Congress Goes After Health Insurance Giant

Where's Congress' outrage now?

Who's investigating Congress now?

Who's calling Congress on the carpet now? And who from Congress — anyone from Congress — is simply saying, "I'm sorry" now?

Not to us, but to a company. A company vilified for dare telling this Washington emperor: "We don't think you have any clothes on."

That company: Health insurance giant Humana, which had the audacity to warn its customers their benefits might be cut under health care reform.

Then all hell broke loose.

Congress all-but calling out the IRS on Humana. The White House all-but warning of legal action against Humana. For what turns out to be the truth: Benefits will be cut.

But don't expect Congress to cut Humana a break or offer a simple, "We're sorry."

Sorry, we called the dogs out.

Sorry, we had the nerve to try and score cheap publicity points off what turns out to be an accurate warning.

Sorry, we didn't know you were right.

Sorry, we didn't know our own congressional budget office confirmed you were right.

Sorry, we didn't know that our own numbers crunchers have concluded Medicare Advantage enrollees would indeed see their benefits cut.

Sorry, we didn't see the train wreck you apparently did see.

Sorry, we didn't warn taxpayers like you warned your rate payers.

Sorry, we didn't have the foresight and you did.

Sorry, we were too busy scaring people about you that we didn't realize they were more scared about us.

And sorry, we don't have the time to say we're sorry.

Sorry, we're only digging in our heels more and threatening you more. So sorry we're not sorry that our behavior toward you has been so, well, sorry.

After all, we're Congress. We don't have to say we're sorry. We just have to look it.

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