Cavuto: What's fake is when you stop being real

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There's nothing fake about what I said. Regular viewers of this program also know, there's nothing new in what I said.

Because I've always said it.

Spoken up for then-candidate Trump and his business skills when no one would.

Predicted on this show his very election win when few others would.

That didn't mean I couldn't incur his wrath.

Remember when I talked to his critics, mainly Mitt Romney, Donald Trump himself wrote me off.

That was his right, I said then.

I think I've been beyond fair regardless since.

That's only fair. Anything less is what's fake.

To me, fake is what gets in the way of progress that should be real.

And the fact is, the president has a real economic agenda.

And as I've said many times on this show, real momentum for that agenda.

What's fake is when the media forgets that real momentum.

But what's also fake is when the president himself disrupts that momentum.

It works both ways. But don't think for a minute I don't think the president really is treated unfairly.

As I've said many times, I think all of us in the media have lots of time. What do we have, three 24-hour news channels, and at least that many business channels?

Plenty of time to cover all the news on this president. All the news. Not some of it. All of it.

That doesn't mean glossing over this whole Russia-collusion thing.

But nor does it mean glossing over the more than $3 trillion in market wealth created since the president's election thing.

So to my media colleagues do cover private meetings with the president that have been leaked to you.

But also cover very public meetings the president's had with dozens of CEOs that have been largely dismissed by you.

There is good. There is bad.

I figure I'm on three hours a day between two networks here, so I've got time to cover both.

I guess fake can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder.

To a president who hates any bad press and name me a one who didn't, fake is coverage he doesn't like.

But fake can also be tweets and remarks he makes that can compound the coverage he doesn't like.

What's fake is when you stop being real, including real honest with yourself.

From the president, to the media covering the president.

What's fake is when you hate the president and only report the bad.

What's just as fake is when you love the president and only report the good.

What's fair is to remember both.

I've got three hours.

Like I said, I have time to remember both.

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