Critics call on Obama to cancel fundraisers, focus on crises

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ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Andrea Tantaros, along with Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld.

It's 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."


TANTAROS: Well, in case you didn't hear, President Obama has finally made a decision. He's not going to sit down with Jimmy Kimmel while he's out on the West Coast this week, due to, quote, "serious issues on the international scene."

That probably wasn't an easy decision because we know he sure does love doing late night.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Jay, I know you're very proud of your car collection.


OBAMA: There's one piece that's missing.

LENO: Cool.

OBAMA: This is the beast. What I drive in.

LENO: Oh, look at that.

DAVID LETTERMAN, COMDIAN: One-eighty looks good.

OBAMA: Thank you.

LETTERMAN: Because that's just about -- that's just about where I am and I don't look so good at 180.

OBAMA: You know, you look sharp.

LETTERMAN: You haven't seen me naked.

OBAMA: We're going to keep it that way.


OBAMA: Now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people.

JIMMY FALLON, COMEDIAN: You should listen to the president. Oh, as I like to call him the preezy of the united steezy.


TANTAROS: The president will however still embark on a fundraising blitz while he's still out there.

Ed Henry asked the White House why that was still on his schedule.

Here's the response.


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: What about the president's time? What about the fact there's five work days this week and three of them he's fundraising?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: He's got his own airplane, he's got dedicated phone lines, he has senior advisers who will be accompanying him every step of the way to make sure that he has access to the information and technology necessary to represent American interests in the midst of these challenging international times.


TANTAROS: OK, Greg, you were cracking up when he responded to that. So I don't know if you're willing to weigh in on why you think it's funny.

But do you think it's a bit of an issue that we're talking about the fact he's not doing Jimmy Kimmel instead of these international crises.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I was cracking up because this belonged to Dana.


DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: No, you put it on my side of the table.

GUTFELD: All right. OK. So, let's be honest. If he had done Jimmy Kimmel, we would have made fun of him. Now he's not doing Jimmy Kimmel and we're making fun of him. So, he can't win with us.

But the fact is, the decision wasn't a principled one to make. It's like not smoking if you're going to a health conference. He wanted to do it and he decided not to do it. The question will always be his priorities.

Fundraising -- money always trumps mayhem in his world. The U.S. is, in a way, like a macro level of Chicago or Detroit. As long as you can find a check somewhere, you overlook the crisis. Perhaps if there was a fundraiser in the Ukraine, he would feel differently, I don't know. But -- if there's a golf course in Kiev.

But he likes to go -- the comfort food in his life is applause. He likes that feeling. That's why fundraisers are fun and talk shows are fun. Where the clapping is the loudest is where you'll find President Obama.

TANTAROS: Dana, I was thinking about this because we criticized him and a number of people have criticized the president forgoing on these late night shows and taking an unserious tact after Benghazi by going on Pimp with a Limp. And now, the White House is saying, OK, we're not going to go on. We're not going to do Jimmy Kimmel.

Should we criticize him for that? Or do you think it was a smart move?

PERINO: I think that was right decision. But they have used the president's very good appearances on the late night shows to great effect. It propelled him to huge popularity. It helped him get some of his -- remember when he went on between two ferns, they credit that with actually helping the Obamacare numbers reached the goal, even though I'm still wondering if those numbers will bear out. But they shaped that narrative, that the president is really good at it.

But the thing is, he doesn't have to do it any more right now. One of the reasons that he did that was to achieve thing. I think the Kimmel appearance seemed to be because he was going to be in California, might as well put something on the schedule. I think it was the right decision to not do it. But do I think he'll do a lot of it in the future and it will be to his benefit to do so. But this one, I would have taken a pass on it, too.

TANTAROS: And, Eric, he's getting some sharp critique from the left, Senator Dianne Feinstein has some pretty harsh words from the Capitol Hill, from the Senate chamber, about the president deciding not to focus on these crises. Take a listen.


SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA), INTEL CMTE CHAIR: Look, I'm not going to tell the president what to do. But I think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. I think the leader of the free world has to be strong and this is a time where strength is necessary.


TANTAROS: How can that help when you have Diane Feinstein --

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Well, it doesn't help. But, OK, so I assume she means he could be killing some of these fundraisers and staying -- he doesn't. The president has checked out. He's a lame duck president who is completely lame. He's going to do his thing.

Look, really, you're going to kill the Jimmy Kimmel appearance, but you're going to still hit Seattle, San Francisco and L.A. on your tour of the West Coast, and when you go to the Texas, you're not going to go the border.

He doesn't want to lead. He doesn't want to be president who's leading us through the times of crisis that were -- crisis after crisis that we're going to through.

Next month, I don't know, if he really means it that Kimmel is a bad idea, next month, he's going to Martha Vineyard. You know what? When he's done with that 18, rather, 16 or 18 days there, that's going to be his 140th day on vacation, five months on vacation. If we're really in dire straits, where you need to kill a Jimmy Kimmel appearance, kill a Martha Vineyard's vacation.

