Cavuto: We shouldn't forget what is important in life

So the president's tweeting that UCLA kid's dad again.

Still angry.

This NFL mess still festering.

Sexual harassment claims still spreading.

Media big wigs still falling.

Congressional big wigs fast following.

And more than a year after a big election, some people still shouting.

So many. So angry. So constant.

It's not that any of these are un-important matters, but the only things that matter?

Try telling that to 58 families who'll have one less chair at their thanksgiving table this year after that rampage in Las Vegas last month.

Or the more than two dozen families in Texas trying to do the same after that church shooting a couple of weeks ago.

Or the eight families, most not even from this country, still trying to reconcile a madman running over their loved ones on a thoroughfare in New York, leaving a hole in their lives that reverberates worldwide.

Forgive them if they don't share your fury at the NFL.

Forgive them if they can't get too excited one way or the other over tax cuts.

Forgive them if the deduction for state and local taxes means little, and the cursing on both sides of the issue means less.

I'm sure they're just as shocked over wave after wave of celebrities and public figures whose careers seem to be imploding by the day.

I just think they're in a bigger state of shock coming to grips with loved ones who are never coming back any day.

We'd be wise to remember that the things that consume us in life shouldn't make us forget what is still important in life, and for which we should be grateful in life.

Namely, life.


If only we'd listen to the ones who have lost so much, we might not shout so much or tweet so much or fight so much.

Sometimes the loudest voice at the table, is the one saying nothing at the table. Perhaps because there's an empty seat at that table. Their table. Just be thankful it's not your table.

Their empty chair, just be thankful it is not your empty chair. Their constant reminder of a loss too great to measure kind of makes any our complaints too trivial to mention.

Maybe this thanksgiving we should count our blessings just by looking around the table. Maybe that's what these victims' families would be saying if they could only say anything at all.

Be grateful. Things could be so much worse.

So, thank about that when you gather with all of your family.

Remember, quietly, those who are not.

And never will be.