Cavuto: Putin grandstanding is a bit rich

Just be glad for Vlad.

Because right now it looks like Vladimir Putin might have single-handedly saved the world!

His out-of-nowhere offer to stockpile Syria's chemical weapons and put them all under an international body's watchful eye has the Russian president looking brilliant.

And our president? Not so brilliant.

Forget about putting on the ritz, is it me?

Or don't you find all this Putin grandstanding a bit rich?

Isn't this the same Vladimir Putin who only days ago insisted Syria had no chemical weapons and now he's offering to gather them up and put them under lock and key?

And isn't this the same Putin who's no stranger to chemical weapons himself and has famously used them against his own unruly subjects?

And back in October 2002, when Russian forces pumped a still unknown chemical agent into a Moscow theater's ventilation system to disrupt Chechen rebels who had seized hostages.

He killed a lot of those rebels, but he also ended up killing about 130 of those hostages.

Then there's Alexander Litvinenko, remember him? The KGB defendor who chronicled the Kremlin's human rights abuses in a stunning book, "Blowing up Russia."

Fatally poisoned by radioactive polonium reportedly obtained from Russian sources.

And Russian opposition journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin who contracted a mysterious illness, in which his internal organs literally began collapsing one by one before he died, later traced to thallium poisoning.

And Viktor Yushchenko, the anti-Russian candidate running for president in Ukraine, who somehow survived a dioxin poisoning, only to end up horribly disfigured in the process.

I'll leave out the more conventional killings.

Like those of Russian human rights attorney Stanislav Markelov, who was famously shot in the back as he was leaving a press conference.

And Russian Central Bank deputy Andrei Kozlov, who was shot and killed in Moscow as he was waging a one man show to stamp out money laundering there.

A Forbes Russian editor shot in broad daylight.

A leading Russian human rights journalist and young mother abducted and shot and dumped in a roadside gutter.

You get the picture. Not pretty pictures.

And all linked to an increasingly cracked and cracking down Kremlin.

And a man whose peace overtures to the world seem to ring hollow with the many bodies piling up back home.

Yet the world celebrates him.

And an embarrassed White House all but thanks him.

Such is the state of global affairs today.

Where this guy calls the shots.

And we just look shot.