TANTAROS: It does seem like, Bob, the more crises ensue, the more the president checks out. And the more Republicans criticize him, the more passive aggressive he gets. So, he says, OK, you're crying for me to go to the border when I'm Texas, I'm deliberately not going to go.

This is one way that he can just check a box and say, all right, you've been giving me flack for is going to late night shows, we're not going to do it, but I'm going to stick to my schedule.

It does seem a little bit passive-aggressive.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, first of all, your assumptions that you and Feinstein made that he's not paying attention to this crisis, in fact, he is paying attention to it, and he's made numerous phone calls. He's right, they do take the White House, if anybody has ever traveled on Air Force One, I have, Dana has, you do carry your White House with you.

It's -- so the idea that somehow he's not involved in these crises is ridiculous.

But beyond that, let's be honest about the politics. This is prime fundraising time right now. What he's facing is the loss of the United States Senate which means he would have both chambers in the hands of Republicans which would make his last two years nearly impossible. So, if you're going to be able to take advantage of raising money, now is the time to do it, raise money because it's an investment in the future.

PERINO: I agree.


PERINO: I was thinking about that earlier today, in their opinion one of the things that's hard for the president a lot of people that are running for office, Democrats, are saying could you stay out of my district but send me a check. And the president is obliging.

So, he knows that people are not going to remember really that if you -- whether he went on Jimmy Kimmel or not, but they will remember in the long time -- in the long term how badly he loses in this midterm election which six years of a presidency you usually do lose seats. But they're not going to -- the Democrats are not going to be able to blame him for not raising enough money. That's the one thing that he can control.

GUTFELD: You know what the --

TANTAROS: Yes, go ahead.

GUTFELD: You know what the White House needs or the country needs, they need a national hypnotist. They send him to the White House and they hypnotize Obama into thinking that Putin is a tea partier, just so they can maybe provoke some kind of anger or some kind of principled rage against people that are actually opposing the threat, not just the domestic adversaries of the Republican Party.

TANTAROS: I get that. And, you know, having worked on campaigns as a former political strategist, I was the one saying to the candidate now is the time to raise the money, trying to figure out how it's going to affect my candidate, my boss, the one who is at the top of the ticket.

What I don't understand why there isn't some behavior, some effort, Eric, by the White House to say, OK, we get the political strategy, we got to raise money, this is about our legacy and recapturing the Senate.

However, there are crises happening. There's a crisis at the Southern border. ISIS is becoming more emboldened. Al Qaeda is on the march. A plane just went down. There's an Obamacare ruling.

We at least have to look like we care, like we're doing something because people are really, really in dire straits in so many different ways around the world and right here at home.

BOLLING: A couple of things, number one, Bob, so, you're -- if that's the case he's campaigning right now, raising money so that the 2014 midterms are better for him. That means it stops November 5th of 2014. Obviously, it's not going to stop. He'll continue. He'll start looking at 2016, look for the people to help in 2016.

BECKEL: Did we report that he had two conversations with Putin yesterday?

BOLLING: I don't know. Did he --


BOLLING: That's the one he really should be --

GUTFELD: That's the one -- strongly-worded conversation.


BECKEL: Strongly-worded conversation.

GUTFELD: Action.

BOLLING: Can I just finish my thought here? So what? So what he wants to fundraise. The American people, even Democrats I think would say, I'd rather have him working on some of these problems we've got going here.

BECKEL: I think he's working on these problems. And I think that's the place where you make a mistake. You assume that you have to work on the problem out front.

BOLLING: Bob, Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., Texas, New York, I mean, that's just the last two weeks.

BECKEL: And how long do those fundraisers take? How long do they take?

TANTAROS: Here's the point, Dana, Diane Feinstein doesn't want to see the senate go from the majority to the minority and yes, she is in a very safe seat in a very blue state in California, but her point is can you at least focus on them or maybe just look like you're focusing on them and then if he does, I think that makes it easier for Democrats to thus get re- elected and for him to thus hold on to the Senate.

BECKEL: Well, that's the difference, that's the difference you're talking about here. Looking like he's dealing with them and, in fact, he is dealing with them is my view of it.

PERINO: So, Senator Dianne Feinstein is a very serious person. She has been -- she chairs the Intel Committee. She's been in Congress for a long time. She, I think, is expressing publicly now frustration because they have been -- I think a lot of Democrats have been trying to backchannel to the White House just messaging, some help.

Remember last week, it was Congressman Cuellar in Texas, who was saying, no, Mr. President, I'm telling you, please come down here. It will matter.

Members of the United States Senate could actually be on President Obama's side for any sort of action that he wants to take. He just has to work a little bit harder. I think that's the message Dianne Feinstein was trying to send.

GUTFELD: The thing is, though, President Obama doesn't like advice from anybody outside the circle of one which might be Valerie Jarrett.

