Cavuto: Voters have thrown in the towel

It is better to tax...than spend.

Or at least it is easier.

I don't know whether it's voters just throwing up their hands...

But when it comes to slowing down spending, they've clearly thrown in the towel.

Or at least a lot of them have.

Including in the very state from which I'm coming to you right now...California.

Folks here approving not one, but two propositions that call for hiking taxes on the rich, and a jump in sales taxes for pretty much everybody else.

That's not to say Californians haven't already tried to cut spending...but folks here have decided, enough of that...not making much headway reducing the size of government, so what the heck...let's just start paying for more government.

Kind of like what's going on in Washington right now...where no one's talking about cutting taxes anymore...just raising them...and when all is said and done, likely on not just the rich.

Talk of a gasoline tax hike, to go along with reining in the mortgage deduction that stands to cost a lot more than just rich folks.

So, that's where we are, folks.

Reducing spending...not in.

And this idea we'll have a balanced approach to avoiding this year-end fiscal mess...not even close.

I predict it will be heavily weighted toward tax hikes...

Not because voters necessarily want more taxes...

Maybe more because they've said, the hell with banging our heads against the wall, hoping we'd see spending cuts.

Reality bites.

That tax bill will too.