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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, Tucker. Great interview with Ivanka. Welcome to "Hannity." This is a Fox News alert.

All right. Tonight as one of those nights, we have so much new information. It will take much longer than an hour to get through it, but we'll going to try. Now, we have more proof tonight that when it comes to the Clinton scandals, the fix is already in.

The Democratic Party tonight is in complete and total disarray with a barrage of massive scandals unfolding like we told you they would. This is an all-out battle that is playing out between Donna Brazile, the Democrats, the media, after she revealed that Hillary Clinton rigged, stole the DNC primary election. She stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. It's all unfolding tonight.

And Brazile has a simple message for her critics. He can go straight to hell. Also tonight, The Hill's John Solomon is reporting that Senator Chuck Grassley has confirmed that an early draft of the former FBI Director James Comey announcement exonerating Hillary Clinton accused her of gross negligence. This is key in the email server scandal which means by definition, she broke the law but he changed it.

In other words, the fix was in here. The Clintons rigged everything. And disturbing new information about Fusion GPS. That is the company that produced the Hillary Clinton's dirty dossier. Remember, they used fake news, Russian lies and propaganda all to smear, besmirched and slander Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee is now asking the firm for records of alleged pavements to journalist.

Plus, another high ranking Democrat is now forced to admit that she's seen no evidence, zero after a year of Trump and Russian collusion. Maybe it's time to give it up.

And also, it was the worst mass shooting in Texas history. Sadly 26 people were killed, 20 others injured. And what happens, the left races to politicize that horrific tragedy. That and much more in tonight's breaking news opening monologue.

All right. Tonight, we're going to go through step by step, we're going to explain how the fix was in with every single scandal involving the Clintons. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to America's most corrupt political family: No rules apply. No laws exists. Ethics do not matter.

Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primary to stop Bernie Sanders. She robbed him blind. The fix was in. Hillary Clinton actually colluded with Russia by paying, you know, millions and millions of dollars for that fake news dossier, Russian propaganda, Russian collusion to smear Donald Trump, and she tried to influence you the American people to swing the election with those lies. The fix was in.

James Comey changed the announcement about Clinton's private email server even after her team deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, destroyed some of them by using acid wash known as BleachBit and even taking a hammer to Blackberries. The fix was in.

Bill Clinton met with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac and on airport for 40 minutes, only days before Comey's decision. Are we really to believe all they talked about was their grandkids? The fix was in.

Then there is the corrupt Uranium One deal. Millions of dollars pour into the Clinton Foundation and Bill and Hillary's pocket, she is the Secretary of State, she approved this agreement ,one of nine people, and of course all while Bill is doubling his speaking fees with Moscow and by the way trying to meet with nuclear officials in Russia and he did meet with Vladimir Putin.

And there is also the massive plot that the FBI uncovered one year before that deal was approved which includes bribery, extortion, money laundering, kickbacks, racketeering. Key members of the Obama administration knew this was happening, including Mueller and Eric Holder. Yet they decided to give 20 percent of America's uranium to Russia and to Putin? The fix was in.

Even Lindsey Graham is now calling for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate Clinton. He actually wants two special counsels. All these cases prove that the Clintons think they are above the law and they are protected by Democrats and a colluding media.

But tonight one Democrat is calling them out. Former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile continues to expose this corrupt Clinton political machine on a level nobody ever know existed. Hillary rigged, stole the Democratic primary, stole the Democratic nomination. And Donna Brazile is continuing to tell her story after she wrote an article for Politico magazine last week entitled "Inside Hillary Clinton's secret takeover of the DNC."

And she explained how it was all rigged and she found evidence that Hillary, quote, "Rigged the DNC," cheated Bernie Sanders and his supporters out of the nomination. It was so bad, Donna Brazile agonized when she had to tell Bernie the truth. She also revealed that there was a secret agreement between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It gave Hillary Clinton and her campaign total control of the DNC's finances, strategy, personal decisions, budgeting, data, analytics and mailings.

Think about this for a minute. Hillary Clinton, former first lady of Arkansas and the United States, former senator, stole a primary election. All of you who voted for Bernie Sanders, you were cheated. Everybody. Disenfranchised. She sold you out. There are also new parts of Donna Brazile's book that are coming out like how she considered trying to replace Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden as the party's nominee.

