Cavuto: Remembering Larry Eagleburger

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Time magazine once described Larry Eagleburger...

Looking like the Michelin man with a cane.

Overweight and crammed in suits clearly "under-ironed"...let's just say Mr. Eagleburger was not your cardboard cutout diplomat.

I think they once said the same of Winston Churchill.

Let's just say, in both men's counts, good thing looks didn't matter.

Because when this country needed someone with uncanny instincts and foreign policy finesse, Lawrence Eagleburger did matter.

He mattered in the First Gulf War... When he helped keep Israel out, even as Iraq kept hurling scud missiles in.

He mattered right before the Second Gulf War...

He openly questioned what he called a rush to get in... Without a thought as to how we get out.

He was brash. Blunt. To some, even rude. But as a frequent guest on this very show, he was simply brilliant. A kind and decent man who'd sooner ruffle feathers than let anyone ruffle... This country.

Just say, not your normal cup of diplomatic tea.

Thank God.

Was reminded of that again by a New York Times account of his Senate confirmation hearing, when he was asked if he had ever, in public or private, pinched a woman's behind.

Eagleburger thought for a second, as if to ponder... Then he replied.

"Can I divide that into two questions?"

He brought down the house.

... News of his passing has just brought down... The country.

Lawrence Eagleburger.

Dead. At 80.

We will miss you, secretary... Rumpled suits... And all.

Good night.