Cavuto: Just calm down

Calm down.

Everyone just calm down.

You'd think by now those who follow this campaign would take a breath now and then, following this campaign.

But they don't.

They follow each and every move and treat it as some defining moment set in stone.

Now it's Newt Gingrich's momentum and maybe nomination to lose.

Mitt no longer it.

One Sunday morning news moderator going so far as to say it's time...

For a two-man debate...Mitt, Newt. Who cares about Ron and Rick?

Never mind they weren't saying this a week ago...

Before a certain debate.

Just now, after a certain primary.

It amazes me that the more this political landscape changes, the more the folks covering it do not.

Take it from a biz geek, these guys are the ones "spreading sheet."

And they say "I" have no business covering this race?


Please spare me the rush to judgment and the early coronations.

Newt's a beaut...but that doesn't mean Mitt still can't be it.

Way too early. And for candidates essentially bunched up around the same rough number of delegates...way too presumptive.

I mean, weren't these the same pundits who pronounced Bill Clinton dead before New Hampshire in 1992...then the comeback kid "after" New Hampshire in 1992?

Weren't these the same experts who said an obscure southern governor couldn't go anywhere in 1976, then after he won Iowa, said he was going all the way in 1976?

Didn’t they say Ronald Reagan was a one-termer half way through his first term, but he wasn't?

And that George Bush, senior was unstoppable in 1992, but apparently he was?

I'm not here to rip my peers...just, "take a chill pill, peers."

By my count, it takes 1,144 delegates to make a Republican nominee for President of the United States.

And by my count...

The best among 'em has around 30 delegates of the 1,144 delegates need to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Many more primaries. Many more races.

Much more history to be made.

History suggests that pundits in the meantime, quit being had.

Look at what they've said would pass but hasn't.

And what they said could never happen but has.

Again, take it from the biz guy here to suggest...they're entertaining...but I still wouldn't buy a used car from 'em.

No offense to used car salesmen.

That's all I’m saying.