Cavuto: Now that's a death spiral

Time for a little perspective: We're all going to die.

I want you to think about that.

Amidst all the heat here on Earth, the time's coming when this whole planet of ours just heats up -- more like burns up -- and just like that, no more Earth!

It's true. Astronomers say it's just a matter of time. Our sun will eventually burn out and we'll all hurdle to our intergalactic deaths.

It's already happening. Not to us, to a Jupiter-sized planet NASA is calling KELT-16b. It's 1,300 light years away and it's getting a little too close to its sun. How close? About 2 million miles close. Only a few billion years ago, it was 4.6 billion miles from that sun -- now, it takes less than a day to orbit around it. And it's being torn apart: extreme heat, massive tides -- it's in a death spiral.

NASA expects KELT-16b to cash in its interstellar chips in about half a million years -- that's like days in astronomical terms.

I pass this along not to bum you out, but step back and figure out what matters.

For now, we might still have health care on this part of the planet. Pretty soon, we just won't have a planet. Now, if that's not enough to make you sick!

Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it? The yelling and screaming, all as we're careening toward the same intergalactic fate as our planetary cousin 1,300 light years away.

I suspect if there's life there, unlikely now they're not fighting with each other over the stupid squabbles that consume us here. They've got other worries. Bigger worries. Like trying to stop this or glean some meaning from this.

That's what impending calamity does to you. It jars you back to your senses. Ask anyone who's dealt with serious illness in life. Nothing focuses the brain like the prospect of losing your life.

One day you're hurdling along, taking it all for granted, scratching for any edge you can get on this planet. Then you're hurdling toward certain oblivion.

No edge, no you, no planet. And all the insurance in the world ain't gonna save you.

Good night.