Remember when Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial? We've played it a lot. Brazile also writes that the Clinton campaign treated her like crap by writing that she told Clinton's team, quote, "Y'all keep whipping me and whipping me and you never give me any money or any way to do my job. I am not going to be your whipping girl."

Predictably, Democrats are lashing out at Donna Brazile for telling the truth and blowing the whistle on Clinton corruption. Watch this.


ED RENDELL, FORMER GOVERNOR OF PA., MSNBC: I think anybody who suggests that the DNC has the power to rig an election. When I was a DNC chair, what we did, did not influence 10 votes.

I find it hard to believe that anybody can cite anything that may have rigged the primary elections in the Hillary Clinton's favor.

TOM PEREZ, DNC CHAIR, "MEET THE PRESS"/NBC: I have great respect for Donna. Consider a friend, she's done a lot for the Democratic Party. The charge that Hillary Clinton was somehow incapacitated is quite frankly ludicrous.

CHUCK TODD, MODERATOR: Do you agree with the Clinton campaign that Donna Brazile fall for Russian propaganda?

PEREZ: I don't know what Donna Brazile fell for.

When I hear the word rigged, let's be very clear. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary by about four million votes. The Democratic National Committee does not run elections for primaries.

ROBBY MOOK, FORMER CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER, CNN: The allegations she's making simply isn't true.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, CNN: I would hope that there was another side to this story. But that again, that's neither here or there, it's almost a waste of time.


KATY TUR, MSNBC: Let's listen to Donna Brazile one more time on this week --

MCAULIFFE: Nobody cares! Nobody cares about what Donna Brazile has said in a book.


TUR: This week -- hold on, Governor, one second.


TUR: You don't think anybody cares about her story?

MCAULIFFE: Nobody cares.


HANNITY: Really governor? Nobody cares she stole an election? You know and I know that's a lie.

And by the way, the liberal mainstream media, oh, the same people that colluded with Hillary Clinton, the same people that are basically an extension of the Democratic National Committee and their talking points every day, that don't have an original thought in their head and they're bunch of sheep that apologized constantly for the Democrats, well now they're apoplectic. Watch this.


TOMM BROKAW, "MEET THE PRESS"/NBC: To go back over this now, when they are trying to win Congressional races and trying to get ready for '18 seems to be beyond counterproductive.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, "THIS WEEK"/ABC: I got emails from Democrats. Democrats say they feel betrayed by all of this. Any regrets, do you think this helps for the book to come out?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, MSNBC: My issue is not that she is speaking out. My issue is the fact she's been wrong.

I think if I've done half of the things that she admits to in this excerpts, I am not sure I would be telling folks.


HANNITY: All right. Thankfully Brazile is not going to be pressured. She is signaling she is not going to be silenced by an avalanche of left wing attacks. Watch this.


DONNA BRAZILE, FORMER DNC CHAIR: George, for those who are telling me to shut up, they told Hillary that a couple of months ago, you know what I told him? Go to hell. I'm going to tell my story.


HANNITY: Good for her.

Also tonight, a smoking gun bombshell report from The Hill's John Solomon. Now, an early draft of James Comey's now infamous announcement about the Clinton email investigation actually accused Hillary of being grossly negligent. OK. Understand. Those words are precise and specific. That exact standards which means she broke the law.

And John Solomon obtained a copy of a letter that Senator Chuck Grassley sent to the FBI which contains the key sentences found in the draft memo that says, quote, "There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary of State Clinton and others used the private email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect of the handling of classified information and material."

And another part of the memos says, quote, "Similarly the sheer volume of information that was properly classified as secret at the time it was discussed on email, (that is excluding the 'up' classified emails) supports the inference that the participants were grossly negligent in their handling of that information."

Now, those words are key. They were later then edited out and replaced with the term "extremely careless" -- at the time, I told you there is no difference -- even though he explained that Clinton had secrets, top secret, special access program, classified information on an email server stored in the basement of a mom and pop shop which by the way we now know five separate intelligence agencies, countries that don't like us, were able to hack into.

And a source also told John Solomon that three other people were involved in helping draft and then edit out of the legal realm, Comey's statement about Clinton. Now, they are deputy director Andrew McCabe. Now he's been under fire ever since the Wall Street Journal reported that a political action committee ran by yes, Virginia governor, "I don't care about the rule of law," Terry McAuliffe had deep ties to the Clintons. They donated half of million dollars to the State Senate campaign of McCabe's wife Jill and she also got another $200,000 from the Virginia Democratic Party, for a state race. This is unheard of.

