Cavuto: We Owe as Much as We Own

All we have doesn't beat… all we owe.

Think about that.

For the first time ever, our total debt as a country is equal to all we churn out as a country.

And soon, we'll "owe" more than we "own."

It's like we're all upside down… on our country.

Our soaring debt is now as big as our entire economy.

15 trillion in stuff we make.

15 trillion in stuff we owe.


That's all I can say.

Just reading that page one headline in USA Today got me fearing for the USA Today.

And tomorrow.

When our debt will top anything we do. Or make. Or, simply "are."

We "are" a mess.

And hitting that 100 percent mark confirms it.

No matter what we produce, how's "that" for a production?

How's that for a legacy?

How's that for an example?

It took a long time to get here.

And let me be clear, both parties got us here.

But it's time both parties wake up to how dangerous it is here. And now.

We either cut our choking debt, or we might as well just choke ourselves now.

Because we simply can't go on this way.

Paying bills we cannot pay, with money we can only print, in a world that only laughs.

How can we be a beacon, if we remain just a deadbeat?

There's a reason our country's getting downgraded.

We've failed the ultimate test.

Not only managing our money.

But now not managing our reality.

A reality that defines "cutting" by simply "slowing" the growth in spending… but still spending more than we're making.

Average taxpayers can't do that for long and not regret it.

Yet they pay into a government that makes it an art form and are forever marked for it.