Cavuto: You Lose an Argument, When You Force an Argument

Say it, don't spray it.

A reminder to those who disagree with those they find disagreeable.

Hear 'em. Don't gas 'em.

Because every time you do, you cede the advantage to them.

Whether its California University police officers pepper spraying sitting protesters last week...

Or a South Korean opposition leader setting off a tear gas canister in parliament to stop a ruling party vote just this morning...

In either case, lost case.

More like nut case.

Because those who protest with weapons end up giving the folks they're targeting a powerful weapon.

The weapon of the eyes of viewers who are simply shocked....

Viewers who wonder whatever protesters are it worth shutting them up with pepper spray while they're peacefully sitting?

Or whatever problems there are with a South Korean trade deal with the it worth tear gassing the guy who simply wants to vote on it?

I think you lose an argument when you force an argument, or forcibly try and remove those arguing.

It wins attention to a cause that would otherwise be ignored...

And makes the ones spraying and gassing the culprits in a battle of ideas that would otherwise be their advantage.

It's one thing when protests turn violent...that the world can see.

It's quite another when they do not but you respond with violence...because that the world can see too.

And remember more.