And late last week, we learned from Judicial Watch that Andrew McCabe did not recuse himself from the Clinton server investigation until just days before the election.

There is also more tonight. The FBI general counsel James Baker, he was also involved. Investigative reporter Sara Carter reported back in July that Baker was being investigated for leaking classified information to the press. And the third person who helped Comey was his former chief of staff. Now, John Solomon's report also notes that it was not clear who recommended making the crucial change in wording but that the Senate will likely demand those answers. Good. It's about time.

We have been saying for over a year, Comey, the Obama Justice Department were protecting Hillary Clinton for laws she broke that we would be put in jail for. This revelation tonight offers up even more incontrovertible evidence. Comey's original news conference never made any sense because he literally explained how Clinton broke the law for 13 and a half minutes but then he stopped short of recommending charges by claiming she was extremely careless instead of grossly negligent. A huge legal distinction.

Take a look at the side of your screen. It's a list that our friend and colleague, Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett, put together for us tonight showing the laws that Clinton violated with the private email server. We'd go to jail for this. Comey top FBI officials knew Clinton engaged in criminal conduct. Otherwise they wouldn't have accused her of gross negligence.

But then something happened. The million dollar question is what? And remember one other thing. Remember, Comey made his decision well before he ever talked to the main people involved. He had concluded before he investigated what the outcome would be. Remember he refused to testify under oath -- did testify that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, remember she pressured Comey to call the investigation which was an investigation a "matter," and then he complied.

And we also know that Comey decided to not recommend charges against Clinton months before interviewing the key witnesses in the case including Hillary Clinton. You can't decide before doing the investigation. That is why in addition to Congress, the Department of Justice needs to open an investigation into how the FBI and the Obama administration handled the Clinton case where obvious law breaking took place. We cannot in this country have a two-tier justice system. That's not how this country works or is supposed to work.

Also tonight, a source is telling Fox News, our own Catherine Herridge, that the House Intelligence Committee are now asking that Fusion GPS, that is the company behind the fake phony anti-Trump Russian dossier, to turn over records that allegedly show payments to journalists, two published stories. Wow! You talked about -- first Russia propaganda. Hillary, the DNC that she ran, she paid for it all. And then of course, the group that used it, now they say, hey let's pay the journalists.

Now keep in mind, the same company that they used to funnel $10 million or more through a third party lawyer to create the dossier that used Russian sources to smear the president and try and influence the American people with phony Russian information to steal an election.

And on the issue of so-called Trump-Russia collusion, tonight, yet another prominent Democrat forced to admit a year later, she has seen nothing to indicate there was any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.

Here's Democrat, Senator, liberal, leftist Diane Feinstein.


JAKE TAPPER, HOST: Have you seen any evidence that this dirt, these emails were ever given to the Trump campaign?


TAPPER: Not so far. Have you seen any communications that suggest that the Trump campaign wanted them to release them through a different means because obviously they were ultimately released WikiLeaks?

FEINSTEIN: No, I have not.


HANNITY: If the Democrats and the left wing media in this country cared even a little bit about the truth, then they would stop spreading lies about President Trump. And now, they should focus on real Russian collusion, real crime, real evidence, real impropriety.

And finally tonight, our hearts and prayers go out to the people in Sutherland Springs, Texas, their unimaginable pain and suffering after a madman attacked a church yesterday killing 26 people including young children, injuring 20 others. This is beyond tragic.

Yet, the Democrats, sadly, members of the mainstream media, what, within hours, they're racing to politicize this tragedy, call for more gun control. Now think about this for a second. People are still in the hospital. Others have not been laid to rest. All they care about is politics. And what's ironic is, these are the same people who are exploiting this tragedy -- they never talk about Chicago. I have some information about Chicago from this weekend. I've been saying it for years. We scrolled the names of the thousands killed because the media ignored it. And even then, President Obama ignored it. Eighteen thousand shootings in Chicago in his last six years. Really? Three thousand dead? Now, 30 people were shot this weekend. It's been almost 600 homicides this year in Chicago.

We'll talk about all of this later in the program. Here first with reaction, our breaking news, from The Hill, we have John Solomon, investigative reporter Sarah Carter, FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett is with us. John, let's start with your story. We have so much ground to cover.


HANNITY: This is massive. This distinction is massive. Give us what you got.

