Cavuto: IRS a 'fair and balanced' bully?

Well, that's a relief!

I guess we can now all go home.

The IRS is a bully. But at least it's a fair and balanced bully.

Goes after anyone it doesn't like.

Liberals too.

So conservatives, take a pill, and just chill out.

This whole IRS mess is now so over and out.

Big government just stomps on anyone its big old feet want to stomp on.

It's not just you. It's all of us.

Feel better, now?

You know, I actually heard a liberal argue that very point this morning.

That this proves the IRS wasn't targeting. It was just doing its job.

It's not personal.

It's just business.

It's not political. It's just brazen.

So someone whose job it is to question the government essentially gives a pass to the government.

Worse, takes the side of government!

Says, sure that government does bad things to some people. But isn't it reassuring to know it does bad things to all people?

That it's really just a hapless, reckless, law-breaking, feckless ass.

But it's a hapless, reckless, law-breaking, feckless ass to all. Not just some.

Are you kidding me?

Surely he wasn't confusing the singling out of what appears to be a smattering of left-leaning groups--

To justify what was a bludgeoning of far, far more conservative ones?

But even if he were, he's ok with that? And the mainstream media's okay with that?

Isn't the issue here not just the targeting of a group--

But a government agency using its full weight and resources to beat down any group? And any person, any time, for any reason?

Anybody have a problem with that argument?

I sure do.

Leaving aside this idiot's math.

Focus more on lunacy of his argument.

That it's okay the IRS stomps on everyone's rights.

It's a wonder he didn't say it here with me.

I might have done something crazy.

Like stomp on his mic.

Right after cutting his mic.