Cavuto: Why is Trump's second meeting with Putin an issue?

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So Donald Trump had a second meeting with Vladimir Putin and we are upset…why?

Because we in the media didn't know about it prior?

Or because we just want to pile on about it now?

For the life of me, I’m really at a loss on this one and why this is even an issue.

I mean, these guys weren't holed up alone at some secret location.

They were at a group of 20 Summit of world leaders in Germany.

This was at a dinner for those leaders.

All the leaders knew about it. They were all there.

Not a one wearing a disguise.

They talked. They mingled. They moved around. You know, the sort of thing world leaders do at a meeting of world leaders!

It's what they do. At these G-20 events, actually, it's all they do. Schmooze. They get up and schmooze.

Whether it's for a minute or an hour, do we really care?

If President Trump joins president Putin further down the table and uses his translator, because he spoke English and not his own, because he didn't speak Russian, does it really matter?

Each leader could bring only one translator. The president was seated next to the Japanese prime minister's wife, so his translator spoke Japanese.

Somehow everyone in that room got around and got around these boundaries. In at least a dozen different languages, I’m also told a good time was had by all, even though it’s safe to say all the folks in that room didn’t flip over the elephant in that room, talking to the other elephant in that room.

They sound catty, but that doesn’t make for a conspiracy.

Like when I heard Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who ominously wondered about a conversation he will never know.

Yet if memory serves me right, didn't say boo about another president's conversation he very much did know.

Barack Obama’s incredible exchange with then Russian president Medvedev caught off mic about waiting for a certain presidential election.

I don't recall Mr. Blumenthal steamed over that.

Some media coverage of that. Nothing approaching this.

Another news network even expressing feigned horror at the site of Melania Trump sitting next to Vladimir Putin.

No historical reference to a certain other first lady once seated next to a fellow named Nikita Krushchev.

We'd later learn John Kennedy was sending secret notes to the Russians through his brother Robert Kennedy to solve the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Not a word about this president talking to his Russian counterpart to maybe prevent a future crisis.

No, Kennedy was brilliant and working a connection.

Trump's a boob and proving a collusion.

And the media calls this holding truth to power?

Please. Save the sanctimonious outrage for someone who cares.

If this was a super-secret pow-wow, news flash: the whole world was in on it.

And every major world leader was playing a part in it. Including their spouses.

Talk about clever by half, those G-20 guys icing us media guys in full view of the world.

None other than host Angela Merkel in on the whole thing, inviting the whole bunch.

What is German for "faked you out, fake news!!"

How dare they meet and talk. Better they should sit and not say a word, at all.

And how dare the American news media not be given a heads-up,

Especially when it seems every other country's media knew exactly what was going down.

This is kind of like that time then President-elect Trump went out for a steak dinner in New York City and never told anyone.

Oh, the outrage. Oh, the questions that were never answered. What kind of a steak was it? Did he have a baked potato with it? Butter or sour cream? Both? And what did Melania have? The ribeye or petite filet?

Oh, did the media have a T-bone to pick with Trump then, but that's nothing like the beef it has now.

The same media famous for saying leaders should talk, just not this one.

And break bread not war, just not this one.

And work together on solving crises, not making new ones, just not this one.

Stop. Just stop. You're trying very hard to mask a hate that's now too over the top.

Go after the president on things that matter, not silly things that don't.

It's fair game to say the president might have dropped the ball on healthcare.

But to say he did the same dropping in on a world leader at the same table?

For now, focus less on what he's eating, and maybe more on what's eating you.

It only makes you look childish.

Worse, vindictive.

Isn't that the kind of stuff you say you hate about the president?

Just because you missed a dinner doesn't entitle you to some childish just desserts.

Food for thought.

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