But, I mean, if you have -- when Feinstein is coming to him and saying, you know, you should take more of an active interest in the world that's like giving advice to Bill Clinton how to pick up chicks. That's an insult to him. He's like, how can you? I'm President Obama, nobody is smarter than I am.

So, he doesn't listen. And, actually, I think when somebody gives him advice that he could use, I think he gets childish about it. I think he gets defensive.

PERINO: But there are also -- I know we have to tease. But can I just mention one other thing? Because I think the White House press office, the communications team, is missing some of the base hits that they need in order to keep the White House press corps at least feeling like they have some access to the president.

And there's some easy things. I just want to mention one. The other day, the president met with the surviving astronauts of Apollo 11 from the 1969 mission. It was the 45th anniversary.

And the White House press office did not allow cameras in just to get some pictures. This is a historic moment. That is an easy thing to do. And Jon Karl at ABC asked the press secretary about that. He said, you know, with the scheduling thing. And I understand that Josh Earnest doesn't have a better answer than that. But I think that there are just some little things that the White House could be doing that could protect him from some of this --


BECKEL: You know what else they could do? They can list all the conversations he's had and all the things he's done around these crises that have not made public, just list them. I think that would make a big difference.

BOLLING: But all you have to do is, and these pictures are coming from the White House when he's shimming across the bar at a burger joint. They got a picture of that. When he's playing pool, they got a picture of that. For some reason, they have time to get the White House photographer to all those other things but not the important ones, as you pointed out.

BECKEL: An easy thing to do that would help President Obama.

TANTAROS: Right. We talked about, too, who he puts in power, like Jen Psaki at the State Department, who's messaging on his behalf. These are decisions that the White House flubbed. I mean , you want pros in these positions not political people. So, that tells you all you need to know based on who he's putting to be his mouthpieces on these big issues.

Ahead on the five, Islamic terrorists are trying to wipe out Christianity from Iraq. So, will the world take a stand? That's up next.


PERINO: Islamist terrorists have declared a caliphate in Iraq. Now, they are trying to purge all Christians from the country. Christians have been fleeing the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul this weekend, after they were given an ultimatum-- convert to Islam, pay a tax, or face death.

Jihadists burnt down an 1,800-year-old church there on Saturday, and now, they're vowing to continue their offensive all the way to Baghdad.

Christianity is rooted deep in the history of Iraq, going back more than 2,000 years, predating Islam in the region. Now, it is at risk of extinction.

Bob, let me ask you, do you think that America and Europe, the West, has abdicated its responsibility to Christians around the world especially those in Iraq?

BECKEL: Absolutely. I think the Catholic Church has, particularly. I think the pope has. I think the Christian leaders have. The idea that somehow you would force people who have been there, as you pointed out, 2,000 years, well before Islam -- before the Muslims moved in there is absolutely outrageous.

And, you know, to do it at the point of a gun, say convert, well, some people are going to convert. Other people are going to flee. What they really want to do is cleanse the Iraq of any Christians.

Now, I find it amazing that the government that we supported, that we went through with all these democratic elections, that we put in there, not one of them has said anything about what's going on in their country. I find that amazing.

PERINO: Let me -- I just wondered about that Andrea earlier today. Does that -- what Bob pointed out and the fact that it's happening, there are no more Christians in Mosul. Are the terrorists winning?

TANTAROS: I hate to admit it. But they are. They are getting their way.

And this has between goal for hundreds of years, right? Convert them or kill them. This has been the fight for as long as anyone can remember. It's not a new thing.

They also get the impression that the United States is in retreat. So, Islam is emboldened now, they are on the march, because who is going to come in and level them and deal with them if we're not going to, and we're just going to let them go.

BECKEL: The Iraqi government and Iraqi army should.

TANTAROS: And you're absolutely right. And we agree on this Bob. OK? I'm not a neocon.

However, however, it's a very, very different fight, exactly right.

And now, they are gaining world strength and gaining real power, because before they knew that they couldn't get away with these things. That the United States government drew lines and they enforced them when they were misbehaving. Now, that's not happening.

BECKEL: No, I wonder too, Greg, about Europe, because we used to be able to build coalition to fight this kind of thing. But do you think we're being conditioned to accept barbarism as something that's just going to happen, we have to accept it?

GUTFELD: Well, the world is supposed to be a more tranquil place. We were told that. And perhaps, there's less atrocity now than there was in the past. However, it seems to me that the bad guys used to look over their shoulder and assumed that there was somebody there. But now, it's an empty playground, you know, there no teachers, no parents, you can do whatever you want.

But the crazy thing about Europe and America is that we go out of our way to champion tolerance of the intolerant. If you besmirched Islam in any way, shape or form, you're going to apologize.


GUTFELD: Meanwhile, radical Islam, you know, they will behead you if you do not convert, they will kill you. They will hang you. But if you say anything that might be critical, you are guilty of Islamophobia and you are the intolerant one.

