast and loose with the thing, not only cheating, but violating it outright, that we have a military option to intervene and make sure that they don't get this nuclear capability, at least weaponry capability.

You do not see that as being the case?

CRUZ: Well, and most importantly, the Ayatollah Khamenei sees no threat of military action from President Obama. And on the face of this deal, if this deal goes through, there will be three consequences. Number one, the Obama administration will become quite literally the world's leading financier of radical Islamic terrorists. Over $100 billion will go to Iran. Billions of those dollars will go to Hamas, to Hezbollah, to the Houthis.

And those jihadists will use those billions under the control of our government to finance the murder of Americans, of Israelis, and Europeans.

CAVUTO: Well, you might be right.

But, Senator, it appears to me that if Senator Casey is under the notion that this is the case, that we have the final way to stop this by militarily intervening, I raised with him, it reminded me of the administration promise of a line in the sand in Syria. Obviously, we never followed up on that threat.

And my fear is and others' fear is that we won't follow up on this one.  So, do you think, not speaking ill of your colleagues, some of them with snookered?

CRUZ: No, I don't think they were snookered in the slightest.

I think the Democratic senators know full well that there is no credible threat of deterrence or military action by the Obama presidency. You know, I agree with the former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman that this is the most important vote that any member of the Senate will ever cast.

And it really is an opportunity for Democrats to decide what they value more, whether they value national security and standing with our friends and ally the nation of Israel and protecting the safety and lives of millions of Americans, or whether they value partisan loyalty to the Obama White House.

And I'm very sorry to say that, to date, 34 Senate Democrats have willingly said partisan loyalty trumps any willingness to protect this country. That is a disappointing decision by my colleagues in the Senate, and I think it's one their constituents are going to be profoundly disappointed with.

CAVUTO: All right.

Now, you next week are going to be joining Donald Trump on Capitol Hill to protest this Iranian agreement. What are you two going to be doing?

CRUZ: Well, I have taken the lead organizing a march on Capitol Hill.

We will -- I expect we will see thousands of people from across the country gathering on Capitol Hill. It involves pro-Israel groups, national security groups, Tea Party groups all coming together.

And, last week, I invited Donald Trump to come join us. And Donald very kindly accepted.

CAVUTO: Did you invite any -- did you invite anyone else?

CRUZ: You know, I did not.

And the reason that I invited Donald Trump is that, when Donald shows up, he brings with him armies of television cameras. The mainstream media will show up in force to film what occurs. And I think there is no more important issue facing this country right now than stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

And I'm grateful that Donald will join us, because his presence will force the mainstream media to actually cover the profound national security threat that a nuclear Iran poses.

CAVUTO: What is the deal though with you and Donald Trump, though?

It seems that obviously he has never spoken ill of you, nor you of he, and I'm beginning to wonder, given the fact that Jeb Bush has his first negative attack ad on Donald Trump, quickly followed up by a counterattack ad by Donald Trump, that no one else has gotten caught in this mix-up with the Donald except you.

CRUZ: Well, listen, the two of them are big boys, and they can hash it out between themselves.

My focus in this presidential campaign is consistently on the issues and my positive, proven record of standing and fighting for conservative principles. You know, Neil, it was remarkable.


CAVUTO: But is he a conservative, Senator? His views on rich people should pay more, corporations are getting away with murder not paying taxes to the United States and shifting that abroad, jobs abroad, went so far as to say that RJR Nabisco doing the same thing and it doesn't make him want to have an Oreo cookie for the rest of his life. You know the drill.  That's not conservative, is it?


CRUZ: Oh, listen, I'm going to let Donald express his own views about his own policy positions.

I'm going to focus on mine, but I will say, because Donald is in this race, two things have happened. Number one, the mainstream media has focused on illegal immigration.

CAVUTO: All right.

CRUZ: I think that's very beneficial, because of all of the candidates running for president on the Republican side, I'm the one candidate with a proven record of standing and fighting to secure the border and oppose amnesty.


All right, Senator, we're coming to that hard break, they call, Senator.

CRUZ: And our...

CAVUTO: And I do want to talk to you some time very, very soon.

Senator Cruz, thank you.

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