Cavuto: Those in the Know, Clearly Don't Know Much

Jon Corzine.

Human being.

The great oz of finance.

Now just a clueless dude pulling cranks behind a curtain.

The upshot of a remarkable hearing this week that revealed there really never was anything remarkable about Jon Corzine, at all.

A self-proclaimed hands-on genius who essentially said, he didn't have a clue. Didn't know where the money went, where the money is, or even if they'll ever find the money again.

Financial titan reduced to sputtering Pee-Wee Herman.

It's sad when those we assumed "in the know..."

Clearly didn't know much.

I take nothing away from the former Goldman golden boy ... Who clearly m-f'ed up royally...

But what does that say about us and how we once treated him "like" royalty?

Another Goldman vet who was as financially savvy as you could get.

Too smart for us.

Way better than us.

Part of an elite group of money men who with the wave of a hand, used to dismiss annoying critics like horse flies at a beach.

Now a horse image of a very different sort.

Jon Corzine's just the latest.

I suspect he won't be the last.

Geniuses who could do no wrong, until we discovered they could actually do a lot wrong.

Happens all the time.

Bob Rubin was a financial superstar until his passive indifference at CitiGroup damn near created a Deathstar.

Hank Paulson smartest money man hands down ... Until a certain "meltdown."

My dad used to tell me, "Neil, stay humble, in your case it'll come in handy."

My mom had a slightly nicer spin...

"No one's perfect," she'd say. "The fools are those who try to sell themselves if they are."

Lesson learned.

But I suspect lesson forgotten.

Such is mankind's fate. To be fooled by those who we all but fancied mankind's superior.

Oh, the humanity.

The best and brightest of us seem to forget...

We're all part of humanity.

We're all human.

The ivy leaguers just itch more to be seen as more.

Maybe they shouldn't try so hard.

Because they only end up falling harder.