They have radical -- Islam has been able to use our own cowardice, our fear of being intolerant against us. So, we're afraid to move. We're afraid to do anything. Political correctness has cost people lives.

PERINO: Do you think, Eric, that there might be a push because of something like this for aggressive air strikes against ISIS to at least weaken their capabilities, or do you think that the Christians have left Mosul, their property has been destroyed, their crucifix are stolen and they are just not coming back?

BOLLING: Well, I mean, aggressive airstrikes on our part, from the United States?

PERINO: Or the West, yes, sure.

BOLLING: I don't I'm not in favor of that. I'm a Christian. I go there everybody. The old story. However --

PERINO: But --

BOLLING: But this is -- I agree with Bob. This is for the Iraqi government who should put an end to ISIS, they should clamp down. If they can't, then we failed. Then we wasted a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of bodies in Iraq and we may have.

Look, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, there are now 300,000 Christians in Iraq.

PERINO: None left in Mosul.

BOLLING: None left in Mosul.

President Obama, don't forget this, this is a guy who's saying, I'm going to read this -- I'm quoting him. "Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism. It's an important part of promoting peace." He also said, "The religion was being distorted bay few extremists."

I don't know how a few extremists drive out 1.2 million Christians in Iraq alone. Forget Iran, Sudan -- I mean, it goes on and on. Extremism is a lot bigger within Islam than they are telling us it is.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and only 1 percent are extremists. That means there's 16 million extremists and 16 million could possibly do something like --


PERINO: Let me turn now to the Middle East, so we get this in here. Today, the FAA ordered all U.S. flights to Israel grounded for 24 after a rocket fell about a mile from the airport, outside of Tel Aviv.

Israel's prime minister continues to defend its countries offensive against Hamas on U.S. news outlets. Here's Netanyahu.


BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER: At a certain point, you say, what choice have you got? What would you do? What would you do if American cities, where you're sitting now, Brian, would be rocketed, would absorb hundreds of rockets? You know, you know what you'd say? You'd say to your leader, a man has got to do what a man has got to do. And you'd say, a country has got to do what a country has got to do.


PERINO: Andrea, the prime minister of Israel has been spending a lot of -- a significant amount of time trying to be on television to explain to people what is going on. It's a very different tactic what he's trying to do than other leaders trying to do in terms of addressing public opinion and shaping it.

TANTAROS: Yes, he backs up his words, though, with actions.


TANTAROS: But I also think, to Netanyahu's credit, he's also not been so concerned with the PR fight as much as the Palestinians have. The Palestinians are experts at the PR fight. They specifically put little kids in front of weapons so when Israel strikes back, they can put those images on the cover of a newspaper and say look how bad Israel is.

It has been primarily a PR war up into this point. So, Netanyahu saying, I'm going to fight back. I'm going to actually use actions and words to expose how what we were just talking about, Dana.

And this is what bothers me when leaders conflate Christianity with Islam. One is willing to die and kill children to advance a certain goal. Christianity -- they're so peaceful, they're following the life of Jesus, which is not if your enemy provokes you, to strike back. It's to take a peaceful attack.

So, that's what bothers me when world leaders and like our president here decides to compliment them as if they are not going to -- as if they are going to change by nice words. Something they have been doing for hundreds of years. It's incredibly naive. The only thing they understand is a bomb being dropped on their heads.

BECKEL: You know, the other thing to keep in mind a lot of these weapons that are coming out of Gaza were taken by the Iranians when they went into Iraq. A lot of these weapons are our weapons and they have been turned against Israel, which is really the sad part about it.

PERINO: A lot of weapons are coming from Iran because they funded Hamas to get them. The rockets that are being sent into Israel are the ones that are -- they are offensive weapons almost absolutely. They're not Americans.

GUTFELD: The big weapon.

BECKEL: Weapons that are put in storage into Iraq to help the Iraqi military.

GUTFELD: The big weapon that Hamas has, though, is a large segment of the media which is very sympathetic to them. As long as the media reacts sympathetically to the Hamas' sue of innocents' death, the death of innocents, Hamas will continue using them as shields and placing explosives and weaponry amongst the citizens, because when those citizens die, the media goes, oh my God, that's horrible without seeing the context of it.

Every night, Netanyahu has a Benghazi on his hands. He doesn't have the luxury to fundraise. He doesn't have the luxury to golf.

BECKEL: Have you noticed that also this media has never -- very rarely mentioned the Christian situation?

PERINO: If it does, it's almost all about the antiquities and the actual, physical objects or the buildings that are being destroyed, not the lives that are being destroyed.

BOLLING: Can I weigh in?


BOLLING: Very quickly, I just absolutely love Israel's resolve, Netanyahu. He warned them, he warned them twice, he warned three times, he warned America he was going to do it. He finally did it and he's not back down until there's a Hamas withdrawal, peace, cease-fire.

