Cavuto: Not much 'performance enhancing' going on in DC

I guess we'll never know for sure whether Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs.

What we do know for sure is that Lance has given up the fight with the very U.S. government that knows a thing or two about performance enhancing drugs.

Only in the governments case...not much performance enhancing there.

Despite a ton more money shot up the kiester here.

Our money.

Our kiester.

That's what gets me so angry.

Not Lance Armstrong giving up 7 Tour de France titles...

The government saying he doesn't deserve them because it was all fixed.

Think about that...the government pointing fingers at a biker.

The same government who's spending on steroids has left us pikers.

Say what you will of lance..."his" dough.

Just remember the hypocrites judging him..."our" dough.

A lot more dough.

A lot bigger fix.

And not a single Tour de France title to show for it.

Not any title to show for it.

At least not any respectable title.

A lot of deficit records piling up as politicians keep shooting up.

On spending races they always win, but we always lose.

I just want to know who points the finger at them.

The politicians busy policing others' sins than ever address their own...

...who'd sooner target a bank for losing a few billion bucks in a quarter...than ever admit that's what they lose a day.

...who'd happily drag big oil CEO's to some D.C. kangaroo court, to rip them for prices going up...than ever concede it's because the government's not letting them drill.

...who'd merrily rip lenders for not lending enough...only a few short years after ripping those lenders for contributing to a meltdown because they lended too much.

So...just who's juicing whom here?

Who's really sticking it to us here?

The guy who has to hang up his wheels?

Or the government continuing to just spin its wheels?

Our wheels. Our money.

I've lost track.

Because lance isn't on this track.

We are.

And thanks to the government, we're still all as high as a kite...

And still going

Just faster.