Cavuto: Marriage is a bond worth fighting for

So the Captain and Tennille are breaking up.

After 39 years of marriage, not enough "love to keep them together."

So Kathryn Tennille and Daryl Dragon are going their separate ways.

In a week of so much other big news, this one, for some reason stuck with me.

Not only because I really liked that darn song as a kid back in the 70's, I really liked them.

Maybe because they seemed to defy these flash-in-the-pan entertainment marriages that just come and go.

Maybe because this week I'm hearing Colorado is considering marriage classes before couples get licenses in their state.

Some find that meddling worrisome; I find the reason why Colorado's even doing it even more worrisome.

Marriages just don't last. In fact, half still fail.

But that also means half still do not fail.

So I hope you don't mind if I end this week showing you that half full glass.

I hope you don't mind my doing what a lot of you asked me to do after you heard me talking about a couple earlier this week.

This is the couple. This is my mom and dad.

And up until very recently, I myself, had never seen a lot of these pictures.

But they came to light, much as these new, never before seen pictures of the Challenger disaster, and the day of the JFK assassination recently came to light.

By accident. Out of nowhere. Decades later. Decades after their deaths.

Oh, I know, the photos of that couple? They're not famous people. They weren't remotely rich people. But they were good people. Greatest generation, would-do-anything for you, people.

And today as I'm hearing all this sad news on marriages, it got me thinking about theirs.

I remember before my own marriage 30 years ago, asking my parents for advice on avoiding fights.

My Italian dad was quick to say, "I always tell your mother she's right, even when she isn't."

My Irish mom would quip, "I always tell your father he's the boss, even though he's not."

They laughed, but I understood what they were saying. Marriage isn't bliss. But it is a bond. And one worth fighting for.

I don't know. This much I do. Despite some pretty big fights in their day, when push came to shove, no one was more in the other's corner, than my parents for each other all days.

Until the end of their days.

They didn't quite make their 40th anniversary. But I do know my dad was planning something big, "as soon as your mother tells me what it is," he'd say to me.

Oh, trust me, they had their moments. Lots of moments. What couple doesn't?

Then again, what couple doesn't want to strive to try and make it work.

And see their kids succeed to do something they never got a chance to do to do better, and fulfill their dreams.

So rather than get you sad, and me sad, allow me to end on a happy note. My parents did okay with those kids.

And it wasn't easy.

You try raising a super hero. See that. That is me. I told you!

Too bad my parents aren't alive to see me saving the world everyday now.

But my grandparents got it. My parents got it.

Still, my little brother?

I don't think he ever got it.!

Make it a super weekend.

Good night.