And Hamas really kind of screwed themselves. They backed off on the original idea. I think some of the people in the Arab world said, back off, called for a cease-fire, they said no.

What you really need to understand is Hamas has a majority say on the Palestinian Authority government. A terrorist organization has a majority say on what is trying to be a state government. You got to be out of your mind to even think that these people are anything other than terrorists and continue, Israel, move on, keep going.

PERINO: All right. Coming up, a single mom could go to prison for three years for a crime carrying illegally purchased guns to protect her kids after being robbed twice. Greg is going to tell you about that, next.


GUTFELD: Hooray. New Jersey just nabbed a loathsome criminal. Janine Allen (ph), single mom of two with no criminal history, was picked up on a traffic stop for packing a piece. Allen who lives in Philly, poor thing, bought the gun after being robbed twice. She had a carry permit, but didn't know it wasn't transferrable. So, now, she faces three years in jail, no parole.

Janine told the cop about the weapon, but in this age where every gun is evil, even victims must pay. So, she's charged with unlawful possession for trying to protect herself and her family. This during a gun buyback program in Jersey where tons of hand guns were turned in for cash, maybe she should have tried to sell the gun to the officer.

Look, data shows that the big rise in carry permits coincides with a huge drop in violent crime. Over 11 million Americans can now carry, 146 percent jump over 2007, as both murder and violent crimes has dropped by 22 percent.

Now you could say more guns means safer streets, but that's called a hate fact. It's a fact the media hates, because it shouldn't be true. But it's a fact born from research. Thugs are less likely to target a victim that they believe is armed. It's why you'd rather hug a cat than a skunk.

If you can't see the sense in that, you're probably anti-science. And if you're a pop star, an actor or a famous mayor scoffing at this data, ask your personal or corporate security what they think. They carry so you don't have to.

So this young woman, she made a mistake. Probably shouldn't be carrying a gun, or she didn't know, but this is somebody who's trying to protect herself. Shouldn't the police cut her a break.

TANTAROS: The story is outrageous. So she had a permit in Pennsylvania. Didn't know that it wasn't transferrable to New Jersey. She's a single mom of two. She had been robbed twice before, which is the reason that she got the gun.

Because what's the saying? It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Well, she needed it and didn't have it.

So they looked back into her history. It showed she did not have criminal past.

But these laws are so draconian. And this is where progressives need to be challenged on these laws. Because as you point out, the innocent are punished, and the ones who actually commit the crimes are rewarded. So progressives aren't freaking out about these young kids that are getting murdered in Chicago whatsoever, but they go after Republicans for, you know, "They want everyone to have a gun; they want to be violent."

Two instances where progressives do this. In New York City you have to report prescription drugs. The innocent being treated with favorability. And on the border. People who come here do the right thing have to wait in line, and people who break the law, they're treated with kid gloves.

GUTFELD: Yes. Bob, a woman with a gun is safer than a woman without. Why don't the left want women to be safe?

BECKEL: Well, first of all, I challenge the argument. In this case...

GUTFELD: I knew you would.

BECKEL: ... in 50 states now, Illinois being the last one to allow concealed weapons. So it is not surprising to me that she would not know that they don't allow concealed weapons -- they do allow concealed weapons in New Jersey. It's absolutely ridiculous. They ought to give her a pass on this, and Christie ought to pardon her, whatever he has to do to do it.

On your issue about carrying guns, a lot -- and this is a very famous study that's done. Let's keep in mind the violent crime rate in this country began to fall in 1992 because of very good police action. A number of things factored into it and some concealed weapons. I will give you that.

Just remember, only 3 percent of the people in this country carry concealed weapons and a lot of your studies were in counties where there was no violent crime, and there were a lot of people carrying concealed weapons. So I have -- there's been a number of people who countered him and statisticians and others who have said that his formula is wrong. And...

BOLLING: Except you just agreed with them.

BECKEL: No, I said -- I said...

BOLLING: You stated his numbers, and they were, in fact, you agreed with them.

BECKEL: No, I said it was -- I said 3 percent of the people have concealed weapons permits in this country.

BOLLING: As concealed weapons permit proliferated...

BECKEL: It may be a small factor in certain places. I don't disagree with that. But I think the idea of having them in the long run is a much more dangerous situation.

BOLLING: We are running out of time, so I'm going to say this very quickly. I think there has to be a national carry permit, not state to state, so you don't have to worry about it if you're crossing a state line with a gun, if you just have your gun and have it concealed. And even all can carry it. I'd love to see a national open carry law, too.

GUTFELD: What do you think, Dana? Where you're from in Colorado they have a restaurant called Shooters Grill where all the waitresses are -- they pack handguns. Wouldn't you agree that it's the safest place in the world to eat?

PERINO: I've been there.

GUTFELD: I bet you're a terrible tipper.

PERINO: Where are the feminists?


