Cavuto: Where does personal responsibility begin?

Where does all of this end?

And where does personal responsibility begin?

Suing McDonald's because it makes some stuff that isn't good for you misses the point that McDonald's also makes some stuff that is good for you.

And comparing fast food to big tobacco leaves out one very big difference.

The tobacco industry knew its product was addictive. It even made it addictive, and hid that fact for years.

Unless Ronald's been filling his fries with Freon, and lying about it,

McDonald's should be free to push its nutritionally fair and balanced menu without anyone suing them over it.

I'm not saying we shouldn't eat healthy.

I am saying lawyers deciding that issue for us that's unhealthy.

This whole trend is unhealthy.

And the fear this has all struck in our parents and our schools is unhealthy.

Look at us! We're actually petrified to publicly party.

Sweating we might get sued over sweets!

Schools afraid to have Valentine's Day parties with cupcakes.

So they're handing out carrots.

No more cookies. No more cakes. No more candy in class. Pretty soon, no more parties, period, in class.

Let me tell you something, one cookie isn't going to kill a child, but all this political correctness will kill his childhood.

Years from now, kids are going to wonder.

They'll wonder why we didn't teach them about making choices.

They'll wonder why we took away all their choices.

They'll wonder why we didn't say, one cupcake is fine for one day.

They'll wonder why instead, we took all the cupcakes away, all days.

They'll wonder why we didn't treat them like human beings who just wanted to celebrate special moments.

And more like guinea pigs who we denied a single sweet moment.

They'll wonder why we were so busy keeping them sugar-free and gluten-free, and fat-free and anything-fun-free that we never just let them be free.

Free to think, one cupcake isn't the end of the world, but instead told, no! This is the new world order!

Nutritionists say they'll thank us.

I'm telling you all these kids? Years from now?

They're gonna hate us.

And I bet you a lot of come back with chainsaws and just kill us.