Cavuto: Obsession over Price's travels isn't about waste

Well Republicans, you started it. Now, who's going to end it?

Because Democrats sure are flying high over some big name Republicans flying private.

The latest target is Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, cited for chartering private planes at least 24 times.

And worse, doing so for destinations that the folks at Politico discovered had plenty of frequent, cheaper commercial alternatives.

And all this little more than a month after the media had a field day questioning Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his wife's travels aboard a government charter.

Republicans are now the ones flying off the handle. They're outraged over Democrats' outrage.

I guess, kind of like Democrats were outraged over Republicans' outrage over the same thing a while back.

Remember all those stories about Al Gore's big carbon-foot-printing?

How dare he travel private and waste all that fuel, while lecturing audiences about businesses laying waste to our earth? Apparently saving money and saving the earth are not mutually exclusive.

And neither is the rage.

Democrats say they have a right to be even more enraged because Republican officials are doing it on our dime and Al Gore did it on his.

I'm not so sure about that.

I "am" sure about this.

Who cares? Who really cares?

It's stupid. And in the relative scheme of things, it is chump change.

Not that I condone wasting money, but I'm more focused on the big money.

I mean, what do we spend on Health and Human Services? Over a trillion dollars a year? And we're zeroing in on thousands of dollars in private jet costs?

Then it hit me, maybe this obsession with the price over Tom Price's travels isn't about the price, it's not about the dollars. It's about distracting.

Just like griping about Al Gore's private travels was a distraction from his message. A way to shoot that message and the messenger.

Nothing distracts an issue from getting addressed like a distraction that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

So, Republicans, suck it up.

Those who live by the silly sword, die by the silly sword.

You started this and now Democrats are having a field day doubling down on this.

Because the more they can focus on Republicans wasting money that doesn't add up to much, the more they can prevent cutting sacred Washington programs whose budgets add up to so much more.

After all, who's going to listen to an HHS Secretary urging cost efficiencies as he dashes around the country flying private?

I suspect about the same number who'll stop taking Al Gore seriously as he bemoans a polluted world, flying private.

That's the thing about distractions. They work for both parties, and they prevent getting anything done by either party.

Trust me, Republicans weren't concerned about how Al Gore got around.

Just as long as he never got around to addressing his signature issue.

Just like I suspect Democrats aren't really bothered by how Trump Cabinet secretaries get around, just as long as those Cabinet officials never get around to fulfilling their mission on any issue.

It's all the same. "They" are all the same.

More intent on demagoguing an issue than solving an issue.

It's why Democrats brand Republicans heartless for trying to simply slow the growth of entitlements.

And Republicans call Democrats spendthrifts for not trying to slow the growth of anything.

So Republicans are throwing granny off a cliff.

And Democrats are pushing us all off the fiscal cliff.

I don't know who's worse. I do know they're both hypocrites.

Democrats for suddenly feigning concern for debt that didn't matter when they were running things.

Or Republicans for doing little, if anything, on that debt now that they are running things.

Talk is cheap. And so is this manufactured outrage.

Because this isn't about who's flying private.

It's about never getting around to doing the important things that matter to the public.

To us. To all of us. The folks who pay the bills.