PERINO: Why aren't the feminists trying to reconnect this woman with her children? Because she does not have a criminal past. But if she goes to prison...


PERINO: ... then what do you think's going to happen to her? The recidivism rate for non-violent women offenders is ridiculous. And they'll never see their children again. I would rather give her a warning, let her go. Let her reconnect with her children. Let her try to be safe.


BECKEL: Do you think it's safe to carry guns in places where they serve alcohol?


BECKEL: You do?

GUTFELD: All right. Ahead the WWE's Malaysian Airline skit. A new Michael Sam NFL draft drama. And does Bill Clinton have a new girlfriend? I'm sure they're just squash partners. Next on "The Five."


BOLLING: Welcome back, everybody. I think I died and went to heaven. I got you another "Fastest Seven." Three enticing stories. Seven energized minutes. And one enthusiastic host.

First up, too soon? You expect the stupid tweet from a loser like Jason Biggs, who tweeted this joke tweet just hours after MH-17 was shot out of the Ukrainian sky. It says, quote, "Anybody want to buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flyer miles?" Sorry, "American Pie" boy, not funny.

But the WWE surprised me. I get it: the WWE is entertainment, not actual wrestling, but geesh. Did you have to go there? Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You blame Russia for the recent current events when, in fact, you Americans should be scolded for your war-mongering in Afghanistan and Iraq. You Americans should be insulted and afraid.


BOLLING: All right, Bobby, we'll get to you in a second. Your thoughts on this one, Greg?

GUTFELD: You know, the problem with this -- Twitter, this is what people do. It's like, you know, that's what -- humor, his humor relies almost entirely on shock value. And shock value, lucky for him, requires no talent. So that's why he's good at it.

As for the WWE, they probably should have waited a month before turning mass modder [SIC] -- mass murder into script fodder.

BOLLING: Yes. Ands, your thoughts? A little too soon for -- I guess, both. Definitely Biggs. I mean, really? A couple of hours after the plane is down, he's tweeting about frequent flyer miles?

TANTAROS: He has a history of saying really offensive things on Twitter. But I mean, this is what you'd expect from him. His most notable moment of his career is when he stuck his wiener in a pie. Right? So I don't really take him seriously. Never have.

The WWE, it is also notorious for saying really ridiculous, politically incorrect things. Remember these wrestlers, the Mexicools, who drive not a John Deere but a Juan Deere lawnmower into the ring? I mean, that could be considered very politically incorrect. As well as the Iron Sheik. Remember him, a.k.a. Mustafa? The Arab who supported the Iraq War, but it wasn't on our side. So I just think the WWE is not somewhere that you go for tasteful, very politically-correct dialogue.

PERINO: I would say a couple of things. Biggs, this is a word of advice: you stay off Twitter when there's a tragedy or retweet something like the Dutch father who wrote a letter to Putin. You could retweet something like that if you feel you must be on social media.

And the WWE, you don't -- it would be much more powerful for them. I think they're -- I think that was more harmful than Biggs by a long shot, because it's conditioning people to dislike America, and they could have done a skit mocking President Putin. Now that would have been powerful. That might have even been funny.

BOLLING: Setting up another Cold War?

BECKEL: NO. I think that broad who did that ought to be sent to an S and M porn site. That's where she belongs.

BOLLING: Let's leave it there. No, no, no, no. We debate, you decide.

A well-respected NFL football coach turned MSNBC commentator is taking some heat for saying this about Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL football player.

He said -- I quote -- "I wouldn't have taken him, not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all it. It's not going be totally smooth. Things will happen."

Now, Bob, Tony Dungy a wonderful person, a wonderful football coach. So he expressed his opinion. Do you have a problem with what he said?

BECKEL: Well, I think he's probably right. There are going to be some problems. But whenever you do something that's first, whenever you break a barrier there is going some problems. Now, Dungy would not want to put up with it. Other coaches are willing to do that. They're going to find that there are a lot of people who are gay who are in the NFL right now, and maybe more will come out. And I think this kid is going to go through the season and is going to be just fine.

BOLLING: Your thoughts on the comment?

TANTAROS: Yes. I take Tony Dungy at his word. It is a media side show. It can be turned into these type of things. Anything but football. And I think that's Dungy's point. We've gotten so far off the game. It's about what kind of pain killers the players are using. It's about injuries. It's about their sexuality. And I think a lot of people believe that it's one with of the reasons, too, that Tim Tebow isn't playing in the NFL, because a lot of people made his personal life a side show, and it should be about the game.

GUTFELD: I think he was referring to probably two things. One, the locker room, which is probably the most -- least PC place you will ever be in. I know from experience, being a towel boy.

Also, to your point, the Dungy story is not really about him or Michael Sam. It's about media obsession. The media cannot get enough of any story that might have -- be perceived as a story that has something to do with gays. And if you deviate from a universally agreed-upon assumption, you'll be forced to justify or apologize your comment immediately.

