Cavuto: It's Still Business as Usual

Markets kind of back to usual.

No as usual.


Considering the fact we darn near melted down these last two weeks...I think very unusual.

It's almost as if the world markets never gyrated at all.

It's like we're in some weird "Twilight Zone" episode, where folks merrily go on with their lives, and our leaders, with their routine.

The president in Minnesota and Iowa talking up jobs but not getting them.

Harry Reid talking down the Tea Partiers but clearly still not "getting" "them."

And Warren Buffett writing how the rich should pay more taxes but saying not a word about the half of American households that pay no income taxes at all.

Washington politicians who should get on the stick but won't.

Vacations that still should be cut short, but now can't.

I'm telling you...the markets weren't the only things fried this were a lot of these guys' brains.

After the meltdown, still meat-heads.

More initiatives when we should be focusing on an initiative to stop initiatives.

And more class warfare from an affable billionaire who should stop assuming the rich are all billionaires…

No one acknowledging that what broke in this crisis wasn't just trading.

But trust.

Folks don't trust leaders who say the same thing and do nothing.

Who refuse to see they've got us in a hole but don't have the decency to put down the darn shovel?

Or happily pay more the darn shovel.

So a president shovels jobs programs that clearly aren't the charm.

And a billionaire, a tax-the-rich chestnut that clearly isn't the issue.

Because the problem isn't with the government and who should pay more for it.

Debt clock with 14 trillion sucked out

But seeing the government for what it is...a costly lemon...and "no one" rich or poor should pay more for it.

You'd think this terrifying ride would rip their talking points.

Until you realize...that's the point.

They have no point.

Same bull.

Different day.

I know one of 'em is a sage.

Why do I think they're all just playing us...

Like a stooge?