Cavuto: Senate takes a break

The world may end tomorrow, but rest assured the senate's not wasting a moment trying to get stuff done now.

I'm not talking progress on the cliff

I'm talking taking in that movie about Lincoln. Yep, a special viewing last night in the capitol!!

That all-important Steven Spielberg epic that Harry Reid moved heaven and earth so that he could not only screen it in the congressional auditorium

But then waive rules against food in said auditorium so that members could bring in munchies.

We're told popcorn, but "not" buttered popcorn.

Well, that's a relief.

And here I thought the possible end of humanity tomorrow, or barring that, the start of financial Armageddon less than two weeks after that... Would have these guys doing something profound, or deep, or meaningful.

No, just a movie.

A good movie.

But, alas, a movie.

....for which Harry Reid dedicated more time, and tried to bend more rules than I have, standing outside a Bennigan's on a Friday night, just after closing, imploring the manager to open the damn door!!

But then again, Harry runs this restaurant.

He even decides who eats there.

And "what" they can eat there.

It just got me thinking this possible last full day on earth

Is that how "I’d" spend the night before the night before "my" last night on earth?

After all, those are two hours I'll never get back.

But maybe Harry's right, why change everything you are... When you can just sit back in an easy chair and embrace the nothing you've done.

...return to the aimless, pointless stuff for which you're known. a theater, with a tub of popcorn, a box of gummie bears, a jumbo drink... Not a care in the world... Moments before the end of the world.

So maybe I’d do the exact same thing as harry.

In fact, knowing Harry, I'd even arrange another movie screening tonight... One last night... One last flick...

Maybe... "Apocalypse Now."