PERINO: Yes, but he is in a position of leadership, and he's been on television for quite a while. He should have an ability to navigate a question like that in a better way. And I think they could have turned it back on him.

Like the gay rights issue is a civil rights issue for many. I think they would say to Tony Dungy, would you have felt the same for the first African-American player allowed to play in the league...


BOLLING: He happens to have been the first African-American head coach of an NFL Super Bowl.

PERINO: You know, and Indiana had to deal with all of that.

BOLLING: How about this one, very quickly. Jennifer and Paula move over. The Energizer is in town. According to a new book by historian Ronald Kessler, President Clinton has another mistress currently, right now. She's said to be a buxom blonde who even has a nickname, the Energizer. According to Kessler, a Secret Service source, the Energizer shows up just minutes after Hillary hits the road.

Dana, what do you think of that one?

PERINO: Really? Look, in France this would increase your popularity. OK. In America, it probably wouldn't be surprising to people if this turns out to be true. I hope the -- I hope the sourcing is very good on this.

BOLLING: Source. Source.


Three things. One, who uses the word "buxom" anymore?


GUTFELD: It's like out of an article from a 1970s issue of "Esquire." "She was buxom."

PERINO: But they said it was buxom.

GUTFELD: She was buxom.

This is why Hillary has got to win, because strictly for entertainment value. She'll be going after the Electoral College. He'll be going after the community college.

BOLLING: Is this going to affect Hillary's 2016...

BECKEL: No, not at all. Nobody is going to fall off their chair knowing that Bill has got another woman. Right? But the thing is the Energizer thing makes sense. Whoever she is has got to be like the Energizer bunny and keep going all night long. Keeps him away from having more than one girlfriend.

BOLLING: Quickly?

TANTAROS: Yes. I don't think the question is whether or not this is true or not. I think the question is whether or not people are going to care. And if it is true, then he really is the Energizer, because if all these rumors are true that he has this many mistress...

BOLLING: Good point. Good point.


BECKEL: Give service all night long.

BOLLING: Right up to the Secret Service, gives them cookies.

PERINO: How do you know that?

BECKEL: I hear that.

GUTFELD: He's more like a Timex.

BOLLING: There you go.

A story that will make you the taxpayer -- you, the taxpayer, smoking mad. It has to do with welfare money being used for weed. Stay tuned.


BECKEL: As someone who feels that welfare is one of the great services our government provides, this next story upsets me. According to "National Review," examination EBT card users in Colorado withdrew more than $23,000 from ATMs dispensaries at weed shops. Welfare is a tool the government uses to fight poverty. And these selfish recipients in Colorado give it a bad name.

To try to put that in perspective, the total amount of money Colorado receives is $124 million. This represents less than 1 percent of the people who receive it. But nonetheless, they give it a bad name, because people like Eric Bolling will take and run with it and make it out a majority of the people out there are a bunch of crooks.

BOLLING: No, but I did mention this would be a problem a couple of months ago as soon as, you know, they legalized weed. Their ATMs inside the weed dispensaries, they're using -- they're not using their EBT cards. They're using the temporary family assistance card that is on -- probably on the same actual card. But the program allows to you take cash out and use whatever -- use it for whatever you want.

The problem is, hello, they're in the pot store. What do you think they're going to use it for?

BECKEL: One percent.

BOLLING: It's supposed to help the kids, Bob. It's supposed to help...

BECKEL: A big percent on your taxes.

BOLLING: How about this? You give me 1 percent of your paycheck and you won't be upset with that. Will you? I'm just going to take 1 percent, all right?

BECKEL: That's fine. I want to find out whether 10 percent of the people in your country won't cheat on their taxes.



Why did you just say you agree with the article? Anyway, Colorado doesn't care. Right? The state government doesn't care. They've got tens of millions of dollars in the first, like, two months of it being legalized. So they're going to turn a blind eye to $23,000. It's not going to matter to them.

But I do think appearances matter. And it's not intolerant to suggest that at least they should take these types of machines that would allow you to withdraw this money out of those stores.

BECKEL: I agree with that. I agree with that.

BOLLING: And out of liquor stores and out of strip clubs.

BECKEL: Greg, what do you think?

GUTFELD: Then what's the point of welfare?

BOLLING: Exactly.

GUTFELD: Those are the three things I would spend it on if I was on welfare. Because life sucks. You've got to have some fun in life. And I'm sorry. You know, I mean, if I'm -- if it's my money I want it to go to fun stuff.

PERINO: But it's not your money.

GUTFELD: I'm joking.

BOLLING: But it is.

GUTFELD: The bottom line is you should pay for your pleasure. You know what they're going to do. They're going to say it's a medicinal expenditure. That's what they're going to say in the future so that you can buy your pot.

BECKEL: Andrea, do you think this will give the right-wingers like Eric an opportunity to once again beat up on people who receive welfare?