SOLOMON: Yes. You just think back, in June of last year, July of last year, FBI director had accused her of being grossly negligent, what an impact that would had on the election. What impact it would had on the leaker debate about? What we've thought the FBI knew. We've thought she was careless. Now we found out she was grossly negligent. That was the term that was in the statute and it was surprising that it got edited out.

And the questions for Congress are going to be, who did they talk to before they edited out? Who recommended it editing it out and why did they do it? And I think we will get those answers in the next couple of weeks.

HANNITY: All right. Let me go to Greg Jarrett, legal analyst. Okay. When Comey deletes the specific legal term gross negligence and he decides, before he does the investigation concludes he is going to exonerate her.


HANNITY: This is being done before you have our interviews, her or the other witnesses.

JARRETT: I have never heard of it.

HANNITY: Well, that is called, the fix is in.

JARRETT: Oh, yes. I mean, I've been a lawyer for 37 years. I've never heard of a prosecutor exonerating somebody two months in advance before interviewing her and the key witnesses. When you cross out gross negligence and insert "extremely careless," that's pretty incriminating evidence that Comey or others may have been obstructing justice. They were trying to interfere with the do administration of justice and they were stupid in the way they did it because gross negligence is extremely careless behavior.

In fact, when jurors struggle with that, the judge gives them a standard jury instruction. Here's Californians for example. Gross negligence is an extreme departure from ordinary care. In other words, extremely careless behavior. So it tells me Comey in addition to attempting to obstruct justice perhaps, doesn't know a damn thing about the laws.

HANNITY: Scary. No, when the fix is in, it's corruption. When you have a conclusion before an investigation, the fix was in. Let me go through this a little bit with Sara Carter. So, she steals, she rigs the primary election. And Democrats are trying to tell us, oh, that's not a big deal. And then she tried to fix the general election by paying for Russian bought and paid propaganda. Lying about Donald Trump. And then we have, it gets even bigger than that. And then we've got, you know, the fix with Comey as we were just talking about. And the fix with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. Is there anything the Clintons don't fix or try to fix?

SARA CARTER, CIRCA NEWS: Well, over the last year, you know, the Democrats have been pointing their finger at the Trump campaign, you know and President Trump, that he had a fix in with Russia. But all of the evidence, Sean, points to the Democrats and Russia. And this is beyond partisan. Because what John showed in this story with this removal of gross negligence with something that the FBI, I mean, agents within the FBI, since last July, when Comey made these statements, they were up in arms.

People within the FBI, former FBI agents, they were so frustrated. They didn't understand what was going on here. One thing they did understand was that, there was some kind of fix. And they wanted to figure out why did Comey do this. And now we see there is a little bit more evidence shedding light onto this.

HANNITY: All right. John, let's go back to your reporting.


HANNITY: Let's go back to what you have. You actually updated your column from earlier today. Why don't we give everybody the latest news?

SOLOMON: Yes. It wasn't just a single time that they mentioned this term.

HANNITY: Gross negligence.

SOLOMON: Gross negligence. They're in and they said, listen, one of the things that strikes us is, there were lots of secret information that passed through that pattern that constant being able to put that into the emails really concerned them as evidence of what was going wrong here. And I think it was not an accidental term that was seen in there. It was thought through earlier on in May and by June, somehow that terms drops out of the statement. It's very surprising and I think people are going to ask about questions.

HANNITY: What about the whole e-mail issue that we are now understanding more?


HANNITY: I mean, if I deleted 33,000 emails.


HANNITY: If I destroyed my hard drives, if I busted up my Blackberries, would I be calling you from jail?

JARRETT: You would be charged with obstruction of justice, a violation of the federal records acts and the public officers' law. These are three criminal statutes that have serious penalties. You know, when you receive a Congressional subpoena on your documents, you are instructed to preserve and produce them. She chose to do neither one of them. She destroyed 33,000 of them! And it is inconceivable to me that she was not charged.

HANNITY: Last question. I've got to update the audience, Sara on Uranium One. Now, every day, every week this keeps growing as well. The fact that Comey -- I'm sorry, that Mueller and Eric Holder knew about bribery, extortions, kickbacks, money laundering, racketeering in ‘09. How did they get to investigate anything Russia? Shouldn't he be investigated? Shouldn't everyone involved in that deal be investigated?

