Country Music Superstar Brad Paisley Talks New Album, Staying Grounded

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: That was a clip of the brand new music video for "Old Alabama" from the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, a good friend of ours Brad Paisley. It is the country singer's 19th number one single, the second release from his brand new album, "This Is Country Music," now available everywhere music is sold.

The man himself. So good to see you. You know, I'm honored that you even talk to me anymore, that we are still friends. Great to see you.

BRAD PAISLEY, COUNTRY MUSIC STAR: The right-wing nut job like yourself.

HANNITY: Your father is as conservative as me.

PAISLEY: I got a right-wing nut job father as well, he's here.

HANNITY: I don't think I enjoyed anything more than sit on the bus with you, your wife and your dad. And your dad and I agree totally and your wife saying, I don't totally agree. It was a lot of fun.

What was cool for me, I'm a big fan of yours. You've been very kind you invited me on your bus, which was outside David Letterman's studio. You played for me this first song about what I love about country music.

PAISLEY: That's right. We had just finished the mix. It was right before I was going to sing on the CMA Awards that year.

HANNITY: Right and you said I'm going to play this and you did.

PAISLEY: Yes, we did and it over great. It was the first single off this album, which was a good six months too early for our first single. It ended up being a pre-single because "Old Alabama" the second single went to number one the same day the album came out.

HANNITY: Yes, I got to tell you. But you know, you really captured -- I'm not good at remembering the words, ask Charlie Daniels when I've sang "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" --

PAISLEY: Yes, I can't remember the words to that.

HANNITY: You can't?

PAISLEY: No, that's too many words.

HANNITY: That's the hardest thing about being a singer, how do you remember the words to these songs? I don't get it, I could never do it.

PAISLEY: There's a melody to them so it makes it easier.

HANNITY: Do you have an earpiece, words there to remind you?

PAISLEY: No, that would be actually be harder than trying to remember.

HANNITY: What I love about country music, it is the heart and soul. You really captured it in that first single in the album.

PAISLEY: You know, I really wanted to write a song that paid tribute to some of the things that I felt like were unique to country. There are a few things. That's where the base for the album came from.

We're talking about -- we sing about patriotism. We sing about religion. We sing about divorce. I was trying to think of a song from any other format that even used the word divorce. I don't know if I heard the word divorce in a pop song or rap song or anything. I think it is because country is just lyrically specific.

HANNITY: First of all I'm a big Alabama fan.

PAISLEY: Nobody is a bigger fan than me.

HANNITY: Sweet potato pie and I...

PAISLEY: Shut my mouth.

HANNITY: Absolutely. So, I love them. The fact that you did this with them, that just -- I just loved it. It was great

PAISLEY: To me, it became something that took on this life of its own and I just wrote this little song with a couple friends of mine. It's this fun look at a young girl that falls in love with their music. We realized the perfect for our song is the bridge for mountain music. We wrote this with Randy Owen and brought in the guys. They came up to New York --

HANNITY: I got to meet him. Interviewing him was a lot of fun for me.

PAISLEY: You know, all three of those guys, when you get to know them are even cooler in person than --

HANNITY: I agree with you. I was like so -- really humble guy, nice, down-to-earth. The other thing, there's one other song on the album think that I liked a lot.

PAISLEY: Just one, Sean?

HANNITY: No, I just mentioned three.

PAISLEY: I'm just kidding, I'm teasing.

HANNITY: The one with Carrie Underwood. I've never met her but I watched her from the "Idol" years. I've just always been a big fan. She has grown into such a huge artist. Her voice when it comes in on that cut is amazing.

PAISLEY: It is. I think she's the best singer we have, maybe ever had. When she came into the studio and sang her parts for this song she nailed it.

Every time she sang it, it sounded a lot like what is on that record. We did it several times to make sure we had takes we need. She just never sings badly, it's unbelievable her talent.

HANNITY: You know, I'm going to compliment you because I've gotten to know you and spend time with you. I've interviewed a lot of people over the years, you are probably one of the most down-to-earth people I've ever met.

PAISLEY: Thanks.

HANNITY: You do stadium shows with 70,000 people and it doesn't impact you. I know don't -- I don't know how you do it. You are very rooted in who you are. Because I know your dad. How did that happen?

PAISLEY: I have a very down-to-earth father. My wife is an actress and famous herself is more down-to-earth than anyone I know.

HANNITY: She really is. She is awesome. You married way above your pay grade.

PAISLEY: Both of us did.

HANNITY: That's true. You got to remind me, that's true.

PAISLEY: It's really about realizing what it all means. Randy Owen from Alabama said something, I met him for the first time at a St. Jude event. He's responsible for country music being involved with St. Jude.

HANNITY: John Rich just won "Celebrity Apprentice."

PAISLEY: Exactly. Randy said all these things that you might win, all of these concerts you'll play, all these records you'll make, they won't matter. What will matter in the end is what you did for people.

Did you do something good with this? Did you help out some people who are less fortunate? That will be what will determine whether or not you are happy.

HANNITY: And you are doing that.

PAISLEY: I hope so.

HANNITY: Listen, I love the CD. It's in music stores everywhere, online I'm putting it on my website, Brad Paisley, you are a great American. God bless, man. Good to see you.

PAISLEY: Thank you.

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