Circus Maximus?

I love those who blast what's going on in California now as a circus. Seeing Gary Coleman, the comic Gallagher, a stripper, Arianna Huffington and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the same ballot is jolting, but you know what's more jolting? The mess that created this mess. That's the real circus.

Running a nearly $40 billion deficit that beats the deficits of 49 other states combined? That's a circus.

Offering public debt that no one will buy and forcing state interest rates to near junk bond levels? That's a circus.

Watching scores of businesses up and leave the Golden State after getting hit with tax increase after tax increase? That's a circus.

Spending state monies like they were going out of style, then having the gall to criticize federal deficits? That's a circus.

And assuming voters would just suck it up and pay it up? Well, that's not only a circus. That's a sin.

No, my friends, the tragedy isn't what's happening now. The tragedy is what's happened leading up to now.

A state that freely spent the money when it had it and now comes back with a tin cup demanding more when it doesn't have it.

And now, for those in government to say you need those who know government, to right the government, I say, shut up.

All the experience and political know-how in the world got us into this mess. Who's to say an actor or a comedian can't get us out of this mess?

You know what's worse than an elitist saying he's against actors making a mockery of the process? Refusing to accept any blame for the mockery the state's become long before this process.

Remember, it wasn't an actor who created this mess. Or an actor who once said, "I invented the Internet." Or an actor who swore, "I did not have sex with that woman." Or an actor who vowed, "I've got California's budget under control." Then again, maybe it was an actor.

They say we'll only make things worse. Please, for god's sake, explain exactly how.

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