CARTER: Well, I certainly know from talking to sources, Sean, I don't think it is going to be Mueller. And I don't think it's going to be Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. And I know now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not recuse himself from the Uranium One investigation.

HANNITY: That's huge.

CARTER: So, it is huge. It is huge. And you know, despite the fact that we've seen reports out there that they said he did, he did not. So, I believe right now there is an ongoing investigation into this. I do believe that a special counsel will be announced. We're not certain yet that this is where the direction is going in and we just have to remain patient and wait and see.

HANNITY: All right. You guys have done amazing work. We are like unpeeling the layers of an onion. And here is what I can tell everybody in the media that is so lame. Tick-tock. There is so much more coming. There is a hint. A lot more information on this unfolding scandals, but right now, I got a question for you, does James Comey owe the American people an explanation? Absolutely. Tweet me @SeanHannity on Twitter.


HANNITY: All right. Welcome back to "Hannity." Busy breaking news new night. Joining us with more reaction to this bombshell claim that Hillary Clinton stole the DNC primary. Just stop. Take that in.


HANNITY: Stole it. A rigged primary in the United States of America. Most of the media ignores it. The former national justice director for Bernie Sanders Tezlyn Figaro and former Clinton pollster, Fox News contributor Doug Schoen.

Tezlyn, when I think of you and I remember you have been on the show before. Maybe we have some disagreements on some issues. I could never support Bernie Sanders. Obviously, my political views are different. But if you and you donate and you work and you go to the polls and you wait in the primary, and it turns out it was for nothing, and every major Democratic is just saying trying, oh, it's nothing.

That's an insult to every single person. That's a rigged election. That is them doing the things, you know, we literally have rendered the votes of people meaningless in America! Disenfranchised all of these people. Nothing. Your reaction?

FIGARO: You know, it's not even, Sean, just to those who supported Senator Sanders. It's everyone including you. Any American citizen who has the right to vote, to have that be disenfranchised is a disrespect to anyone who believes in the American process, Democratic process. You know, Hillary Clinton wrote a book called "What Happened?" and Donna Brazile wrote, what really happened part 2. And for that, that has hurt a lot of Democrats. They're upset.

For them to even ostracized her. For someone who has spent over 40 years, the Democratic Party has been a Clinton loyalists to bring this note and for them to pretty much crucify her for speaking the truth is an injustice. You know they pretend all of the pundits for 10. You know, there is no way Democrats can rig a primary. No one is saying that people win in and changed the voting, you know, the voting machines. What we're saying is, the super delegates -- the 700 super delegates that has super powers to use --

HANNITY: That was fixed too.

FIGARO: -- their power over the will of the people to influenced their communities. We win out to these locations. The people told us that they wanted to support Senator Sanders but could not because of the backlash that pretty much Donna Brazile is receiving now.

HANNITY: Doug, you are an honest guy.

DOUG SCHOEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Look, I support the general thrust of what you and certainly Tezlyn are saying. People were disenfranchised. But I want to go a step further tonight. The entire Democratic Party stinks from the head down. The whole process. Everyone has really a stain on their hand. And with this new revelation tonight on the emails that probably involved gross negligence, it strengthens my call and that of others for a special prosecutor to look at that, Comey, the gross negligence, to look at the email deal more generally, to look at Uranium One.

The dossier. All of it. Because at this point, what we know is getting more and more troubling. I say this is a loyal Democrat. I know Tezlyn is a loyal Democrat. But as she said and I would say, this is not partisan, this is about -- democracy.

HANNITY: Listen, you hear me. I am more critical of Republicans, they are weak and timid and they've lost their identity and vision. Their inability to keep promises. I am more critical of them. And you are more critical, what do you make of every Democrat that has gone out there, oh no big deal? Oh, so what, we disenfranchised Bernie people? Really?

SCHOEN: I was the only mainstream Democrat that I'm aware of, who publicly disavowed Hillary in the election.

HANNITY: You heard that, you heard Terry McAuliffe?

SCHOEN: Yes, I did. And my point is, I said there would be a constitution crisis if she was elected. We have one now and she wasn't elected. Tezlyn, it stinks. It's rotten! It's more than rigged.

HANNITY: I know more than I can say tonight.

SCHOEN: Right.

HANNITY: There is a lot more coming. Tezlyn, we'll give you the last word.

