Confronting Villains

As we reported last night, the state of Maryland has finally passed Jessica's Law, leaving just ten states lacking it. The villain who is holding up Jessica's Law in Maryland was House big shot Joseph Vallario whom we confronted:


JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS PRODUCER: Why have you been blocking Jessica's Law for so?...


WATTERS: But you've blocking.

VALLARIO: O'Reilly is a liar! Tell him I said so. This guy's on television saying I'm villain. He can kiss my fanny. I don't put up with [bleep]. Tell him I don't talk to liars and he's a liar! Thank you.


Now because of massive public pressure, Vallario had to back down and allow a vote on Jessica's law. Both Houses then approved the measure overwhelming.

Are you ready for the kicker? Despite holding up Jessica's Law for years, Vallario at the last moment tried to get his name attached to the bill. Can you believe it?

And the far left Baltimore Sun let him get away with it in today's edition. Astounding.

Now hypocrites like Vallario are legion all over the country. And here is the latest tally of states. 26 in purple now have tough versions of Jessica's Law. Montana is about to pass it. The eight green states have partial measures protecting children. — Just partial measures. The six gray states are still fighting it out, but look hopeful especially Texas. And the ten yellow states are at this point hopeless with Vermont and Idaho being the worst in the country in protecting the kids.

Now the reason every state needs Jessica's Law is because of Judge Joseph Manck in Maryland and Judge David Howard in Vermont to name just two. Manck sentenced a man who admitted to molesting his seven-year- old daughter for 8 years and molesting two other girls to 4 months in jail. There he is. There's Manck. Four months! Manck's a coward who will not explain his inexplicable sentence.

Judge David Howard in Vermont also a coward. He sentenced a man who sexually abused a four-year-old boy to probation. No jail time whatsoever. Now we found that man, Andrew James, there he is, walking around the streets of Vermont.

In another case, Judge Howard has rejected the appeals of Vermont law enforcement to incarcerate Arthur Mason, a convicted child sex offender, who has violated his probation. Vermont authorities implored Judge Howard to send Mason back to prison. The judge would not do it. Mason is out on the streets.

That's why Jessica's Law is needed because of judges like Manck and Howard. The states have to take power away from them.

Now over the next few weeks, we will be visiting some of the people who are sabotaging Jessica's Law in the 10 states that don't have it. They will not be happy to see us, but that's okay. There is a right and wrong in this world and these people are wrong.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Publishers Weekly, a magazine that charts books, has published its best-selling books of 2006 —on the non-fiction side.

John Grisham was No. 1; a diet book No. 2, a dog book — woof — No. 3. Obama No. 4 and "Culture Warrior" No. 5. Yes, "Culture Warrior". "The Diet Dog" is the follow-up.

I really appreciate you guys supporting the book. It's my fourth consecutive No. 1 adult non-fiction best-seller and the most successful of all. To those who dislike me it's ridiculous. But to Traditional Warriors, T-warriors all over the world, it's a big win.