Cavuto: Is Barack broken?

Not quite rats abandoning ship

As much as once loyal supporters saying, "We've had it with your 'ship'."

This Newsweek cover story is only the latest example

The left wants out. Or at least "more" of them want out.

Because suddenly anything "Barack" is "broke."

The man whose very image could once sell out magazines now increasingly the source of shockingly critical coverage in those magazines.

Not all magazines and far, far, far from most coverage in those magazines...

Or newspapers, or blogs, or TV news shows where, save Fox, fair and balanced is still an alien concept.

But for those few publishers and media organizations that like to make money

It's clear that Barack Obama isn't making them money.

And his policies aren't making sense.

That doesn't mean that Newsweek's suddenly going to be for Mitt Romney.

Or that Jon Stewart, who's been zinging the president, is going to be stormin' for the Mormon.

Or that Jon Lovitz cursing the big guy is going to be leading a conga line of comics against the big guy.

But taken in whole, you can't help but notice how a once fawning media is picking the president apart.

A lousy economy will do that

None of this means that Mitt Romney's got it in the bag.

But it's the first sign that an increasingly restless Obama media might no longer be so much in the tank.

For a guy they once heralded for his hope and his change.

Now little hope.

Now little more than... Spare change.