FIGARO: I'll say that I look forward to a lot more coming that we have been talking about for years and years and years. Donna Brazile even talked about the money that was spent on consultants years ago. For them to cast her away. The only African-American woman that has led a Presidential campaign to the Democratic Party to me says how they feel about black women who have spent their entire lives pushing the Democratic Party. I am offended for her and anyone else who has ever had any skin in the game and making this process work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need a cleansing of the entire process.

HANNITY: Trump is right. It is a swamp. It's a Republican and Democratic swamp.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I agree both parties is a swamp. Let's clean it out.

FIGARO: I agree.


FIGARO: Thank you.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you. More to come on the bombshell report that James Comey, he drafted that memo that accuse Hillary of gross negligence. The legal standard and the email server scandal, why did he change it? Sebastian Gorka, Victoria Toensing here tonight to react and so much more, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." This program I have tonight, we call for equal justice under the law. Whether it's the Russian investigation, any criminal manner, no person, no matter how privilege rich, entitled, connected should receive any special treatment from our government. Sadly that is not the case with the Clintons. You might remember when James Comey admitted under oath that Attorney General Loretta Lynch ask him to call this an investigation in the Clinton emails server scandal. Under investigation, don't call it an investigation, call it a matter. And he listened to her. Watch this.


JAMES COMEY, FBI DIRECTOR: The Clinton campaign at the time was using euphemisms and security review matters, things like that for what is going on. We got to a place where the Attorney General and I were going to have to testify and talk publicly. Was she going to authorize us we could confirm it was an investigation. She said yes, but don't it that, call it a matter. I said why would I do that? And she said, just call it a matter.


HANNITY: Just following the Clinton talking points. Of course you are the FBI director on the Attorney General. The fix is in. Here now is the author of Defeating Jihad former deputy assistant to president, Sebastian Gorka, and the attorney, the person representing that FBI informant in the uranium one scandal Victoria Toensing is back with us. He not only followed Loretta Lynch's advice, Sebastian, he also then went forward with the matter and the fix was in. He purpose gross negligence. That is a legal term. It was not at least two documents. They edited it out to get the legal standard gone so they could exonerate her before they did the investigation. I have never heard of such insider back-room dealing in my life. You would be in jail. Victoria would be -- well, she would never be in jail, because she has Joe, and I would be in jail. Your thoughts?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, DEPUTY ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Mere mortals like you and I would be in jail. I spent 15 years of my life living in the former dictatorship of Hungary. This was worse than the stuff I saw their living in a continent of dictatorship for 40 years. Victoria is the legal professional, but even I can see the fact pattern. There are key individuals, Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein. And it is clear that these individuals thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. All of these people are bodies. They stick together. They watch each other's back. And they did what they thought would guarantee their future under a Hillary Clinton White House. The wrong candidate won. We see what we see today. I will share one thing that I have not said before on television. I tried for 6 months to work with the FBI out of the White House on a specific project. The FBI of the highest level blocked me. At the end of the day, I had a senior FBI agent said the following to me, he said, Sebastian, you need to understand, the 7th floor of the FBI, the senior leadership, looks at the Trump White House as the enemy." That is how bad it is, Sean.

HANNITY: Victoria, if the fix is in and he is riding the exoneration before he thought of his investigation, if he takes the cue, she of course and Bill Clinton on the Tarmac and then he changes the standard from gross negligence, how could any better than conclude anything other than the fix was in? Just like she rigged the general election and rigged the primary, she tried to do with the fake Russian lie propaganda dossier. A lot of fixing going on here.

VICTORIA TOENSING, ATTORNEY REPRESENTING FBI INFORMANT: Sean, gross negligence is the statutory term. But I can tell you, extremely careless is also a legal term. As Greg said earlier on your show, it would be synonymous and a Judge would explain that to a jury. Then Comey accepted calling the investigation a matter. Where was Comey after that tarmac meeting? If I would had been the FBI Director, I would have called in every FBI agent on her detail and asked how that meeting came about and what were they responsible for? I don't think that is been done yet. Where was Comey's inter-moral code? Let me tell you a story about him. When he was the deputy Attorney General and lawyers would argue with him at the Justice Department, he would turn to them and say I think your moral compass is askew. Let me tell you who is moral compass is askew. James Comey.

HANNITY: Let me get an update on uranium one. The FBI informant. The uranium one sold out our security. We import uranium. Why we would we ever give 20 percent to Russia. When they knew in 2009, Mueller knew and Eric Holder had to know. They are the FBI, FBI Director and the head of Justice Department. Bribery kickback, extortion, money laundering and racketeering. How could have they have not topped that?

