Cavuto: I'm not red or blue...I'm green

And what, you may ask, gets my cape in a knot?

I'll let you in on a secret.

Negative, whining, moaning people every time.

People who never have a good word to say any time.

I avoid them like the plague. Because I always figure if they're saying awful stuff about people, especially people I love, god knows what they're saying about me.

Because anyone whose agenda is hateful, rarely offers anything that is hopeful.

I was blessed with a mom who I hardly ever heard say a nasty word about anyone. She's my model.

I was also blessed with an Italian dad who wouldn't suffer fools gladly. He's my other model.

I try to blend both my mom and dad. They're my model. Come to think of it, they're this very show's model.

Rip. But reason.

Fume. But fix.

So when I hear politicians not talking straight, I go straight for them.

And when I pile on those politicians, I go straight to some real options.

Like this whole "let's spend more on infrastructure" crowd I was talking about.

My standard line is:

What did you do with the money we already gave you? Kind of my standard line with all these politicians

What did you do with all the money we already gave you?

Some of you say that makes me callous.

I say, not asking these questions would make me clueless.

The same on all these scandals. Let lawyers parse words. I'm a simple man. I look at the big picture.

And government agencies targeting groups of any sort--

And reporters of all sorts ain't a pretty picture.

So I offer some alternatives. Like maybe, not doing this stuff.

And not holding so many secret meetings. And holding so many damn secrets, in the first place.

I've said it before. I'll say it again.

I'm not red or white. To review--I'm green. Your green. Your money. Who's spending it, who's wasting it, who's hiding it--I'm all over it. That's it.

So there you go.

There I am.

I hate whiners, and I hate those who play victims.

And if they're late besides? Man, that's a trying-fecta.

I guess some of you will assign motives to me that just aren't there.

Think I'm living some charmed life that just isn't always so. I've been blessed. But it ain't all bliss.

But that's ok.

Because you do what you have to do, ripping me.

This super hero will continue watching over you.

Now I wish I could stay longer but there's my FBN show for which I must prepare.

By the way, you don't get FBN?

So, farewell, fans and not so-fans.

But before I go, ask yourself this:

Who's really looking out for you?

Why, you're looking at him, my friends.

Because the financial factor is here.

And the financial factor is everywhere.