Cavuto: Show some drama Obama

It's time for some drama, Obama.

It's time to show some anger.

Let the world know you're not just peeved--pardon my French--you're pissed.

The problem with being hip is you think it's bad to get hot.

It's not.

Here's what is:

Showing no reaction at all.

Because here's the flipside of cool.

It risks making you look clueless, which, of course, is not cool.

Maybe aloof.

Maybe distant.

Maybe out of it.

But definitely not on top of it.

Definitely, not cool.

Certainly not when you're losing mainstream media pals who used to give you a pass, now, all but going for your jugular.

For good reason, any spin on all this bizarre activity out of the administration shows no reason.

Treason, maybe? But reason, no.

That's when the very thing you had going for you hurts you.

You've gone from hip to dip without uttering so much as a quip.

Because it's not cool to say nothing while you leave your bumbling press secretary to grasp at anything.

Let's assume you were out of the loop on the IRS targeting conservative groups.

And out of the loop on the Justice Department targeting AP reporters.

And out of the loop on these Benghazi talking points.

Show the world you're in the loop now.

And angry now.

And disgusted now.

And taking names now.

And demanding answers now.

Because this isn't about your presidency now.

Mr. President, this is about you, now.

How ticked you are now.

How enraged you are now.

And how you're not going to accept this nonsense from anyone associated with you now.

Show some drama, Obama.

Or you can kiss getting anything done this term, goodbye, Obama.

You're a cool president.

Time to act like a real human being, Mr. President.

That might not be cool.

But it would prove--

At least, you have a clue.