Cavuto: President may be benefiting from policies he opposed

Does Mitt Romney risk losing because Republican governors are "winning"?

You have to wonder.

Because the wondrous thing about these swing state polls or maybe not so wondrous if you're Mitt Romney is they're all run by Republican governors.

It's true.

In Ohio.

In Florida.

In Wisconsin.

In Virginia.

In Michigan.

All the states where the president's been gaining, Republican governors have been performing.

Getting double-digit unemployment rates down.

And more businesses in.

Each of them has seen improvements disproportionate to those across the country much better than other states across the country.

Which could explain why Romney is tied with the president in national polls but trailing in these crucial swing state polls.

Republican governors have turned things around and near as I can tell, those polled appear to be giving Barack Obama the credit.

I'm not here to say the president doesn't deserve some credit, or that mitt Romney deserves all the benefit.

I "am" saying a political truism still stands.

The incumbent benefits when times are good.

And takes the hit when times are bad.

"Not" the incumbent governor which maybe comes into play when he's running but not this year, when he's not.

No, the president is running right now and running ironically on the performance of all these republicans governors right now

The beneficiary of the very policies he's been against lower taxes, fewer regulations, and about as anti federal healthcare as you could get.

Those policies have these states humming, and Mitt Romney must be shaking his head at this the "president" gaining.

Ain't that a kick that in the most electoral vote rich state this is the state of things?

Back in business. Expanding business. Defying almost everything the president preaches you have to do to improve their business?

And it's Mitt Romney getting the business!!

And if these polls hold up, Mitt Romney potentially getting the shaft.

I don't think things are that simple, or that they ultimately will work out that way.

But ask yourself this when you look at the electoral map.

How is it that a race that's tied across the country is showing something very different across these largely Republican-run states?

States that are beating the national average in jobs gained, businesses charged, and voters clearly jazzed.

Republicans like to say it's a testament to what happens when you put a Republican in charge of a state.

Wouldn't that be something if it means a Democrat staying in charge of the country?