Cavuto: Who Will Step Up in This Crisis?

Someone, anyone...lead.

If there is anything that came through loud and clear in these volatile markets this week, it is that.

We're sick of this.

And sick of them.

The leaders we think are responsible for this...

Or at the very least, incapable of fixing this.

That is why markets sell off. There is simply no one stepping up.

But someone will, my friends.

Someone will.

Always happens.

Every crisis. All crises.

Someone steps up.

Someone fills the void.

Someone you don't see.

Someone maybe you "do" see but don't think has a chance.

Like I said, it has happened before.

Sometimes the guy's right in front of our eyes.

Like back in 1992, and all the Democrats then challenging a supposedly un-challengable George Bush senior, were called the Seven Dwarfs.

Until one of those dwarfs emerged. His name was Bill Clinton.

And soon, he wasn't a dwarf. Soon, he was a president.

Say what you will of Bill Clinton, he just emerged when no one thought any Democrat would.

Weird time. Not a unique time.

But a familiar pattern in desperate times.

Like in 1860 when voters turned to a back woodsman with limited political experience but a lot of common sense. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

Or in 1932 when, in the midst of a depression, they turned to a guy named a New York governor named Roosevelt.

Or in England in the dourest of days, turning to the most dour-looking of characters...Winston Churchill.

Many are dismissed by the establishment press in their day...but out of that built-in bias emerge some unlikely characters in their day.

Ronald Reagan in 1980.

A novice senator named John Kennedy in 1960.

I'm not here to judge their politics again, just their rise.

Just the fact that someone rises.

Someone you like. Maybe someone you don't like.

Sometimes, someone in retrospect you wish never rose at all.

Like a fellow named Adolf Hitler in a desperate Germany.

Or Benito Mussolini in a desperate Italy.

Or Ayatollah Khomeini in a very desperate Iran.

Characters in their moment...who seize that moment.

And seized history.

I like to think that for every bad one...we get some good ones. And history, and good, prevails.

It depends on who ultimately prevails.

Likely someone dismissed now.

Likely someone right in front of us now.

We're just not looking.

Gosh knows the media's too busy dismissing.

They'll miss it.

They always do.

Because the silly masses always prove them wrong.

It's not only hysterical.

Truth is my is history.