Cavuto: The time for blame game is over

The blame game must stop. It's got to stop.

The president who wants to get in Republicans' faces and uses an inaugural address to do it.

And Republicans, who feign shock, though their own finger-pointing encourages it.

I say stop, just stop.

Covering this spectacle myself up close and personal, allow me to say this whole tit-for-tat thing is now beyond the pale.

The time for blame is over. The time for fixing this mess is now.

Yet when I talk to Democrats about the feisty tone of the president's speech, they just say George Bush gave worse. When I talk to Republicans about that, they just say Barack Obama is much worse.

I've got four billion bucks that says you -- both parties -- are the worst. That's how much your finger-pointing and do-nothing costs American taxpayers each day. That's how much we add to our debt each day.

Each day one party points at the obstinacy of the other party, it keeps costing the rest of us dearly -- very dearly.

It's too tired and old hat to say, there's enough blame to go around. But maybe I should remind both parties again, you're both to blame for what's going on all around: Democrats for thinking spending isn't a problem, when it is; Republicans for lecturing like they've been great fiscal stewards when they've not.

Because as much as Republicans fault Democrats for spending on programs we can't afford, didn't they do the same foisting a Bush prescription drug plan for which they didn't pay?

And before Democrats get all haughty about spending on wars we couldn't afford, but for which they voted, might they acknowledge doubling down spending on things they want doesn't make the math any friendlier?

And before Republicans talk about returning to fiscal sanity, might they acknowledge that while they were in power, I don't remember a lot of sanity?

Smaller debt, same dubious math. Same behavior, same finger-pointing. Same blaming the other party for the very sins conducted by their party -- both parties.

My friends, the time has come not to revisit history. But to make history.

For Republicans, to say much like those at an AA meeting, that they are recovering spendaholics and have learned the hard way, there are no easy ways.

And for Democrats, to say they have taken this, "our way or the highway" approach before and there must be a better way.

Each must know the dangers of over-stepping moments that don't last. We are in the pickle we are in because both parties spend money we didn't and don't have.

We can quibble who spent more and on what, whose cause was just and whose was not, but the time has come to deal with the mess and now.

Because Americans are beyond being told it's the other guy's mess. They're saying pretty loud and clear to me: Fix it or it's all of you guys' jobs.