Cavuto: Things are looking lop-sided at the White House

If you are the company you keep how can the president possibly keep the promises he's made?

You know the ones about inviting "all" to the table, and putting "everything" on the table?

Did you see today's table?

The one at the White House?

Kind of a lop-sided table.

The president's first big post-election meeting.

Two words:

Not encouraging.

Here's why.

For this kickoff to progress today all progressives.

And all clearly the president's friends

I guess that's only natural, to first welcome the folks who brought you over the top but is it me, or did this feel more like "victors dividing the spoils?"

Sort of like, "Pirates of the Caribbean" crash the Cabinet Room.

And don't you tell me, from a distance Richard Trumka could easily pass for a slightly older, 'maybe' slightly meatier Jack Sparrow from a distance!

I'm kidding.

But shiver-me-timbers!! This invite list today is no joke!!

Besides the AFL-CIO, representatives from the Service Employees International Union, The National Education Association, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employee and on and on and on…

And I'm looking at these union guys and thinking to myself, "Self surely they're not all union guys descending on Pennsylvania Avenue?"

I mean, that would be too obvious.

Sure enough, I "did" find non-union types. Progressive pirates of a different sort…but united in wanting the successful in this country to walk the plank…

The Center for American Progress, Centre for Budget and Policy Priorities, Common Purpose Project, The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and the coup-de-gras,

All right, game over.

Game over.

If this is the White House's view of fair and balanced, count me concerned and worried.

The White House quick to say big CEO's are due up tomorrow although I notice no big Wall Street CEO's maybe so tit for tat there.

But no matter. I see very clearly what matters to the president.

Keeping his friends close today and letting his enemies just chill tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Priorities first. Buddies first. Beholden pals first.

Barack Obama invited them to his house today to remind them he's indebted and while he's president of all the people, he'll never forget "his" people.

The message is clear.

The tone is the same.

This isn't a mandate.

This is the president inviting his buddies to his man-cave.

On our dime.

Jack Sparrow wins again.