Cavuto: Media quick to judge and slow to learn about cops

Doing something heinous gets you non-stop coverage.

Doing something heroic? Let's just say, don't hold your breath waiting for any coverage.

I'm not talking about the perpetrators behind yesterday's horrific attacks in San Bernardino, California.

I'm talking about the police trying to protect folks from those perpetrators in San Bernardino, California.

We all know what the assailants did.

Did any of you happen to hear what this policeman did?

A cop happy to take a bullet even as police in general are taking bullets.

Not from assailants there. I'm talking about the media everywhere.

Quick to seize on a shooting of a young African American male 14 months ago as all but standard police behavior even today.

Never mind police themselves have condemned that shooting, it seems all their reputations are shot.

Forever questioned for their ferocity.

Never so much as cited for their bravery.

Whether shielding scared victims holed up in a building.

Or exchanging gunfire with attackers loaded for bear.

The guys running to the scene.

As all others are running from it.

Given the coverage many cops get, it's a wonder to me how cops each morning get up.

For a job that is thankless.

Second-guessing that is endless.

And a media that often seems clueless.

Quick to judge. Slow to learn.

It's not as if cops are begging for a thank you

But you'd think seeing what we have out of California this week.

Maybe just this once, we give 'em more than a screw you.

Just this once for the folks who always seem to have our back, we'd give 'em a little more than a knife in theirs.