TOENSING: Who, I mean who was going stop it? It seems like Obama was not going to stop it. Even though the FBI was telling the informant that the president was being brief on this investigation.


TOENSING: Yes President Obama is being brief on this investigation. He didn't stop it.

HANNITY: In other words, who the president is briefing. What will your client, this informant who has documents, emails, tape recording and infiltrated for all that period of time, what will he tell us? What will the country learn?

TOENSING: Oh, you know you have done this before. I won't tell you yet. He doesn't have a gag order. This is a time I am working with him in organizing his presentation. I am not about to reveal it now. It is very hard.

HANNITY: Will it be historic?

TOENSING: Well, I think it will be very informative.

HANNITY: Okay. That is why you are a good lawyer. Dr. Gorka I am going to ask you this, Donna Brazile saying the primary was fixed. Hillary Clinton owned the DNC, so she is the DNC to funnel money to a lawyer to pay for the phony Russian information and campaign to pay the lawyer to funnel this phony Russian information to rig and fix the general election. What is the meaning of all of this?

GORKA: This is a house of cards that is collapsing. The DNC, the Clinton scandal after scandal. When everything comes out in the wash, I think we will be shocked and find that the Clinton corruption, this Cartel, will make Al-Capone look like a guy that took your lunch money. From the cattle futures on down. Right through to Benghazi, right through the uranium one. The Clintons have been a decade's long crime cartel. Uranium one scandal is the biggest 20 percent of our uranium, let's just let that sink in. Nuclear weapons, all of that given to Vladimir Putin. It begs belief, Sean.

HANNITY: I can tell you. Real quick Victoria.

TOENSING: A second to make one points. The Clintons are successful because they try to ruin anybody who opposes them. Watch what will happen to Donna Brazile. You will do clips all day tomorrow about people saying she doesn't know what she is doing. Donna Brazile is a tough cookie. She use to even hanging around with us Republican women.

HANNITY: I have known her for years. She is very tough.

TOENSING: She will take them on.

HANNITY: There is more than I can tell tonight that I know. Tick-tock. Stay tuned. We a have a lot more coming. Thank you both for being with us. When we comeback, politicizing this tragedy in Texas over the weekend. Using what happens in this church shooting to push gun control. David Clarke, Daryl Parks, powerful debate straight ahead.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I pulled upon the intersection. I saw the shooter coming from the cars right outside of the church that were parked. His vehicle was parked. Door open. Engine running. And him, and the neighbor across the street were both coming out about the same time exchanging fire. The shooter got in the truck. The gentleman with the rifle came to my truck as the shooter took off and he briefed me quickly on what just happened and said we have to get him. That is what I did. He just hurt so many people. He just affected so many people's lives. Why wouldn't you want to take him down?


HANNITY: That was one of two Texans who chased this church gunman Devin Kelley. Describing the pursuit which eventually led to Kelley taking his own life. Tonight the country mourns for Texas, all of them. Their families who lost loved ones and those that were killed, in a church. While much of the country grieves for the victims, once again, the left races, rushes to politicize the tragedy to make it about gun control. Last week, remember the terror attack in New York? That was not a gun. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I talked about limiting magazine capacity. This is another incident probably 4th or 5th this year that could have been if not prevented, the damage would have diminished greatly if he made small changes to our gun laws that we have right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The second amendment in this case has nullified the right to live for many people in this church. I think a national discussion has to happen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most of us are supporters of the second amendment, but this to your point. Proliferation of mass casualties, events like this. We have to do something. Not doing anything and expecting a different outcome for us is the definition of insanity.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, it's too soon! Really? We are not safe at school. We are not safe in church. We are not safe at concerts. When can we have this conversation? You are cowards.


HANNITY: Here with a reaction is America first action spokesman senior adviser, a friend, a former Milwaukee county sheriff David Clarkson and civil rights attorney Daryl Parks. What is the rush to politicize? You know at the end of the day, the fact that a neighbor got his gun, so many instance s were people get guns, used guns to protect innocent people. Here is my question to you, if god forbid and we have known for each other for a long time. If god forbid you are in a situation where shooting is occurring. I am licensed to carry in New York, Rhode island and California, Alabama and Georgia. I have been trained since I was 11 in the safe use of firearms. And something happens, do you want me in the room next to you?

