Chaos and Kids

Today my new children's book, "Kids Are Americans, Too," is in the stores. It's a sequel to "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids," which was the biggest selling children's nonfiction book of 2005.

"The Factor for Kids" is a survival guide for high school and middle schoolers. Any child can understand it. "Kids Are Americans, Too" is a bit more advanced. It asks the key question to young people — what do you owe your country? You have freedom, plenty of stuff, entertainment galore. But why do you have all this? And what do you owe America?

The sad truth is many kids never even think about their country. They're not taught much about it. They have no idea what patriotism really is. And the only way they're going to learn to be patriots is if the parents and grandparents teach them. And my book will help you do that.

This is not a book for the dim child. If a kid doesn't ask questions, has no frame of reference, don't waste your money on "Kids Are Americans, Too." This is a fun read, but one that requires a basic knowledge of America.

Finally, the book is needed because kids today are being battered by terrible influences and mindless distractions all day long. Kids need to see positive messages. They need to get a clue.

And if you don't believe me, take a look at a brand new law just signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's called the California Student Civil Rights Act. And it was driven by State Senator Sheila Kuehl, a gay activist, who used to be an actor. She played Zelda on "Doby Gillis." Remember that?

Now I actually admire the senator for trying to protect gay kids from bullies and discrimination, but this law is insane. The law states that students are entitled to equal rights regardless of disability, gender, race, or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics stated in the state penal codes. Sounds great, doesn't it? Equal rights, who's against that? But what this really means is that a student or a parent can claim discrimination for just about anything.

Say Merry Christmas in school, an atheist can claim a violation. Say anything about man-woman marriage, you have to give gay couples equal time. Say Germans were bad during World War II, a German-American student can claim discrimination and so on.

The law is intended to protect everybody's feelings, except fat kids or kids with bad complexions, or kids who stutter. Those children are not defined under this act. So Governor Arnold, we need another act for them, don't we?

Any teacher disciplining a child can now be accused of bias. Any teacher failing a child can be accused of bias and so on.

Now this crazy law will lead to a multitude of lawsuits and a collapse of the already lax discipline system in California schools. Also, complete chaos on campus. Everybody who has a schoolyard beef can now sue under the new California law, which takes effect January 1st.

Pinheads and Patriots

Today, the Mallard Fillmore comic strip featured this business, the duck saying, quote, "Now the mainstream media are picking up left-wing blogs' lies about Bill O'Reilly and running them as facts. Take it from me, Bill, this just means you've arrived."

Yes, but is the destination worth it, Mallard?

Bruce Tinsley, the author of this strip, is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, Senator Sam Brownback, running for president on the Republican side, wants Congress to make a formal apology for slavery. We found that interesting and wanted to talk to the senator about it, but he will not speak with us. So he's a pinhead. You don't propose that kind of thing without explanation, sir.