Cavuto: No virtue being virtuous with someone else's money

I know it's Good Friday, but good grief!

What is with all these groups getting generous with someone else's money?

Actually, getting pretty demanding with it?

Unions protesting McDonald's for only offering a buck more an hour to some 90,000 workers...

Why not $15 bucks an hour? Why not all workers? Why not paid leave? Why not paid everything?

Why, indeed?

And why stop at McDonald's, or Walmart, or Target, or any other big company that's announced big wage hikes.

Hike 'em more. Give 'em more.

After all, they can afford it, right?

One protester even used the Easter season to shout, "it's what Jesus would do!"

How does he know that? Maybe Jesus told him. Maybe Jesus said it's OK to use his name while you're calling others names.

While you're preaching good works, but not offering so much as a penny of your own to pay for those good works.

Maybe Jesus would be fine with you putting their money where your mouth is as long as it's their money.

And never ever your money.

After all, it's easy to preach, if you don't have to pay.

So why not demand McDonald's pay its workers even more? It's not coming out of your hide?

Or scream the rich pony up more to pay for government programs you say are worth it, as long as you don't have to pay for it.

As long as it's their taxes going up, not your taxes going up.

It's weird how righteous some feel spending someone else's dough.

You would think if their cause was so dear, well, they would happily pay dearly for it themselves.

God forbid.

We live in a country, my friends, where fewer are paying in, but they have no trouble telling those footing the bill, that they should pay more.

It's like being treated out to a big dinner, and then having the nerve to complain to the host who treated you that he, well, didn't leave a big enough tip.

Here's a tip -- don't. That is, unless you're willing to open your own wallet and help.

Because there's no virtue being virtuous with someone else's money.

But you'll certainly get more of my respect if you throw in some of yours.

Unless you're a phony.

Or a politician who loves bringing home the bacon, as long as you don't have to pay for the bacon.

Or you're protesting not on behalf of low-wage workers you think deserve that dough, but the cut your union will get if you can get 'em even more dough.

Suddenly, it's not about them.

It's about you.

Using the holiest of weeks to sell them down the river

But not before selling your soul to the devil.

What would Jesus do?

You know something?

I'm almost afraid to ask.