DARYL PARKS, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: For sure. But, Sean, here's the deal. We have seen countless deaths from guns over the last few months and years. We have to have a response to what we do about these situation. We have a man who may have been mentally disturbed. We have to respond.

HANNITY: We have learned tonight, I think it was an oversight. Probably innocent, but the military forgot to put his name in the data base. That was a misstep, we can't have missteps, and we got to get on our game.

PARKS: We got to get on our game and when those mistakes happen, people have to answer. Hopefully the department of defense has to answer.

HANNITY: You want me in the room? If god forbid, hell breaks you are trained, I am actually, some people call my radio show what kind of gun should I get? What do you want to get trained in the safety and use of? You carry a gun?

PARKS: I carry a gun. I learned as a boy scout. My boy scout taught me how to use a gun.

HANNITY: I don't like agreeing with this. Sheriff Clark, help me out here. Darryl is making sense tonight. But the bottom line is we would end school shootings if we had retired military or retired policemen in the schools for a first line of defense. The same thing in churches. I know that churches in this day and age have multiple armed guards to protect those people that attend these services. And they should.

DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF: Sean, three things in life are certain. Death, taxes and the Democrats and anti-gun movement, politicizing a tragedy like we saw in Texas yesterday. This is not about guns. They know it. With break neck speed they race to a camera to try to politicize the event. To take this out on people, over 150 million people estimated in the United States that own guns who would never do something like this. This our system of justice is predicated on punishing those directly involved in a situation, not those that weren't. The NRA, the national rifle association is the preeminent organization in the United States that talks about gun safety that talks about keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. They support that kind of legislation, but to take this out on the gun itself or law-abiding citizens who have guns is just plain wrong.

HANNITY: Darryl, you are politically a Democrat. Why is your side not understanding what you seem to understand?

My parents had law enforcement connection. I have a finger print safe all over my house and you can't open my safe. I am a big believer in safety. If someone comes into my house, I will protect my family.

PARKS: Sean, here's the deal. Right now in Texas there are only 20 people who lost their lives. We owe those people the truth. We have -- there has to be a response from the government to deal with this issue. We can't not do anything.

HANNITY: You say that. The left really wants is disarming law-abiding citizens, evil starts in the human heart. If you can't get a gun, you are going to use knives or a car or a truck or a bomb. Isn't that a fact? Evil is evil.

PARKS: That is true. In this situation, we know this gentleman had a past of domestic violence. We have to deal with that issue.

HANNITY: And also the military. In the reports are true tonight and the military didn't pass this information on, that is a flaw in the system. In that sense, if that is a mistake, we can't have these flaws, because crazy people will do crazy things.

CLARKE: Better record keeping might help in this situation. Of course, the leftist wants to target a gun. I have yet to see a gun laying out on the table or in case, lift itself up and point itself at somebody and fire itself even in a situation such as this. It doesn't happen. This is the human element here. There are things we can do. The NRA talked about it. Not taking guns out of the hands of law -abiding citizens. We done that, those 2 heroes who took this guy down after this event, would not have the tools necessary to do that sort of thing. But of course the left doesn't want to talk about how guns actually save lives in many situation and many more situations.

PARKS: This is not a left or right issue. This is a human decency issue. There are people about to bury their love ones in Texas.

HANNITY: Tell your Party. That is you party that politicize this.

PARKS: but it is not a left or right issue. This is a life and death issue.

HANNITY: What happen, and you go to church. Now we have to have armed guards in church and schools on every block on every corner. Evil spreading. All right thank you all for being I think us. I appreciate it. When we come back, an announcement more "Hannity" right after this.


HANNITY: All right some good news. I want to thank all of you and I mean thank you from the bottom of my heart. "Let There Be Light." It's been a massive success. Beyond our wildest dreams. The first 2 weeks the film has doubled in theatre exposure. Grossed over $4 million. For a faith based film that is big. We have no help, zero from any Hollywood studio. It was an independent film, we have been fighting every step of the way. It has been on the top 10 both weeks in movie ticket sales.

And get this, it is now the 44th highest gross Christian movie in history in only two weeks. "Passion of the Christ" obviously a number one. We didn't have that budget. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Your testament and writings to me are beyond touching. If you like it, tell your friend.

Unfortunately that is all the time we have left. We will never be the left mainstream liberal destroy Trump media. Laura Ingraham is next.

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