TANTAROS: Right-wingers don't beat up on people...

BECKEL: Yes, they do.

TANTAROS: ... that receive welfare. We are in agreement, Bob, that it was designed as a temporary safety net to help the most vulnerable. Sop we can stand together on this issue and say the more you expand a government program, the more abuse that you have.

But it was never designed for the high dogs in Colorado. It was always designed for the poorest of the poor. But what did you expect was going to happen here? I mean, I think it just says something about our culture, about how people are getting their money and what they're spending it on. And it's a huge, huge problem.

BOLLING: I agree with Dana. I think they should get these ATM machines or whatever they are out of these pot stores. And these few people who are doing this, less than one percent...

GUTFELD: What about strip clubs, Bob?

BECKEL: I don't think you should take it out of the strip clubs.

GUTFELD: I knew you were going to say that.

BECKEL: I think that's very important. Because some people could have maybe found work there.


PERINO: Come on.

BECKEL: But the idea that somehow you take this very a fraction of people who really need -- the rest of them really need it, and these people give it a bad name.

BOLLING: That's just a bad argument.

PERINO: And they're ruining it for everybody.

BECKEL: Yes, I agree with you.

PERINO: They're the bad actors.

BECKEL: That's -- that's the point.

PERINO: People who are complaining about it are not the bad guys in this.

BECKEL: Yes, I agree with that.

All right. "One More Thing" is up next.


TANTAROS: It's time now for "One More Thing," and I'm going to kick it off with perhaps the biggest story today here at home is a federal court has struck down a portion of the Obamacare law. It's a huge deal. It's a little complicated to explain. But Google it. Read about it online. This could unravel the entire thing.

When they rushed Congress to put together this law, they forgot to put in a specific provision that gives people in state set up subsidies the ability to get those subsidies. So now if you're in a state and your governor has chosen not to set up the exchange, you can't get your subsidy. Only from federal exchanges.

So if you're not getting your subsidies, what happens? All these sick people will continue to flood the system. It's chaos for the insurers and could be the death spiral. This is going to the Supreme Court. That's my prediction. And you'll probably hear more about it on this network. Big news today.

All right. Roberto.

BECKEL: I'm not going to even comment on that. You just commented on my political things. I'll let that go. Right to the Washington Senators. That's my favorite team, and it's -- is it? Washington Nationals. Excuse me.

PERINO: The Senators, that's old school.

BECKEL: What did I say, Senators?

PERINO: The Senators. Isn't that the old school?

BECKEL: That's old, but then again, so am I. The Washington Nationals have got a fan that, if you take a look at this picture, this guy has -- look at the Washington Nationals logo, right. And then look at his beard. Now that's what you've got to call a fan. Now, I was made to shave it off, but I liked it while I had it.

GUTFELD: That is disgusting. That is not a fan. That's a demented human being.

TANTAROS: He should enter one of those contests.

GUTFELD: A contest that has him on a deserted island forever. One of those contests.

TANTAROS: Greg, you're up next.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes. Banned phrase. "Put a bug in his ear." If you put a bug in somebody's ear, chances are it's going to, like, give birth to larvae. It's going to burrow into his brain and give birth, and then his head will explode and die.

Just say "I made a suggestion." Don't say "put a bug in his ear," because frankly, it's disgusting. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

PERINO: What's the origins of that thing?

GUTFELD: I don't know. Just put a little bug. Oh! It starts moving around: "There's a bug in my ear."

TANTAROS: How about planting a seed? Are your anti-planting a seed?

GUTFELD: That's all right.


BOLLING: I'm up? OK, so Friday I told you about Jesse Ventura suing Chris Kyle's widow, the SEAL sniper's widow. I couldn't figure out what he was suing her for. I thought it was just to stop with the book sales. Turns out Jesse made closing arguments -- his attorney made closing arguments today. He's looking for 15 -- up to $15 million from Chris Kyle's widow for that book. That's ridiculous. The jury is deliberating right now. We may get a verdict in the next day or two.

TANTAROS: Bob's phone almost didn't go off.

PERINO: My turn. Thank you, Bob.

OK. Folks will remember the IRS's improper targeting of conservatives for abusive tax treatment and they didn't target the liberals at the IRS. The media may have forgotten the story. We have not.

Listen, who is zooming who? The IRS now has a technical adviser who says that they might not have lost Lois Lerner's emails, but they may have lost a lot of other people's emails. We're not exactly sure, because three I.T. managers were fired, but they're not exactly sure why or why they were moved. The investigation continues on the Hill. Follow the Ways and Means Committee if you want more of this. Stay with FOX, because we're going to continue covering it when no one else does.

GUTFELD: So true.

TANTAROS: Bob, who texted you?

BECKEL: Never mind.

TANTAROS: Never mind. Oh, we're out of time. Don't forget to set your DVR so you never miss an episode of "The Five." We'll see you right back here tomorrow.

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