Cavuto: It's good to have friends in high places

It's good to have friends in high places. And even better if those friends are thought of highly.

Like former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

And present Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Big guys. Influential guys. And while Ballmer doesn't always tip his political hand this election, he did support Barack Obama last election...

So let's say, for the sake of argument, both...Obama guys.

Colin Powell made that clear this morning, saying he's voting for Barack Obama this time, just like he did last time.

But Steve Ballmer did it in a less obvious way...

Ballmer signing off on a letter that urges congress to get its act together on this fiscal cliff mess clearly inferring this mess isn't the president's fault

It's Congress' fault.

His company announcing a huge upgrade to its software and a shiny new tablet device that could get registers ringing right before the election just coincidental, I guess.

But no guessing the impact for the president good.

It's good to be liked by Colin Powell.

And it's good to get a helping hand from Steve Ballmer..

I'm not saying either of these gentlemen's moves represents an October surprise more like a positive October "step."

It might mean nothing.

It might do nothing.

But for Barack Obama looking anywhere he can for momentum, it's gotta mean something.

That's assuming those in high places can move folks who ain't feeling too highly about themselves.

We'll know in 12 days.

Let's just say, thanks to a Colin and a kingpin things could be worse for a commander in chief. Today.