Cavuto: Is Obama angry about scandals?

Is he angry?

And if he is, why isn't he showing it?

If there's any issue still dogging "No-drama, Obama," it's not that he's shown no drama.

It's that when it comes to these scandals, he's said precious little, at all.

Maybe because being the cautious lawyer he is, Barack Obama doesn't want to tip into some emotional outburst he might regret.

All fair. All fine.

But here's what's neither fair nor fine.

Rightly or wrongly, it's giving Americans the impression he's either hiding something or oblivious to the fact these scandals collectively are something.

Something very big and something very troubling. And part of a pattern of institutional behavior that at the very least, the boss should do something.

But because he says nothing, and does nothing, and even when he does grant an interview--

As with Charlie Rose just recently, adds nothing--

We are only left to assume he thinks these scandals are nothing. Or much ado about nothing.

What else to assume when the FBI director fails to remember the name of the investigator looking into this IRS targeting mess.

The same mess that, one of the rare times the president did speak out--

Promise he would move heaven and earth to fix.

It's been a month since then.

And all we've got to show is an FBI director who doesn't know a thing about it.

And not a single one of the dozens of conservative groups targeted interviewed on it.

That's what makes people think the president might be full of it.

The proof isn't what the president says.

But what he doesn't say.

And what he doesn't do.

I'm not an advocate for people flying off the handle.

But now and then, you have to show folks--

You've at least got a handle on crises whose severity you appreciate.

And a dismissive, oddly forgetful staff you do not appreciate.

I'm not saying, it's time for some drama, Obama.

I am saying, it's time for something, Obama.

Your call.

Just say the word.

Any word.

Any time.